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It feels good to be back to the land of the living after three days of fever and trying not to shit my entire body weight. Also hurray for covid self tests!


When your design is so bad that the console is upside down even in the ads


So, videogames... Am I right fellas?


My E3 is now complete


Superliminal has taken me for a ride and I loved every second of it. It's also on sale on the eshop so don't sleep on it


Metroid dread's CE is up for preorder here at gamestop... But I find it hard to justify spending 40 bucks for the extra content




I was going to skip the limited run stream and after seeing it I kinda wish I did, my poor wallet is gonna scream in agony


YouTube refuses to show me age restricted videos because it needs to verify my age and then it shows me ads for inflamed prostate medication.


I kinda liked the double fine stream more than the summer game fest preceding it. This opinion ia brought to you by Amazon Gaming, the best place to game. Don't forget to redeem a bunch of useless crap with your prime subscription!


Looks like they did it again!


I might or might not have watched the whole thing with a stupid grin on my face. I forgot how much I loved the original UT


So platinum announced a new game and my only takeaway from the trailer is this giant dickhead


My only issue with the redesign so far is that the rss feed seems to be broken. Call me old fashioned but it's still the best way to get new articles in my opinion


It's done. Expeditions are a really nice concept but next time I'll do it only if the deadline isn't so close,I felt really pressured to do everything in a rush. Huge thanks to sp testure for pointing me in the right direction!


Sooo has CDPR gave up on cp2077 yet? Unless I missed recent updates, it's been a while since they last patched the game. Did they patiently wait for the gamersTM to get mad at something else so they could quietly stop working on it?


Looks like Valkyria Revolution and the relative DLC are free on the ps store. I don't know if it's an error so please don't sue me if you get banned


Happy bday Occams and Jasondm!


Late to the party, here's my homescreen background, lockscreen is a random picture from huawei every time


New arrival! I don't have a 4k tv yet but i wanted this specifically for the bluray version of gits 1.0 with none of that CG


Ok, someone explain to me the appeal of reaction videos. Especially "vocal coach/composer reacts to x", do you really need someone to tell you that the song you like is good?


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