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Aquaria: now on Linux!

I refuse to let this game sink out of your collective consciousness. Before I'm through and the game is actually released, I intend to have all of you beating down doors like the bloodthirsty dead demanding the game's release on XBLA, or si...


Valve and Nexon to bring Counter-Strike to Asia

Valve's Doug Lombardi has dropped us a line announcing plans to bring Counter-Strike to Asian markets, effectively positioning the world's #1 most played online first-person shooter in the most insane competitive gaming circuit in the world...


New Castle Crashers video featuring epic boss battle

While Bomberman Live still has the Destructoid crew gripped firmly in its meathooks, it's safe to say that Castle Crashers looks like the Next Big Thing on XBLA. In this video from Comic-Con, we get to see an entire boss battle play out and...


Lost: The Game debut trailer from Comic-Con

 Ah, Lost. You provided many a sleepless night while I sat up trying to work out the mystery, figure out the secrets of the islands and the numbers, and find hot pixxx of that lady what plays Kate. Newly introduced at Comic-Con, Lost: ...


QuakeCon attendees get a crack at Left 4 Dead

QuakeCon attendees, rejoice: one of the swankest-lookin' games in recent memory will be playable at the upcoming conference. Valve and Turtle Rock Studios have announced that Left 4 Dead, the upcoming zombie survival co-op shooter, will...


Condemned 2 toned down in wake of Manhunt ban

The uprising kicked up in by the de facto banning of Manhunt 2 had some folks scratching their heads. They wondered: why all the ruckus over Manhunt? The original wasn't all that great, after all. Though I count myself among the angry m...


Destructoid Review: Bomberman Live

Look, it's no secret that I love this game. Having already had the chance to get intimate with the title at Hudson's headquarters in San Francisco, I knew well in advance that there was something special brewing -- some unholy ritua...


Bargain Bin Laden #19: Otogi

Things look pretty bleak for the next month or so, don't they? Ah, summertime -- when the gaming industry actually offers a pretty compelling excuse to get off your ass and get outside. There's not much between here and the end of A...


E3 2007 Post-Mortem: Niero and Linde on the new E3

At this year's E3, there was one big question exchanged between journalists, industry folk, and pretty much everybody present: do you like the new E3? How different is it? Where the hell are all the scantily-clad booth babes? Sure, that...


E3 2007: Destructoid interviews Peter Moore

Oh, Peter Moore -- you titan of industry, you icon, you had to up and leave us, didn't you? And just hours before I planned on publishing this interview. While latching onto a new face as the public persona for Xbox and Games for Window...


Podtoid Special Edition: Our E3 Wrap-Up Show

Podtoid returns for a special appearance fresh from Santa Monica with tales of E3, starstruck encounters with colleagues and industry professionals, and unwanted sexual advances. For this E3 wrap-up edition of Podtoid we've dragged alon...


E3 2007: Hands-on with Devil May Cry 4

My eyes weren't fixed on DMC4 until I ran into our own Colette trying her hand at the game, giggling with a sort of unrestrainable glee that only a good, solid action title can draw out of you. I was blowing away the hordes of zombies a...


E3 2007: Portal will melt your face off

Portal is one of those games that, in my heart of hearts, I believe to be made just for me. That’s right: somewhere in the last couple of years, a magical faerie descended upon a group of Digipen students in the dead of night, sprinkl...


E3 2007: Hands-on with Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles

One of the few chapters of the Castlevania saga not to reach Western shores is also arguably one of the best: Dracula X: Rondo of Blood, originally appearing on the PC Engine CD, which never had a US release, is definitely my personal favor...


E3 2007: Hands-on with Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles

With Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, Capcom showed Wii gamers that their flagship zombie-slayin' series certainly benefits from some innovative new hardware. But could that hardware carry the series through the transition to an on-rails s...


E3 2007: Liveblogging the Nintendo Press Conference

Team Dtoid is sittin' pretty at Nintendo's E3 press conference, ready and waiting to give the lot of you some live updates. It's big, loud, the music is slightly obnoxious and the room is jlit up with any number of family-friend...


Famitsu reveals Trauma Center: New Blood

When I got my Wii in November, I picked up two games to complement my Sports pack-in: Twilight Princess (which was damn-near required) and Trauma Center: Second Opinion. Sure, the DS version was hard as balls, but Goddamn, it was a hell of ...


Bargain Bin Laden #18: Maximo

You guys smell that? Oh yes, it smells like violent death. That's right, kids, welcome the newest inductee into the "So Bloody Hard It's Awesome" club of BBL selections: Maximo: Ghosts to Glory!Now, bear in mind that when ...


Steven Spielberg's projects revealed!

If you've been paying attention these last few months, you're familiar with the glacier-slow newsdrip about what Steven Spielberg's upcoming game projects would be. Today -- perhaps a little ahead of schedule, given the story&#...


Pre-E3 Rock Band screens, info

Here it is, the last bit of Rock Band info Harmonix has to share before the big show next week, when yours truly and the rest of the Dtoid bunch will get a chance to put our skills to the test and suck royal-like in front of colleagues and ...


Starmen.net's EarthBound Anthology

Sure, some might stare a bit cockeyed at the EarthBound fan community, but you can't say they're not resourceful, dedicated, and above all, tenacious. Proof positive: over 250 pages of devotion bound in one book, the EarthBound Anth...


First look at the Aquaria level editor

You might be wondering what you're looking at: this game, Aquaria, is one of my most anticipated games of 2007. The devs at Bit-Blot, after some post-trailer radio silence, have uploaded a video detailing some of what we can expect from...


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