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Untapped Potential: Road Rash

At 120 mph, mosquitoes feel like jagged hail, white-hot engines sear leather onto flesh and the asphalt below threatens to permanently disfigure any rider foolish enough to blink. But those things don't matter to me. Right now my wind-b...


For 31 months, I've waited for this moment....

Thirty-one months ago I joined the community of Destructoid. I frequented the blogs, forums, and the front page, but there was one thing that I always wanted to do: join Destructoid's Friday Night Fights. Though I play with several membe...


10 things you didn't know about brosef

I normally don't jump on bandwagons like this, but I haven't posted in a long time and... well, why not. Which brings me to my first point. 1) Though I don't post that often (read: quarterly), I read Destructoid every day. In fact, I...


Obama invading video games confirmed.

Right then. Yesterday our dear Brad Nicholson reported that Barack Obama is running campaign ads in Burnout paradise. While many D-Toiders were quick to point out that such an image is easy to shoop (while some were less quick), theatlant...


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