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Ah yes, the Mio Honda Civic.


I guess I'm super back into Gran Turismo now. Shoutout to user made liverys!


Okay, real talk. Why the fuck isn't there a Dokapon Kingdom on current gen consoles?


You know,I see people complaining about materials and durability and such in ACNH. Meanwhile, I'm trying to change my island tune AND THE BASTARDS REMOVED SEMITONES! WHY?! FUCK THIS GAME!


Welp, my county is ordering us to shelter in place starting tomorrow. Unfortunately I still have to go into work since I stock shelves at Kroger. Basically my lifestyle is completely unaffected. Now wash your fucking hands!


Make it happen Nintendo.


Spicy Take: The last good Gundam game was Zeonic Front on PS2.


Man, all these people lamenting Dante not being in smash and I'm just here wishing for Nero. Let me MAX ACT all my attacks, coward!


YEYEYEYEYEAH! With Zero I finally completed the Holy Trinity! $100 well spent!


Yeah, that's about right.


"Imagine you're about to be killed. Why am I going to be killed, you ask? Because they wanted to steal from you, to torment you, to burn you, to cut you apart! It was for your sins, your actions, and your vengeance! There has to be a reason!"


So Ace Combat turns 25 this year. Project Aces said they had something planned for it and that it would surprise us. I'm hoping it's a remake/remaster of Ace Combat 3. Bringing back AC Infinity would be nice, too!


Happy New Year, doods! The new decade is a great time to get into Ace Combat!


I put blue cheese salad dressing instead of sour cream in my baked potatoes #PersonalFactoid


Damn, the madmen at Capcom really did it. They made the Rajang fight fun as hell. AND DAT ARMOR THO!


MFW I saw the winner of the Iceborne weapon design contest.


Friendship ended with Daredevil, now Unexpected Visitor II is my best friend.


Iceborne is a 10/10 expansion.


Iceborne is so fucking good, you guys. It's taking all my strength not to call in sick today.


Now that view mode is in Monster Hunter I can take SO many pictures of my palico.


The absolute madmen. They really did it.


Look at this good boy. It would be a shame if he wasn't in Iceborne.


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