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Oh god there's a segment on my local news about pairing wines with BBQ.


Eh... I guess I'll see how XCOM 2 plays on the PS4. The downside being I cant mod my squad into Neps...


Halfway through the year and Ace Combat 7 still has a vague 2018 release date. I have a feeling it's going to be delayed AGAIN...


Yeah E3 was cool and all but WHEN THE FUCK IS ACE COMBAT 7?!


Holy shit Capcom made the Lunastra a TOTALLY different fight than Teostra. It was so dazzling!


Unpopular Opinion: NieR>Drakengard 3>NieR Automata. Also, Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed is better than Mario Kart


How much do you want to bet that at least 95% of people complaining about realism regarding BFV have no idea what Red Orchestra/Rising storm or Post Scriptum is?


Welp, I finally beat Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana, true ending and everything! Holy shit what a fantastic game... Dana forever, indeed.


If you're ever feeling down cheer yourself up with the knowledge that there is a Japanese porno titled Spaghetti Lesbiator.


I say until Kemono Friends becomes reality that science hasn't gone too far enough!


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