Justice League Heroes gameplay footage

Tired of Marvel and all their games? D.C. has got the solution for you: Justice League Heroes. Bam! Kapow! just posted a video showcasing Flash's flashy fighting ability from the game. What would be sweet is the ability to control the ent...


Uwe Boll on FilmWad: In the Name of the King movie trailer

Doesn't your stomach just recoil in defense when his name appears on your monitor? Our evil little brother Filmwad has posted ze German's next upcoming movie, In The Name of the King....which is fortunately not lined up to smear the nam...


Turn an NES controller into a cell-phone

First we saw the NES controller turned into an iPod Shuffle. Now, Diyhappy took apart a Nokia 3200, which already comes with interchangeable faceplates, and rebuilt it inside of an old NES controller. Next, we'll find out Air Force One w...


User creates virtual ecosystem in Second Life

Here's an excerpt: If I was to turn off the clouds the whole system would die in about six hours," Laukosargas Svarog tells me. "Turn off the bees and [the plants stop] growing, because nothing gets pollinated. And it's the transfer of p...


Bang! Howdy

If you're like me and are really consumed with the desire to be one of three personas (ninja, outlaw


World of Warcraft Easter Egg Contest

I don't have the time or the energy to enter something like this, let alone the skill to do it, but I must say I am rather impressed and jealous that I could not compete. I say there should be a robot easter egg contest that includes all ...


Time killer flash game: Taxi Snapper

Granted, it's a marketing ploy from Lumix, but it's still fun. Hope they sell some cams and keep it coming. Don't try this in Manhattan, you will get Starbucks thrown at you.


Cell games have come a long f*cking way.

The footage is not pre-rendered, it is real time on one of Nokia's new N-gage phones. A possible player customization includes texture mapping to create their own costumes. This is way too damn cool for a cell phone. And just the other da...


The 10 Worst E3 Booth Babe Pick-up lines

10) "My snake is solid." 9) "You're so money you don't even know it." 8) "How about we go burn out on Burnout? (awkward pause) Get it?" 7) "I'm hungry. Make me a milkshake." 6) Random Guy: "Can I be your Zelda?" Booth Babe: "Don't you mean ...


World of Warcraft to the Big Screen

Via: Variety Warner Bros.-based Legendary Pictures has picked up film rights to adapt the popular fantasy video game franchise World of Warcraft and will develop the project with game publisher Blizzard Entertainment, which is owned by V...


I'd like an argument to be settled

First off, I know its been a while since I've posted something on the 'toid but I'm back and hopefully this will add to my argumentative legacy. Me and my buddy who I will refer to as "jackass" for the rest of this post had an argument th...


Professional Video Gaming Set for TV Debut

I can only hope this turns out better than Video Power. I remember watching this gameshow as a young boy and practicing with duct tape in hope that I would one day be a contestant. For those of you who don't remember or have never seen th...


Online Game: How fast can you click?

Naked Meele Armaggedon Instructions: Each click spawns a naked person. Basically, you click the playing field as fast as you can to raise the biggest army of nakeds you possibly can before the aliens touch land. Then they duke it out! ...


Airline Pilots Trained By 17 Year Old Gamers

*Screeeeeechhh* Huh? Israeli pilots are being taught to fly by 17 year old gamers? Somebody get Jeff Gordon on the phone, I've learned many different bumping techniques from Grand Theft Auto! Airline Pilots Trained By 17 Years Old Gamers


Lego Counterstrike

Every time I hear any sound effect from the Counterstrike universe I begin twitching and girating. It is so bad that I resemble Sgt. Wes Luger and his flashback sequences in Loaded Weapon.


Multi-Touch Table Demonstrated With WarCraft III

I have been waiting for something like this ever since I slipped on the Power Glove. Which brings me to a funny story. When I finally convinced my parents that the Power Glove would help me defeat Don Flamenco, perfect my FBI target practic...


Grow Your Own 1up Mushroom Kit

Now if only I got bigger and had super powers after eating it. That would be sweet. I'm sure there is an underground Japanese science facility toying with the concept of super-humans who got stronger by eating Super Mario mushrooms. I gues...


Most Difficult NES Games of All Time

I have been aching to write this article for quite some time, and I finally have a platform to vent. Yes, it is I, the assclown who runs DoubleViking.com and I'm here to share with you some golden memories from my childhood. Take a peek b...


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