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This year, some things have been happening more frequently, and there are new things. I talk in my sleep and "punch" the air while sleeping. I've thrown myself out of bed once, and fell out 2 times. REM sleep disorder seems to be the reason.


Battle of the Gods (2021) - Final song for my last album. I am resting for now, but will start work on my 50th album based on this Blog Post. Comment your short story in that post ^^ Thanks.


I thought I mentioned this in my previous Qpost, but I didn't. This new album makes 49 releases. I want to do something very special for my 50th album. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas. Thank you. EDIT: Got the idea. Please wait for my long blog post


New album "Ad Lib - Vol. 8, Part 1" has been released. 10 tracks, free to download. This one has a lot more orchestrated music than my previous albums :) Battle of the Gods is a banger!


The Death Seeker (2021): Experiment in combining distorted guitars with my new favorite orchestra. Next step is to go full circle and use my orchestra with my signature synth melodies :)


Onslaught (2021) - One of hopefully many orchestrated tracks down the line :) Meant to play during a brutal battle.


A Lovely Day (2021) - Happy birthday Occams :) I wrote this for you, using my finest piano and Stradivari cello sound. You mean the world to me, and I hope you have a wonderful day.


This is my current lock screen wallpaper. The home screen is just a boring green one that came with the phone.


The Armada (2021) - Probably the first official song using the new orchestra components I picked up. Writing orchestral music seems to be harder, because it requires more instruments :P


Sentenced to Mist (TEST Intro): Thanks to the stimulus, I've come across a sweet collection of new sounds. I'm learning them now, and I created this intro in the meantime. Please let me know what you think.


Possibly the cover for conundrum and bass 3? I don't know, but look at that fucking face :p #caturday


My brother helped me get my hands on a new orchestra before the sale ends (My stimulus is running late), and it might not seem like a big deal, but listen to this small test I made :p


Thank you for the birthday wishes. It means a lot, and this year I've gotten more than I've gotten in the past few years combined from all over social media, discord, and such. I was in a bad mindset when I wrote my long blog. I apologize and will sta


40 Years - Turn to Gold

March 13th, 2021. This date is very important to me. First, it's my 40th birthday. Certainly a milestone I never even considered reachable. Last, it's the 10 year anniversary of the release of my first official album "Walking in Circle...


Conundrum and Bass 2 is available on Spotify and other music streaming services. It would mean the world to me if you would listen. Consider it a bday present :p


I'd take a picture of my physical Switch game collection, but the camera lens on my iphone is cracked. Just imagine a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and you're good to go :p My other games are digital, but I can't afford most games. even on sale.


Hero Sandwich King (2018) - This is/was Gizmo. She passed away unexpectedly and suddenly in August of 2016. I wrote an album of DnB for her. She gave us 11 wonderful years. Very Loving cat. I'm working on an album for our current cat Maya #Caturday


Intermission Complete (2021) - Written for Conundrum and Bass 2. Not much to say about this track. It was a lot of fun to write.


Majestic Forest (2021) - Written for a friendly discord competition (write a song in less than 48 hours). Video is currently unlisted. I wrote a song about what I imagine to be a beautiful forest. So that makes it video game music :p


I Scream Sunday (2021) - First song for the next album "Conundrum and Bass 2". Featuring our kitty Maya on the cover.


I released a new album called "Ascension". 10 tracks. Free to download. A little more personal song choices this time around. Golden Rings was written for my father. Great sounding music. Bump


Problem at Hand (2021) : I apologize for posting many songs in a row. I'm extremely proud of this one, and assuming I don't write any more bangers, I'll take a break :p First time I used a Guitar strum instrument. A bit tricky to use.


Augmented Reality (2021) - Something neat I wrote using chiptune leads (and electronic instruments). Fun song, not much else going on for it :p


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