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Oh cool... Two people in my department decided to turn in their two weeks notice a week apart. Now it's looking like I won't be use my last week of vacation to play Iceborne. MFW


You better believe I'm building my new house overlooking the cemetery! Still can't decide between tile or wood for the floors.


This cemetery can hold so many dead Neps.


Sometimes you just gotta spend a couple hours demolishing some mountains to make room for a project.


DQ Builders 2 is fantastic so far. Also, this is the limit of my creativity.


I want a new Sky Odyssey game goddammit


Resonance of Fate is the only game that actively encourages you to be Tacticoolâ„¢


Need more catgirls


So the Switch version of Super Neptunia RPG runs like dogshit compared to the PS4 version. Yes I double dipped to compare them. The switch version is straight up embarrassing.


Also, the Falken was just released for Ace Combat 7 and it's fucking RAD. But better than the Falken itself was the addition of the FAEB, which has always been my one of my favorite SP weapons in Ace Combat.








Hmm... Something about this palico preset in the Iceborne beta looks familiar but I can't quite put my finger on it... #FriendFriday


Did the Handler just do a Monster Hunter Direct? Also, Iceborne beta coming this weekend for PS Plus users.


Me when my vacation starts tomorrow:


Purple lightsaber is best lightsaber


Yeah Nintendo was alright I guess... OH SHIT SNOWBOARD PALICO ARMOR! CAPGOD! CAPGOD!


Man, that PSO2 announcement would have been great 5 years ago.


Man, it would be rad if Capcom brought more Sengoku Basara to the west... I'd even take a crossover with Monster Hunter at this point! JUST GIVE ME MORE BEST BOY MASAMUNE DATE!


Y'all people need Jesus. Posting minions like that, honestly...


On episode 25 of the Yu-Gi-Oh GX 4Kids dub and the term "Chazz it up" has just been introduced. This cheese is delicious!


4Kids was good actually.


Was finally able to actually play Dauntless for a bit. It's pretty good for the most part!


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