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Just throwing it out there, there's a collection of medieval instruments I'm looking to buy, but money is a bit tight :P It costs 100 bucks. I'd like to write music to make money for this collection. See Alphadeus - Songs for Gamers for reference :p


More often than not, I will favor simple, casual games like Bejeweled 3 (and recently Gems of War) over having to play through games that require action-based thinking, like Overwatch, Monster Hunter, and God of War. #ConfessionToid


I released a new album "From Alpha to Omega II". It's a reinterpretation of all 24 songs, sometimes in different styles, sometimes with different progressions. I hope you enjoy it ^^


My new Album Universe of Dreams has been released on Bandcamp. Other stores to follow. Album art by the talented InquisitiveRavenclaw ^^ Hope you enjoy. Have a great day. Download Free! :p


Happy Birthday, Occams ^^ You're a great friend, and your words are always a blessing to read.


Joy Ride (2018) - This is the kind of music I imagine would play while cruising through space. Just a feel-good, happy tune. My album is near completion. The songs are ready I believe. Will be released soon ^^


Black Hole (2018) - I'm having a lot of fun with this album. It's going to be called "Universe of Dreams", and the songs are time and space based. Universe of Dreams is a song I wrote in 2009, branched off from Forest of Dreams. Great stuff :p


Universe of Dreams (Beyond Imagination) (2018) - A new version of a song I wrote in 2009. I tried to make it sound the same, but with some variations. I'm thinking about commissioning a piece of album artwork. Would be space-focused. Possibly.


Soar (2018) - Trying out something new. I like the groove of this song, and the one before it which I forgot to link :P I hope someone enjoys it :)


Thank you for all the birthday wishes yesterday. It's nice to have one day a year where I feel somewhat special. The rest of the year I feel like I have limited contact with the outside world :/ I don't mean to sound down. I'm actually happy right now.


Today is my 37th birthday. I don't want any presents, unless you consider a request to listen to my music a present :p I attached Walking in Circles to this Qpost. You should be able to find my music on Spotify by searching for Alphadeus. Bandcamp too.


Just a life update. My bday is coming up on the 13th. I'll be 37. I'm still taking a break from making music, but I feel like I'll be ready to work on DLC Pack 04 very soon. Probably before the end of April ^^ Still playing MHW. 84 hours!


70 hours into Monster Hunter World on PS4. I'm really enjoying the game as my first MH. Rank 13 working on the questline still. PSN is ikaruszino if you want to play sometime. I generally run solo unless someone wants an invite or invites me :P


Just minor life updates. I've been feeling really depressed lately, even though the 12th of Feb was me and my girlfriend's 18 year anniversary. I'm still taking a break from music, but I may start up again so I don't lose momentum. Hope things are well.


In regards to my previous Qpost, I get a thing I call Post Album Release Depression. Where for some reason, I feel really sad and depressed after releasing an album. I feel worthless, like there's no point to my existence. It goes away after a while.


Songs for Gamers DLC Pack 03 has been released. There probably won't be a blog post. This and a couple tweets are all I'm going to post to promote it. Taking a break from music.


Brawl in the Moonlight (InquisitiveRavenclaw) (2018) - Really enjoyed making this one. Sounds like an epic (final?) boss battle :) I'm happy with how this album is turning out. So many new styles of music to write in ^^


I'm popping in to check to see if anyone would be interested in having a song written for them. I'd need about 10 people in order for the project to become a reality. If you're not familiar with me, I've done this quite a few times already :p Let me know.


Peace Once More (Rasori) (2018) - Piece of music I wrote for Rasori for Songs for Gamers DLC Pack 03. I think it sounds like a wonderful, peaceful village theme. I believe I have 6 more themes to work on for this album.


Spirit Ablaze with Rivalry (Cedi) (2018) - Awesome song I wrote :p While I'm not currently accepting new requests, the way I feel, there could be a DLC Pack 04, which means requests will open up in a few weeks when I'm finished with this batch of songs ^^


Industrial Mill Zone (SrChurros) (2018) - A new song for Songs for Gamers. I might have to hold off on taking new requests until I handle the ones I got. If you sent a request before this qpost, I most definitely got it. You can msg me to be sure ^^


Pie in the Sky (triggerpigking) (2018) - This one was a lot of fun to compose. I'm still looking for about 4 more people at least for the album if anyone (and I mean anyone, you don't have to know me) is interested in a song.


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