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Bitstick (2012) - This is an old-ass song, but I figure it might be fun to post and hope people listen to :p It combines nes-style instruments with dance beats and other instruments.


Force of Nature (2017) - Song written for the game Raptor Lancer. Quite a hefty piece, if I do say so myself. I really like how this one came out. I recommend it very much :p


Piano Journal 10-27-2017 : I don't often share these on here, but I thought this one was pretty neat. It's not that long, and it does some neat stuff. Piano Journals are just me goofing off on the piano without any purpose. Stuff just flows out of me.


I can't share a recent pic of me because it'll make people sick, but here's a great picture of when I was young. That's my girlfriend in the picture :) #RememberMeAsIWasToid


I'm thinking about getting a 2nd PS4 so I can play Overwatch with my GF. I'm wondering if maybe anyone needs some music work done that I could get paid for. I'm not looking for handouts, as this is more of a luxury item, but I'd like to work for it.


Herald (2017) - I wrote this song as a tribute to my father's life. I had originally written up a huge blog, but it was a waste of time, so I figure I can at least do what I do best, and share the music. It's pretty much all I'm good for. Enjoy ^^


[NVGR] Herald (A Tribute to my Father)

Today is November 9th, 2017, the 20 year anniversary of my father's death. I think most people would acknowledge it and go on with their lives, but each year, I'm reminded of how much of a failure I am as a human being.   I wrote ...


Power of the Mind (2017) - One of the many awesome tracks written for Raptor Lancer :) I might be making a very personal blog tomorrow, depending on how I feel, and if I can get my words together. Anyone that knows me, knows what it will be about.


March of Zars (2016) - Although not the best version, this is one of my favorite songs. Zars is a character in an original game/story idea I have called Ad Infinitum. This song plays when Zars and his army march towards an evil being known as Okinui.


Hoppy Berfday, Sr Churros! (song requested by Mr Carp for other reasons, but it's useful for berfdays!) :p


Tandem Tricycle (Truongasm) - Happy Halloween. Behold, my absolute scariest piece of music. Written as a joke song for the Dtoid April Fools album, it has some scary elements like monster sounds, and someone screaming HELP ME! :p So scary.


Diablo 3 got a patch recently. It beefed up my Unhallowed Essence Demon Hunter to insane levels. I'm a casual player, so I'll probably stick to melting GR70 and TXIII. I don't play games for challenge. I play them for fun. It helps me think :P


Alone With the Psychopath (2014) - My spookiest tune :p I think I'll stick to my strengths and just keep posting music. My opinions on gaming and such aren't really well-thought out, because I don't give them much thought :P Happy birthday!


I think a video game should be reviewed based on its own pros and cons. Comparing it to other games, especially earlier games in the series, and saying it isn't innovative/different enough, is such a fucking stupid way of reviewing a game.


The Post-album depression I mentioned is pretty much gone. If you're looking for new music, might I recommend my new album Spectrum. You can grab it for free, no strings attached. It means a lot.


When I was a kid, this song used to scare the shit out of me. I'm not sure if it was because it plays when you get sucked inside a giant head, or maybe the chord progression, but it made me unable to play the game until I got older :P


I always feel insanely depressed after releasing an album, and I'm not exactly sure why. I'm talking full-on "could get banned if I say what's on my mind" depression. The best thing I can do is try to stay in bed and wait for it to pass.


There may or may not be a full blog post in the future, but I just wanted to share with you my new music album Spectrum. 23 songs. Pay what you want (including free!) Enjoy^^


Whirlwind (2017) - Song is a bit out of my comfort zone, but I think it came out pretty well. Was going for a drum and bass type sound.


The Traveling Merchants (2017) - Written in the late 90s, originally called Lair of the Gypsy. The name was changed because I feel Gypsy is a bad word now. Or was it always, and no one was nice enough to warn me? =p The new name is better, regardless.


Infinity (2017) - New Music. 17th track of the month of October. I feel like I'm running out of steam, so I might rearrange some classic pieces of mine instead of writing brand new originals. I'm trying to write 31 songs this month.


Over the Moon (2017) - Nothing fancy, just a nice slow jam. I beat Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix on PS4 yesterday. Now I'm working my way through Birth by Sleep. I know it's because of PSP, but switching triangle functions to X confuses me greatly :P


Lucky Number (2017) - Written on, and for, Friday the 13th. Fun fact, I was born on a Friday the 13th. I hope you enjoy this track, along with all the past and future tracks :p


Broken Circuit (2017) - I think this one has a really great sound to it. I don't know if it's the choice of instruments, or the polish of the new mastering software. I might try something special with tomorrow's song, since 13 is my lucky number.


Magic Lamp (2017) - Nonsense name, yes :p I'm not good at naming songs. This is the 2nd song that uses new mixing/mastering software (Ozone 8), so hopefully it sounds pretty good. I'm not a producer, so I have to rely on my ear and hope for the best :/


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