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I didn't realize it until I started to update my ps3 games,but beware of games that need to download free addons from the store on top of the patches.Resident evil revelations 2 asked me to redeem and download some kind of raid mode package


Risk of rain 2 60% off, hypnospace outlaw 50% off... My buying finger is itching! Speaking of itching, I gotta buy itchy/tasty too!


Comics! Akira is way bigger than I expected


There's a spring sale on the ps store, I started browsing psprices before quickly realizing "wait, should I really purchase digital goods from sony?"


If you are forgetful like me, a little countdown for the psn stores shutdown might be helpful.I literally used the first result on google so I hope they don't suck.Links in comments




If any of you were on the fence about scott pilgrim on switch, it's currently 30something% off on the eu eshop. I'm conflicted


While y'all been busy with MH Rise, I got Narita Boy!First impression is good but damn those controls need some getting used to


The Council has rejected my application *edit* I saw the error of my ways an am born again


I need your help dtoid!A while ago I saw a trailer for a switch game,all I remember is that it was on an island,it had 2D sprites in a 3D world, and there was a handsome frog at the end.I wanted to put it back on my radar but I don't remember the title


Taking about guyver recently made me seek out a 3D printable model, I think I'm getting the hang of it! Now, if only I was good at painting..


Wow, according to my profile page I registered 9 years ago today! I regret not starting to use qposts earlier


Wow,Jared Leto is really doubling down on the meme


Happy birthday to the best website ever!


I got to tell you, this 3d printing thing is pretty terrific


Gamestop Italy. Today at 15:30. You know the drill. If you want me to stop posting about it just let me know


Just a heads up for my fellow italians here:gamestop.it is yet again selling a few ps5s at 15:30.From what I could understand you don't need any subscription,just show up on the product page (last time it actually started a few minutes earlier)


My humble switch physical collection. Assault android cactus comes from a dtoid contest!


Qubicgames is running an eshop sale, if you have one of the listed games you should see the other discounts (starting from 0,17€ for a game) check a look https://qubicgames.com/17/


Gamestop (italy) will put some ps5s on sale only for powerup subscribers this afternoon.I will try to get in but expectations are low. Wish me luck I guess!Update:unsurprisingly,it let me add it to the cart only to find out it was already sold out.


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