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Over the Moon (2017) - Nothing fancy, just a nice slow jam. I beat Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix on PS4 yesterday. Now I'm working my way through Birth by Sleep. I know it's because of PSP, but switching triangle functions to X confuses me greatly :P


Lucky Number (2017) - Written on, and for, Friday the 13th. Fun fact, I was born on a Friday the 13th. I hope you enjoy this track, along with all the past and future tracks :p


Broken Circuit (2017) - I think this one has a really great sound to it. I don't know if it's the choice of instruments, or the polish of the new mastering software. I might try something special with tomorrow's song, since 13 is my lucky number.


Magic Lamp (2017) - Nonsense name, yes :p I'm not good at naming songs. This is the 2nd song that uses new mixing/mastering software (Ozone 8), so hopefully it sounds pretty good. I'm not a producer, so I have to rely on my ear and hope for the best :/


I wrote my 500th song today. Pretty insane number. You'd think I would have had at least 1 hit by now, but nope =p I can't share the song yet because it's for Raptor Lancer. Here's one of my favorites, Forest of Dreams (2010). Here's to another 500 songs.


The City (2017) - Song 6 of October. In gaming news, I just beat Kingdom Hearts Final Mix on PS4. That game is a lot harder than I remember it being. Back on PS2, I farmed a certain silver-haired fellow for XP. I died more often than I would've liked :P


The Demons Within (2017) - Felt the urge to write this song after feeling somewhat down. It's a bit longer than what I usually write. I don't know if it's any good or not, just needed to get it out there. I'll take a break from qposting, maybe a day :P


Pixel Perfect (2017) - Third song of the month of October. I haven't written a song with NES-style instruments in a while. I don't consider this chiptune really because of the house beat. I like writing with 8-bit instruments ^^


Tons of Fun (2017) - I want to challenge myself to write at least one song a day for the month of October, and this is the first song I came up with. I wrote one today called "Midnight Run". The fact that they rhyme is completely unintentional :p


A Sliver of Hope (2017) - 1 of 3 songs I added to the Raptor Lancer playlist on my Youtube channel. Trying out different styles of composers ;) Glad to hear people are getting their SNES minis. When I got an SNES as a kid, my 1st game was Gradius III.


All the King's Men (2017) - One of the songs I wrote for the game Raptor Lancer. I also added 2 more to the playlist (link in comments), A Sliver of Hope and Son of the Destroyer.


To The Future (2014) - Classic jam. Nice beat, good chords. Great song overall :) Makes me feel pretty good.


I'm always sharing the good stuff. Here's the crap. A Song called WIGNITS (What in god's name is this shit? :p). It was an experiment with drums mostly. I hate it. You should hate it too, and hate all my music while you're at it =p Happy Halloween!


I listened to my album AD Infinitum I - Alphadeus the other day, and it's not half-bad :p I usually listen to Walking in Circles instead, because they're basically the same album.


2 Truths & a Lie: (1) I grew up in a house with over 20 cats. (2) I cosplayed Squall, my girlfriend was Rinoa on the day we made our relationship official. (3) I've written over 480 original pieces of music since I started composing.


Premonition (2017) - More music for piano and cello. Kind of a dark theme, definitely trouble brewing.


I released a new album (free to download) called "Ad Lib - Vol. 4, Part 1". 10 tracks I put together from 2016-2017 that have no other home :p I hope you enjoy it.


Piano and Cello 2 (2017) - Experiment I did. There's also a Piano and Cello 1, but I like this one more. It's kind of like a piano journal, except I write the parts by hand based on what I hear in my head. I'll probably keep doing it if it's popular.


Hyper Fighting (2017) - This is one of 6 tracks I posted on YouTube that I wrote for the game Raptor Lancer. There are many more songs that I look forward to sharing with you in the future, along with possibly a new album. ^^ Thanks for listening.


I mentioned earlier that I've been having difficulty swallowing food. My doctor thinks it might be scarring due to years of acid reflux. Makes sense to me. Going to schedule a Barium Swallow at some point in the future. Here's a song "Heroic Acts" :D


Psi (2011) - One of my more positive songs. Very upbeat and happy. Makes me feel pretty good. I need to see a doctor about my throat. I'm having trouble swallowing food. Had an embarrassing incident at a restaurant where I coughed up stuck food. :/


Disregard my previous Qpost from a month ago. I'll try to keep posting. Here's a new song. I'm also working on music for a game called Raptor Lancer. I can't link it, so please check my YouTube Channel.


At some point today, I'm going to be taking all of my music offline. If you were ever planning on downloading it (and based on my stats, you weren't), now would be a good time. alphadeus.bandcamp.com - Also, this is my last post on Destructoid.


This will be my last post about this topic (and I won't bump it). I'm looking to buy a music program upgrade before the end of the month ($200). I was wondering if anyone would like to donate, or commission music to be written, so I can afford it. Thanks!


The Life and Death of the Fool (2014) - While based on a melody I wrote for my father after he died, the song is about an original character in my AD Infinitum story/album concept. The character's name is Okinui.


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