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As Promised. Sketches of Dtoiders at PAX

When I get sleepy, I draw to keep myself awake. And at PAX, with less than 5 hours of sleep a night, being awake was the key. So I drew a lot. Here's a big mural like thing I did. Will I ever paint this or do anything crazy with it, who kn...


09/09/09! Happy Cirno Day!

What's the most important event on the strongest day of the year, September 9th, 2009? Well, that's easily Cirno day. A idiotic character from the Touhou series, her popularity has been increasing as of late. Cirno's Pefect Math class Ci...


Fat Princess Trophies: Those Clever Europeans

Zuler, a reliable source from the Sixth Axis forums has tracked down the achievements for upcoming anticipated title, Fat Princess for the Playstation 3. All of which are apparently Bronze trophies, and all of which are witty in the way ach...


New Official Touhou Fighter: Touhou Hisoutensoku

After the success of Immaterial and Missing Power and Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Team Shanghai Alice, the one man team behind the Touhou phenomenon and Tasogare Frontier, creator of doujin games such as Eternal Fighter Zero, officially annou...


Muscle March: Please Bring this Here

If it comes to America, Day Freakin' One I've heard of the Arcade Game, but a Wiiware release only brings it closer to my life. While it already pumped it's way onto the Japanese Wii in May, the appeal PROBABLY won't work over here. Sou...


Oh, it's My Birthday? Counting the 'Agos'

I guess it is. 21 as of October 19th, 2008. Had my part time job at Fred Meyers for two years as of tommorow (Started the day after my birthday) Been on 4chan for three years, and started exclusively visiting /v/ and /m/ about a year ago....


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