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How do you PC people do it? I need to replace the graphics card for my 12 years old computer and I have no idea what to choose or look for whatsoever. The fact that I stopped paying attention 10 years ago doesn't help


Happy birthday Wes!


Stop the presses!Why did noone tell me that a company named XPG announced a caffeinated GAMER GUM? Now I can look cool while my blood pressure skyrockets


I'll put a special picture for you in the comments


I'm finally mad at cyberpunk!Not for the bugs and crashes (and I saw PLENTY) but for the "star" guest characters.You can instantly recognize them because their voice acting is ATROCIOUS,and if I look them up on IMDB my reaction is always the same: "WHO?"


Happy birthday Juice and Shibboletho!


Dear Nintendo, the browser version of the shop is bad and you should feel bad!


So apparently King Of Fighters XV is a thing? I didn't know anything about that


Happy new year everyone!


Following my latest qpost about the running man, I now ask you fellow dtoiders: suggest me more 80s/90s sci-fi/action movies!I already covered the basics like robocop, terminator, total recall, but I'd like to hear about something I might have missed


Rewatched The running man after several years...it probably has something to do with me being a kid at that time, but I love how they imagined the future in the 80s!Also, they predicted deepfakes!


Buon compleanno RiffRaff!


Thank you everyone for all the #cursedmas posts, I loved those! A special mention for all of Plissken's photoshops


Well it's officially Christmas here in spaghettiland so let me wish a cromulent Christmas to each one of you!


Huh, genuinely surprised by Minecraft.I need to get my shit together, next year I wanna see ring fit adventure on top of the list!


My GOTY apparently is spending more time on dekudeals browsing sales (I really need to start hiding all the shovelware) than actually playing on the switch


Did Gamestop really restock the most wanted items this christmas in physical stores only,causing them to be flooded by people? What the hell?


Boy do I miss adpocalypse era youtube


Sooooo no bayo 3 news I guess? Still got to catch up on the game awards


Look what showed up one day early! I thought it was smaller (apple for scale because I don't have any bananas)


The cyberpunk reviews are in, and I'm seeing a lot of 9/10s and 10/10s that mention that the game is riddled with bugs :/ Most review scores really are a joke nowadays


Happy birthday Seymour!


Oh and btw demon's souls and godfall are 80€ here... About $94. I already wasn't in a rush to get a ps5 before, now I'm convinced even more


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