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MFW I realize that Kemono Friends can totally be in Smash because of the Switch Picross game.


I guess I care about Smash now...


Decided to see how much a new copy of Ace Combat Zero was going for on Amazon while Christmas shopping. I regret my decision.


Siege is good. Ya'll are just cowards.


Did someone say Wednesday?


Siege is pretty fun. Although diving headfirst into realistic situations was a mistake.




Only 60 days until Ace Combat 7. Current status:


You US dtoiders better get the fuck out and vote today if you didn't vote early already or else I'll find you and make you watch the Welcome to Japari Park anime.


Current status:


You can just barely make paladin Neptune in Soul Calibur 6. 8/10


You can just barely make paladin Neptune in Soul Calibur 6. 8/10


I was gonna get Soul Calibur 6 today but then I found out that DMC4SE is on sale for $7.50 on PSN. Looks like my terrible custom fighters will have to wait a bit longer.


I know I shouldn't watch these but DOSE WEATHER EFFECTS DOE




Fun Fact: Tomorrow is the last day you can register to vote in Texas


After 74 hours in Dragon Quest XI I had my first party wipe. Some of these post game bosses don't mess around!


Nah, it's cool, Bamco. North America didn't even want a Collectors edition. Just let Europe and Japan have them. I don't even care! (I care immensely)


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