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Marioween? Hallowario?

I found this fun little Halloween-based Mario flash game and figured I'd share it with the rest of ya. I must have played it for an hour or so now trying to get the highest ratings for each levels. Can you get a Starman rating for each ca...



On Sundays, ya really gotta dig deep to find stories and this one should probably be buried. The only dance game I've ever played was Bust a Groove 1 & 2 back in the day for the PS1. Never got into that whole DDR craze thing, though i...



On Sundays, ya really gotta dig deep to find stories and this one should probably be buried. The only dance game I've ever played was Bust a Groove 1 & 2 back in the day for the PS1. Never got into that whole DDR craze thing, though i...



On Sundays, ya really gotta dig deep to find stories and this one should probably be buried. The only dance game I've ever played was Bust a Groove 1 & 2 back in the day for the PS1. Never got into that whole DDR craze thing, though i...


This is Living Waiting?

First, Robert told you that Universal does not support Sony's Blu-Ray video format. We also know that Europe is not happy with Sony about their delay to March 2007. They say that there is no bad publicity, but Sony seems to have found a w...


The More Things Change...

I got some extra time and have been itchin' to post something so I decided to go big. I've been called a hater of the PS3 and even a fanboy of the 360, but this post is straight facts and I'm going to call it like it is. The truth is th...


Microsoft wants You To Do Their Work For Them...

OK, so I haven't written anything in a while due to having damn near 3 jobs right now... But I saw this and felt the need to support my 360, once again. According to Megagames, Microsoft released XNA Game Studio Express which is a kit to ...


Fighting Perfection or Struggling Comeback?

First off, let me state that I love Tekken 5: Dark Ressurection for the PSP. As I played yesterday on my lunchbreak, I realized that if you get a perfect the game simply says perfect, but if you win with very little health it says GREAT!...


All Tapped Out!

OK, so Gametap itself is not necessarily new, but after exhausting myself with all my current games, I gave in and checked it out.  I'm currently in Gametap's first two week freebie period and I must say, I'm impressed.  I went to Targe...


TFC + Source - Classic = Team Fortress 2

Megagames reports that Team Fortress will be shipping with Half-Life 2: Episode 2.  For some of us, this is a blessing, but to others, it's another means to sell episodic content we may not want...  I personally did not purchase Episode...


Nintendo Selling Crack?

So, we all though Nintendo was untouchable after the Wii, eh?  Not so, as Megagames reports that there are quite a few people reporting a crack in the same location on a hinge of the DS Lites.  Now, not all of these bad boys come like ...


Man Overboard!

The Ship is based on... a ship.  But this ship is special.  It's an online multiplayer (and singleplayer, but that doesn't sound as fun) game where you log on and you get a name on a piece of paper.  This name is the name of another pa...


Questions about PS3? Many Answers...

OK, apparently a SCEE PS3 QnA was leaked, either on purpose or on accident.  It matters not.  What matters is the information contained.  I'm a bit too tired to read it all, but check it out over at Megagames and tell us what you thi...


Data Gathering:
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...

OK, as some of you may or may not know, data gathering is becoming more and more common. It's an act by game companies to send them information about your playing habits and/or other info, who knows... This is exactly what people have a...


Savagery! (Thanks WebImpulse) :P

It having been my birthday yesterday, I felt the need to come to my favorite blog and post about something I'm genuinely excited about. :) What you see above is NOT "When Elephants Attack!" on FOX... It's a Behemoth in the upcoming Sav...


Devs feeling the birthing pains of PS3...

In an article related to this post by Fronz, I found an article here on Megagames.  In the article it says that Track7Games was indeed never developing a PS3 version of Theseis and the reason was that development was not worth the cost....


Wait... Who's the pot... and the kettle... errr...

OK, so now we know the Console Wars are REALLY on!  This article from Megagames shows how Sony, via SCEA big boss Kaz Hirai, is doing whatever it takes to prevent Microsoft from holding Sony back on launch.  This is nothing new for c...


Blu-Ray = De-Lay

  As reported by Megagames, the Sony Blu-Ray standalone player has been delayed about 2 months to 'on or about' August 15th, instead of the original June 25th.  The issue I first thought of, is all the Blu-Ray discs that are available o...


You've Got Your Pr0n In My Video Games...

So I'm flipping through the cable channel... channel... Ya know, Channel thing that shows what's on the channels... Anyway, I get to the porn channels... lo and behold, 'The Sperminator' pops up. In the infantile section of my mind (...


Mario will never be 'Wii'

Of all the video game characters, Mario is definitely the biggest and while walking through the mall today, I saw this as proof.  The smallest system has the biggest poster I've ever seen.  This is also proof that video games themselves...


Video Game Geek or Hardcore Gamer?

I found this picture on and I couldn't resist.  But the question remains, is this guy a Hardcore Gamer or as I put it, a Mega Ultron Geek?


My Prediction for Webzen

Webzen is a little known company whose past hasn't been that notable.  Their stock is at an all-time low for them and so far you might be thinking, why am I reading an article on this company that's doing so bad?  You're not.  You're...


Optimus Prime Dies!!! (Plus 5 more videos)

Please be advised, the following Video may be too graphic for younger robots. Robot viewer discretion is advised... Click here to see the sad story of a robot who gave everything, only to be destroyed by mother nature's wrath... More O....


Confirmation of a wii little price

    More news from Megagames about that wii thing...  :P  Looks like there has been official confirmation that the price of the Wii will not exceed $250 American.  The only news here is that it's official, as many analysts have alrea...


Real or Bullshit... Wiilephone?
(Update: It's Real!)

OK, so I wanted to challenge our readers today. Like Brain Age... well, not so much... But anyway, the challenge is to guess whether or not the following story is real or fake. I can only ASK you not to google the answer, so please ma...


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Bayonetta (Switch)"Let's dance, boys!"


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Bayonetta 2 is so fucking I cant stop playing it!


Keeping up with their last album, The Chainsmokers have another somber Nothing upbeat, but well see what they I like the song, so looking forward #musictoid | The Chainsmokers - You Owe Me


After 4 years of playing it off and on again on my Vita I finally finished Suikoden I enjoyed it! In the end I still prefer the first game, but Id be lying if Suikoden 2 didnt have some Just the massive battles were way way worse


Work since 6am but living it up at the beach Feel like Ive been pretty absent on here for some But Im always Much love and hope youre all doing well <3

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So my dad wrecked the car too so no When it rains it pours I


How can we make a boss harder? Lets give him immunity to all kind of damage at 25% health,alongside the ability to instantly kill your whole party! Seems fair


Can everyone else not send private messages right now? It says my follower/following list is empty so I cant select a Any way around this?

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Im finally off of work! Now I can go straight the long


Went and saw Black Panther It was good, It has what is arguably Marvels best villain (which isnt that hard all things considered), its more character driven than usual, it doesnt treat the audience like fools and its really


I cant decide between Bayonetta 1&2 or Dragon Quest want a new Switch On one hand I know I like this game, and I never finished either one of On the other I love Dragon Quest but never played



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