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Happy Floral Mark-up Day!


Oh yeah, the Nintendo Direct Happened. Ctrl+F "F-Zero" Oh.... Well, Rune Factory is nice I guess...


Figured I'd do the arcade mode in Ace Combat 5 for the two trophies and I forgot how fun it is! Not bad for my first run.


Just beat Ace Combat 5 HD and holy fuck is it an actual timeless classic. I legitimately feel bad for people who didn't get AC7 for PS4.


So it turns out that trying to beat the final mission in Ace Combat 7 using only machine guns is literally the worst thing ever and I hate everything. EDIT:and I refuse to take it off of ACE difficulty


So if someone could just mod RE2 to change Mr. X into Scott Steiner that would be great.


I tried the Anthem demo and all I can say is I hope the people at Bioware are keeping a lookout for job openings elsewhere.


AC7 multiplayer in a nutshell. Thankfully QAAMs aren't as busted as they were in AC6.




Bless this Ace Combat 7 cosplay.


Me in two days:




Damn. That's a lot of hours!


Shout out to JPEG doggo from Ace Combat 7. He's a good boy.


Man, I really hope they add more VR missions to AC7. They alone make it a contender for my GoTY.


So I tried the VR in Ace Combat 7. Basically it's the best thing ever and if you have a PSVR already then fucking buy Ace Combat 7!






So I watched the first episode of Kemono Friends season 2. Not only did it suck but it gave a big middle finger to fans of the original. #FuckKadokawa The OP was good tho.


Since Ace Combat 7 is right around the corner here's a helpful summary of the PS2 trilogy.


So I might have bought a PSVR solely for Ace Combat 7...


Ace Combat 7? More like Gundy's Massive Erection!


Mfw when I saw that my Department head scheduled me off on the 18th and 19th:


Happy New Year to everyone except the assholes who were setting off fireworks until 1am.


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