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After 1 month of customs and having to pay taxes twice it's finally here!Ended costing me almost twice the sell price. I don't think I'll be buying from the UK in the foreseeable future, thanks brexit! P.S. PLAY SUPERLIMINAL


Pictured:me posting a video about a model building game which leads to Seymour finding another model building game which leads me to trying the demo for said game. Like I don't already have enough time wasters


It's finally raining, is bueno.


I still can't believe that we have the honour of having the actual Charlton Heston among our ranks! Happy birthday!


Stumbled upon this on youtube, I think it checks a few marks for a few folks here. I tried downloading the game but sadly my laptop wants to melt itself when I run it


It's happening!


The jotnar edition for god of war came and went on gamestop in a matter of minutes. I had no interest but it's a stark reminder of the state of videogame collecting these days. Not only this stuff is overpriced,you've gotta fight hordes of scalpers too


A listing for a physical release of psychonauts 2 has been spotted on Amazon Germany,releasing sept 27th. I hope it gets officially confirmed soon


Occams is that you?


Now I don't know who this lady is, or why youtube insisted so much that I learn how she got into gaming, but for some reason I really liked her tale. Imagine finding out you're a weeb at the ripe age of 60-something


New (non)E3, new pregame discharge!


I (badly) made this and I'm gonna post it every time Nintendo does a direct without her


Why yes I do love autoplaying videos in the middle of the page with reviews from the escapist, preceded by ads! I especially love them when I'm browsing with my limited data cellular 4g router!




To whom it may concern,there's a demo for jojo all-star battle live on the psn store


According to the Italian PlayStation blog The last of us is gonna cost 81€,with a digital deluxe edition that will cost 91€. Are they out of their fucking mind?


For all you physical collectors, limited run games is going to have a showcase on their twitch channel in about 7 hours (4 p.m. EDT) featuring the fine folks from mega64. Link in comments because I frankly don't know if linking in the post is allowed


Did I ever rant about how abismally clunky the Nintendo web eshop is? Of course I did because it's a FUCKING UNUSABLE NIGHTMARE! Completely broken on firefox, forces me to use chrome and refresh the page a million times just to enter a code


If my calculations are correct, the last time I managed to boot my ps5 was two weeks ago, I wanna play some elden ringgggggg! All I managed to play is the Kirby demo over and over because my daughter demands to see "Beerbee"


It's not even June and the heat is already unbearable, I don't think I'm gonna make it to the autumn


Found an old avatar buried in a hard drive, so new avatar I suppose


Started watching Nintendo's showcase a couple minutes late, didn't realise that there were two hosts and wondered why was she talking to herself and complaining about crab puns after making one. Nothing interesting was shown for me, what about you qtoid?


Up yours, scalpers!


The horizon tallneck set is already out of stock after one day, this whole scalping situation is really starting to get on my nerves


Right when I decide I should cut my spending on videogames


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