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Two hours into Yakuza 0 I'm wondering how I roped myself into buying this weeb shit. Then I get to the Burusera story. Now we're getting somewhere.


Hey Xbox Game Pass users, is there a simple and clean way for you guys to view the available catalog or is it a total mess like the Windows 10 store?


I got all sentimental during the Captain Spirit trailer. That was me in the 80s.


Okay, I think I came into E3 with low expectations. This Microsoft conference blows EA's away, and I thought EA's was pretty good.


Go Team Lunara in Nexomania!


Picked up Juicy Realm on steam today. This game looks too cute/cool.


Has anybody played Pizza Titan Ultra yet?


I have not been having fun with games for some time now. Often considering leaving the hobby. But today I found my new jam so fuck all that.


Oh I get it. All these funky articles are because its easter.


Warcraft III getting a significant balance update in 2018. Remastered announcement at month's end is all but assured. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20762006793


Life is Strange steam key in comments.


So my Battle Royale game is gonna be called Bae-Z and everyone's a zombie waifu like Rottytops. https://i.imgur.com/M2ANj4O.png


Finally joining the Street Fighter V community. With the incoming Fight Money changes it just made more sense to get the game now while the getting's good. Also got my fight stick collection started with a Qanba Carbon.


The three mission expansion to Battlefront II's single player was better and longer than expected. Haven't looked at the multiplayer additions yet. Hoping Phasma is fun.


Gamestop is starting up a game rental service on Black Friday. Now I'm getting a PS4.


Any tips or success stories for finding a Switch at MSRP?


Oh Devolver how brave of you to come out and mock E3 for the sham it is... whilst still plugging all your upcoming titles.


New idea, Nintendo. Instead of giving away a couple VC games a month, give subscribers access to the entire catalog. Do away with complaints about VC purchases carrying over between consoles and bolster online subscription sales at the same time.


You can buy Halloween skins but they cost a lot. 3000 creds.


Jay Wilson has left the game industry to pursue a writing career. /victorykid


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