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Oh man I can't wait for Monster Hunter World. Here's hoping for some Kemono Friends palico skins in the future! Please, Capcom?


I'm in southeast Texas and I have no snow... It's just cold and wet...


Welp, time to finally do the finals in Everybody's Golf. I SURE HOPE I DONT FUCK IT ALL UP! EDIT: I FUCKED IT ALL UP! I GOT ONE BOGEY AND ONLY SCORED -16


Holy shit I'm dumb. I've been practicing for the Everybody's Golf International Tournament using the wrong club skill levels... I was gimping myself without realizing it. TIME TO GET GUD FOR REAL!


Damn, I like to believe that I'm pretty tolerating of English VA's in Japanese games, But HOLY FUCK is Xenoblade 2 grating. This is the first time I've EVER changed to Japanese voices like this. Fucking NISA hires better actors.


The results of the Qualifiers have finally been posted! Turns out you only needed to score -8 to move to the finals. WE DO IT!


Only 5 1/2 hours until the International Tournament Qualifiers end. I NEED TO KNOW WHERE I PLACED!


21 thousand entries in the Everybody's Golf International Tournament, eh? I can probably make it past the qualifiers, right?


I finally beat Dragons Dogma. Mercedes is best girl.


I have devoured the turkey and dressing. Once the pecan pie is consumed the ritual will be complete.




Damn... Between Monster Hunter World, Ace Combat 7, and Valkyria Chronicles 4, some really fucked up shit is gonna happen next year to balance things out isn't it?


It's Friday and I have so many catgirl pics to choose from you guys don't even know.


Hmm... I wonder if there will be any used copies of COD WW2 by Friday because I want to try it but I don't want to give Activision any money.


Fun fact: Cyberdimension Neptunia has a short level that is literally just an Unreal 4 test environment. They didn't even remove the Unreal logos from it. Also, I just wanted an excuse to post Uzume from Cyberdimension. Neptunia.


Catgirls, the best way to start off your Friday.


Welp, it's time to hang up the keys to the Japari Bus.


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