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I'm looking into the possibility of streaming on My Twitch Channel in a non-gaming way. I'd like to stream my original music, but also mostly I want to perform piano journals live, and interact with people.


New Album: Hyperion released. 13 tracks. Free download. Music written for an imaginary bullet hell shoot-em-up. I guess I'll just keep writing music and hoping for the best. Bump.


The Mad Circus (2019) - Track written for the imaginary shooting game I'm writing music for as practice for actual games :p I'm thinking first phase of a final boss.


Extreme Winds (2019) - Written for the imaginary shooter game I'm working on :p I'm not doing so well. I had to pay off a medical bill earlier in the month, and I may not have enough money for food. I mean my GF is helping. We'll see if it's enough ^^


Wow. I haven't posted in over a month, it looks like. Here's a new song for a fake Shoot-em-up game I'm working on called "Ice Crystals" (song name, not fake game name :p). I've been doing alright. I still wish I could promote myself better, but eh.


Dance of the Fairy (2019) - This is a song I wrote a long time ago, redone for the Magic Coins soundtrack. Path of Exile is eating me alive, level 77 Deadeye I think. The game is hard, but mostly because I'm playing it like Diablo 3 :P


Path of Exile came out for PS4 recently. I started playing it and I'm hooked. Anyone else playing this game? I wouldn't mind playing multiplayer if possible :P It's free to play, and the microtransactions are mostly cosmetic except for Stash tabs.


Ad Lib - Vol. 6, Part 1 has been released. 11 Tracks. Free to download. Includes "In This Moment", a song I composed for a competition and won with ^^ [Final Bump I swear :p]


Magma Chamber (2019) - A tune using new Sega Genesis sounds my brother bought me for my birthday. I hope @bong264 sees this :p


I have some good news. What I thought was a hernia, turned out to just be Rectus Diastasis. It's harmless, and just makes a bulge when I stretch a certain way. So I don't need any sort of surgery. I guess the only thing is I will have medical bills now :P


Sorry I haven't been as active lately. My GF's mother passed away 2 days ago. We knew it was coming. She had been dealing with Aphasia & Early Onset Parkinson's. I did release an album, but I see IR posted it (Thanks ^^). Hope everyone is doing alright :)


I managed to get a Doctor to see me earlier today. It sounds like a Ventral hernia "with no obstruction or gangrene". I have an appointment in March to ultrasound, and then look into fixing it. Might require small surgery, or large incision depending.


I mentioned this on Twitter, but I have some kind of mass in my abdomen that I'm going to get checked out. I'm thinking it's a hernia, but if it's anything worse, just know that you guys mean the world to me & I shouldn't need a death scare to say that :P


My 24" inch LG monitor (that my brother donated to me) is starting to act up. It blacks out every now and then for a few seconds, which makes it unusable. I now need to save up for a new monitor, thankfully, they aren't too expensive. ^^ 2nd LG monitor...


New Album (with a story!): Magic Coins Soundrack

Hello, I wrote an album of music with a very basic story idea that might be full of holes called Magic Coins Soundtrack, but it was an exercise in rewriting old music for a new purpose (as well as a few new songs). It's important to no...


I might write a long blog describing the story, but I wanted to let you know I released a fake game soundtrack called Magic Coins. 38 tracks, many of them over 20 years old (redone).


Consumed by Power -Final Battle 2- (2019) - The final battle between the hero and the villain. I might write a long blog discussing the story behind the music. This theme is based on my song "Dance of Insanity". Modified to be more interesting.


The Dark War -Large Scale Battle- (2019) - A favorite of mine from the 2002-2003 era of writing music. It alternates between 6/4 and 5/4 time signatures. It's really fun to play on the piano, too. This version was sequenced by hand/mouse note by note.


Primortis -Boss- (2019) - I'm raving about this one on Twitter. I really like how it came out compared to the original. It's probably my favorite boss theme (not counting Songs for Gamers boss themes). I've written 25 songs in 18 days. Good month ^^


Destroy All Machines -Battle- (2019) : Brand new battle song written for my story/RPG idea where I'm rewriting all the old themes for :) I wanted to write something new, with lots of chord changes and such.


The Great World -Overworld- (2019) - This might actually be one of my first attempts at writing an overworld theme. It's based on the main melody of the "game". I probably wrote songs that could be OW songs in songs for gamers, but I'm not using them :P


Enemy Attack!! -Battle- (2019) : This is probably one of the first "non-specific" battle themes I ever wrote. As in not for a particular character or scene. The original song was really short, so I added a second part. Hope it's okay ^^


Title Screen (2019) - Tentative title. I decided to rewrite most of my old works into a fake RPG. Whatever the title of the "game" is, will be the name of this track. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears ^^ Happy New Year!


I 100%'ed World of Light in Smash Bros. Ultimate. It came down to 1 SPIRIT (99.87% or so), which took me a long time to locate on the map. Did I have fun? Absolutely for the most part. Some spirits were a bit frustrating to defeat. This was on normal.


Merry Christmas ^^ Just wanted to let you know that I've been really digging into Smash Bros Ultimate. What's the best way to play with friends? Switch doesn't seem to have a way to message people on the platform. Do I just start a room and hope it works?


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