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Cmon dtoid, what's your excuse?


Wow there's scummy companies, and then there's roblox!


My thoughts and prayers to the brave souls who watched TGA live, without the ability to skip or fast forward. My god the amount of useless padding


Met an old friend while getting pizza for dinner. Luckily I had a €0.5 coin in my wallet!


(I still haven't the slightest idea of what this whole orb thing is about)


I really love stumbling into qposts after some kind of meme has unraveled. Like scrolling and thinking "what the fuck is with orbs now?"


I love how my brain can forget important stuff then out of the blue go: "HEY REMEMBER THAT GOOFY SONG FROM WARCRAFT 2?"


Happy Thanksgiving to all you 'muricans! I had a really tough day so I'm just thankful that it's over and I can try playing some video games before passing out on the couch


While it probably deserves some of the snark it gets online, I still think it's one of the best games of the past decade. This trailer still makes me giddy 10 years later. Can't wait to go home and start over again, happy birthday Skyrim!


There's people selling elden ring network test codes on eBay and I don't want to live on this planet anymore


Oh and happy birthday DeScruff!


Hey dtoid, you like Huey Lewis and the news?


Back from Lucca comics (probably the biggest con here):I can say I missed it but I feel like its too early for events of this magnitude


The plot thickens!Rejected by her husband,our princess finds herself at the mercy of egyptian gods! (what the hell is this game?)


Uhhh,what?(Had this ad on an article here on dtoid)


I can't believe I'm contemplating on buying it again but, does anybody know how the skyrim anniversary upgrade is going to work? If I buy the ps4 SE will I get a ps5 upgrade? I only found a blog that mentions "special edition ps5 owners"


Yesterday I compared my old switch with a friend's brand new oled one. The screen is indeed very good but I don't it's worth the admission fee unless you resell the old one for a good price


So you like videogames huh? Name all of them then!


I'm very happy for y'all getting excited for dread tomorrow. But for me it can wait, tomorrow's gonna be all about Alan Wake! Edit: looks like it released 2 days ago and I didn't know,what a fool!


Turning 40 does have its perks


Confession time: I often heart posts when they're at 69 points.


So how long until the internet finds and harasses the new Bayonetta voice actress?


Of course they had to show bayonetta 3 in the only direct that aired while I was asleep! Looks like it's nothing groundbreaking on the technical side, but I'm very hyped nonetheless


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