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GameTap adds 1,000th game to library, conquers universe

Mark your calendars, folks. Today, GameTap adds two more titles to its already staggering amount of games to finally hit the magic number of 1,000. This makes GameTap easily the largest on-demand gaming service ever created. If you haven't ...


Miniboss Monday: King Hippo

What's big, fat, royal, and can't seem to find proper fitting boxing trunks? King Hippo, of course! King Hippo is easily the most recognizable fighter from the original Punch-Out!! on the NES besides Mike Tys-- I mean, Mr. Dream himself. Oh...


My new CBlog Header, Thanks to BlindsideDork.

BlindsideDork was nice enough to answer my call for a new blog header. In fact, he was the only one to actually submit something, so he sort of wins by default. Think you can do better? I'm still accepting any further ideas/entries to this...


Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility Hijinks!: Morrowind

This past weekend, Sarah and I went to the local GameStop to look for Morrowind for the original Xbox (in the hopes of playing it on the 360.) Why would we be looking for such an old game, you ask? Well, turns out, Sarah is almost complet...


Miniboss Monday: Crocomire

Today's Miniboss Monday is one of my personal favorites and is an extremely memorable fight for many who completed Super Metroid back in the day. Crocomire is by no means a difficult or exciting opponent to fight, but what makes him so grea...


I need a new CBlog banner. Care to help?

Seriously, you guys. I don't know the PhotoShops. Hell, I don't even know the Paint Shop Pros. All I know is the MSPaints. So, I am asking for your help. I've had my old banner since Topher made it for me a few months back. I'm asking ...


GH3 Boss Battle vs. Lou? I FAIL, and so does he.

Okay, I know that this has been the talk of the Innernets since Guitar Hero dropped this past Sunday. Everything in Guitar Hero III goes pretty smoothly until you get up to the final boss battle with Lou. I have been trying, in vain, to ...


Miniboss Monday: Orange Fret Button (of Death)

Hot off the release of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for every console on the market, I bring you one of gaming's more subtle minibosses. Yes, I am indeed referring to the dreaded Orange Fret Button. Many pinky fingers have been slaughte...


Guitar Hero III Demo Impression(s)

I downloaded the Guitar Hero III demo last night with nothing but joy tingling in my fingertips. Once I got the "Download Complete" heads-up, I dashed to the dashboard and jumped into the demo area faster than George Dubya lost his credib...


Miniboss Monday: Death

(This logo has been brought to you by bluemeep. Also, bears -- Mother Nature's natural born minibosses.)Today's Miniboss Monday is one that is near and dear to my heart. For those of you who weren't around last year, I used to have today's ...


Games That Need A Sequel - Vol. 1

As the title explains, this is a brief post about games that never got a (fitting) sequel and deserve to have (another) one. I'm sure there are plenty of you out there who have played a game and thought "Wow! This is great! I can't wait for...


Miniboss Monday: Three-for-one is better than none

(This super-sweet logo is brought to you by the artistic vision of MrJunko. Head over to his community blog and check out his other works.)Today's Miniboss Monday is a special one, to be sure. I've rounded up three -- yes, three -- memorabl...



It's Wednesday, and as we all know, Puzzle Quest (and that Yaris game) are out on Xbox Live Arcade! I promptly downloaded and played a few Instant Action matches before work this morning, and I can say that this version of the game is, h...


I missed two Miniboss Mondays -- I apologize!

(Thanks to bluemeep for this awesome [and only] submission!) So, two Mondays have gone by and no minibosses have been posted to whet your appetite for classic gaming nostalgia. I apologize, but I have a valid excuse for one of the two -- ...


Puzzle Quest XBLA to finally be released tomorrow?

As some of you may or may not know, I have been yearning for Puzzle Quest to come out on XBLA ever since it was announced that it would. It was supposed to be part of the Summer releases, but was continually pushed back to be balanced and...


Limited Edition Halos - UNSCRATCHED!

The news has spread like wildfire across the Internet about the whole "pre-scratched Halo" business. Unfortunately, I was not immune to the flaws of the tin case BUT both discs work perfectly fine and look flawless. I'm really curious as to...


Miniboss Monday: Whelk

 Today's "Miniboss Monday" is none other than Whelk from Final Fantasy VI (or Final Fantasy III for those of you who are still ethnocentric.) Whelk is the first boss you encounter shortly after beginning your journey through ...


Savant = Birthdaytoid! (NSFW'd by Athiestium)

(MAD MS PAINT SKILLS, AMIRITE?!) Well, folks, I'm 22 today. Funny, that. Feels different this year than it did last year. Somehow, I feel harder, better, faster, stronger... Well, not really, but still -- Daft Punk is pretty sweet. Anywa...


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