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Uematsu is the main reason I got into composing music. I loved video game music growing up (NES, SNES, Genesis, etc), and hearing his work on the Final Fantasy series inspired me to pick up an instrument. Dancing Mad is my favorite song of all time.


Alphadeus Best Collection - 108 of my best original songs. No songs from Songs for Gamers (it has its own video). Several songs have not been released on an album yet. There are also names and time stamps to use ^^


If you ever said to yourself "Hey, I got about 8 1/2 hours. I should load up a video of music", This Songs for Gamers compilation is for you :p The video is all the songs I wrote for ppl. If you see an ad, I'm sorry. In the middle of a copyright dispute.


Man Child of Destiny! (meteorscrap) - This song is unique among the over 150 songs I wrote for the project. It's the only song that was never confirmed (I don't know what happened to meteorscrap). It's also in an unusual time signature. Have a great day!


Star Dance - When I wrote this song, I had learned how to "write" music using the piano roll feature in my software. So I ended up writing this piano piece that most likely requires 2 pianists to perform.


Controlled Chaos (2018) - Originally written for a project called "Madness", I decided it worked better on the recently released Universe of Dreams album. Also, this Qpost is now an AMA. I put it in the morning so people wouldn't ask me questions =p


#Kittentoid This was Gizmo, my favorite cat. This picture was probably taken in 2006 or 2007. She lived to be about 10 years old.


Cloudy Torturer (Corduroy Turtle) (2011) - One of the first songs written for Songs for Gamers, when it was called the Destructoid Community Album. I mainly changed the name of the album because I didn't want to limit myself to Dtoid people :)


Plasma (2016) - One of my favorite songs from 2016. I just think it's very catchy, and I most definitely linked to it before. In the future, I might link to more songs that aren't on albums, maybe video game related stuff I wrote ^^ Take care.


A Day at the School (2007) - While not the original version, this song is the very first piece of music I wrote for someone's game project. I guess it could be considered a town theme, although it took place in a school? I don't know :P


A Well-known Stranger is probably one of my darkest albums. Album art by RekkaAlexiel. The character from Trigger/Divide, Detective Grayson, ends up in prison for murdering his family.


I just wanted to thank everyone for the support the past few days. Fact is, I hate promoting my music because I feel like a jerk. I gave up, but SrChurros posted my music, and a lot of people downloaded the album (45). I really appreciate it. Thank you.


Wanted to talk about something that might be considered "too much information" and/or "gross". So I'm going to write about it in the comments. It has to do with teeth.


All of the songs for Songs for Gamers DLC Pack 04 have been confirmed. The album will be released soon. I apologize to WILFoftheblues, TheNewDeadar64, and Xeo for not being able to write songs for them. The album will of course be free.


Songs for Gamers DLC Pack 04 (my music album for the community) it pretty much ready. Just waiting on 1 person to confirm their song. Last call for WILFoftheblues and TheNewDeadar64 to send me song info :P Also Xeo expressed interest and I can write one.


bong264's song marks my 600th unique original song created (not counting remakes, rearrangements, remixes, etc). This calls for a celebration of some sort! Probably involving alcohol at responsible levels? :p Thanks for letting me be me, which is music :P


I might need to open up requests again (Re: Songs for Gamers). I'm mainly looking for people who don't already have songs, but if you have a song, and you have an idea, let me know ^^ Also, WILFoftheblues and TheNewDeadar64 could you reach out to me? :P


Trance of Insanity (2009) - I felt like sharing this older piece because it's awesome :P A mix of electronic music with a church organ. It's based on a final boss battle piece I wrote in 1998 called Dance of Insanity. One of my favorite songs.


Bandcamp lets you offer your entire discography for sale, but you gotta put a price on at least 1 album. So I did, and now you can get my entire discography for $1.00 :p


I've started working on Songs for Gamers DLC Pack 04. I'm looking for Song details from the following people (SEE COMMENTS). These are the people that expressed interest in this project. These songs are free of course. BUMP


I'm going to try to begin work on Songs for Gamers DLC Pack 04, the final pack soon. I have a list of people that expressed interest in a song, and I will reach out to them. If there are any openings, I'll let you guys know. Have a good day :)


I don't know if I should make this post, but I'm still offering commissions for theme songs, and even VGM covers. If you need a podcast/youtube/twitch song, I'm definitely interested. Covers are a questionable. If I can't do it, I'll let you know.


I mention this often, but I was born on a Friday the 13th. Does that make me lucky? Or unlucky? Or perhaps it doesn't really matter :p


Another month, another sample library tempting me to cut into my food budget :P I'm offering to write music for any projects you may have. Podcasts, Youtube channels, maybe you just want a song to play when you walk into the room? :p Let me know.


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