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Damn it feels good to be ranked first on a hole in Everybody's Golf even if rankings reset every day. And even then I'll probably be beaten once the Japanese players start playing.


Of course someone made Vega in Everybody's Golf


Whoever designed the imperial garden course in Everybody's Golf is a sadistic son of a bitch.


Have I mentioned how awesome Everybody's Golf is?


The Neptunia games have made me forget that Neptune is actually a planet in our solar system.


It's a good thing Everybody's Golf automatically saves replays whenever you get a chip-in birdie or better. Otherwise I would actually have to remember to press the share button when something cool like this happens.


Not bad for 18 holes... So when's that Everybody's Golf Dtoid tournament gonna be?


Theory: MH World isn't on the Switch because of the shitshow mobile app.


I was gonna pre-order Cyberdimension Neptunia already but this is just icing on the cake.


Amazon with the timely emails. Received only an hour ago.


The character creator in Everybody's Golf let's you do some weird shit.


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