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Story of the Magic Coins (2021): (Happy Birthday Alpha#1!) Also known as "Secret of the Coin" and "Secret of the Crest", this song has evolved into something very special, and if you only listen to 1 song on the new album, this is the one to listen to :)


Devastation -Event- (2021): A song that plays for the imaginary RPG Magic Coins Gold whenever an area is destroyed by the Zars Empire.


The Wise Dragon - Orion Firestone -Character- (2021): Song written for the father of the characters Tyler and Dracon. This project is exciting, because the real story hasn't even begun yet :D and there are already 10 tracks. I hope it makes sense tho.


Conflict in Space -Battle- (2021): The first 9 tracks are written for Magic Coins Gold. Under normal circumstances, I'd write a 10th track and call it an album, but I'm shooting for exactly 100 tracks :) It's going to be huge.


Ghost Stepping Out (2019) - My scariest song ever! Don't listen to it in the dark, it's more of a light switch rave song ;) Happy Halloween


The Gatekeeper - Scorpius -Boss- (2021): First boss theme written for the album. The original Magic Coins was written as a classic RPG. I'm trying to make this soundtrack more robust and exciting, somewhat orchestral with synths later on.


Northern Caverns -Area- (2021) - 4th track (out of hopefully 100) for Magic Coins Gold. I also wrote the 2nd track as well which is on my youtube channel. I'm writing them in the order I feel like. I also have help from a friend :)


The Traveler (originally by apaleblueeye): Song I covered from a good friend. I'm planning a huge album. I'm talking 100 tracks of classic RPG goodness. Magic Coins Gold! Not a sequel to the original, but a story almost 30 years in the making.


Thank you for the recent music love directed my way. It really means a lot that there are people that actually enjoy my music, and maybe even listen to it on more than one occasion. I released a new album "Ad Lib Vol. 8, Part 2" link in comments. Free!


Carmina Octingenta (2021): I know I said I wouldn't promote my music anymore, but here's my 800th song. Wonder what the next 800 will sound like. I doubt I'll write that many, or will I? :p


I don't know how anyone can play more than two games at a time :P I can usually split between say, an MMO and a casual game, but I can't do hard games with different types of combat. And if I don't play a game for a day or two, I forget how to play. :(


I'm done sharing my music. I'm not leaving the site, but there's no point to sharing my music if it's not going to be heard or downloaded. I'm spinning my wheels like a fucking car stuck in the snow. If you support my music, feel free to keep doing so.


I feel like the virtual kid that never gets picked for sports teams. I'd like to play Destiny 2 with friends, but either no one is interested, or doesn't play. This isn't new to me, as I have been ignored in almost all of my gaming requests :/


I think this is pretty cool. I made a playlist of all the music I've uploaded to Spotify. 544 songs, over 34 hours of music. I still have 10+ hours to upload :o


My 50th album, Sadness, has been released. Free to download as usual :) I'm really proud of this one, because I tapped into my inner sadness without losing myself in it. I'm still going to get the post album release depression though :( Enjoy! (Bump)


The Riddle of Friend (2021) - 9th song for the album "Sadness". I was going to write a different song, but I wanted to see if I could compose this really difficult piece, based on a dark poem I wrote many years ago. It deals with many issues.


Grown Up, Grown Apart (2021) - Written for the album "Sadness". The idea behind this song is the feeling of getting older, and people drifting apart due to having jobs and families and such. I feel somewhat disconnected from people as time goes by.


We reached our goal for the GoFundMe I posted just yesterday. Thank you all who donated, offered to donate, thought about donating, and shared the link. We're going to get the brakes done as soon as possible (this Saturday). It means so much to me.


Hello. I started a GoFundMe because I need replacement brakes for my car. My girlfriend mostly uses it to get to work. The repair is around $650. Any help is appreciated.


Athazagoraphobia (2021) : The fear of forgetting someone/something, or being forgotten. Both of these describe myself. I don't like forgetting people, and I hope I'm never forgotten. The song itself is pretty cool. Odd time signatures.


The Aftermath (2021): Probably need to spend some more time on this song. It's meant to go through mania, confusion, conflicted emotions, delirium, something to spice up the album that is mostly slow sad music.


He's Gone (2021) - Written for the album "Sadness". A very specific moment in my life, the evening my father died. I can clearly remember the sadness and emptiness I felt, staring at the sky outside of Coney Island Hospital.


Painful Truth (2021): I'm really hoping this album will be special. I'm quite fond of this song and the previous one, but I feel like I need to really dig deep to find the sadness for the rest of the planned songs. I have trouble writing sad music.


Wrapped in Depression (2021) - First song of my potential 50th album, I'm calling it "Sadness", which is sorta a sequel to "Madness" I wrote in 2019. The songs will hopefully focus on the sadder side of my life. We'll see how it goes :)


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I am Alphadeus. Local gamer and music writer. I've written over 800 unique original songs, many of which have remixes or rearrangements.

I have written music for over 140 people in this community in the form of "Songs for Gamers" albums, which are on my Bandcamp page. They definitely show off my range of genres.

I have been here a very long time, since around 2008 or 2009. I did not start blogging until 2010 or so. I nuked my original account, so a lot of my history is gone, but I've been back for a while as well.

I play casual games mostly. Bejeweled, Final Fantasy XIV, Animal Crossing, Diablo III, and others. I'm 40 years old (as of 2021), and have been playing games most of my life since Atari 2600.

I highly recommend you check out my music sometime. It's the best part of me. It is mostly in the style of video game music, but I mix it with different genres.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Bio.