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I found some concept art for Big O season 3...


Also I spilled my coffee and now I'm sad...


Unpopular opinion: Drakengard 3 was a better game than Nier Automata


Oh man, I almost forgot to make a splatfest post!


It's time to sugoi some tanoshii's!


My party in Miitopia consists of Me, Neptune, Nepgear, and Noire. I can assure you that nothing bad will happen.


I wish I had this kind of artistic talent. Splatoon 2 could use more Kemono Friends.


Happy Birthday Hypno! Here's a stock photo that made me think of you.


Just a reminder that Kemono Friends is great and everyone should watch it. Fun Fact: you know who didn't watch Kemono Friends? Hitler. You don't want to be like Hitler, do you?


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