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Hot take: Tokyo Xanadu Ex+ is more enjoyable than Persona 5. The Falcom formula is just too good.


Guys... Sakura Wars on PS4 is very good. Some really great production values and just an overall relaxing game with some pretty fun Warriors/Musou style combat. Just wanted to give the game a little love and praise just for the heck of it.


Wow! After just complaining about it the day before yesterday, the PS5 PSN store has added a "Deals" tab. So weird it wasn't there before.


To anyone who has a PS5... how in the fuck do you find games that are on sale on PSN? This PSN UI feels like it's missing some pretty important categories...


Wow this thing seems really cool. Link to Kickstarter in comments, but it's only $39.


I got a god damn PS5. It is very good. It was nice knowing you all. I'm gonna put this rumbling controller up my butthole and ride off into the sunset.


Some high quality original content in the comments


You know... Devil May Cry 2 really isn't that bad. I was playing the HD version at 4K last night and just enjoying it as a PS2 action game rather than a DMC game and it was pretty fun! Lucia's also a pretty fun character to play as.


Bump! Happy Holidays everyone! I have some free games from Humble Bundle that I won't ever play and thought someone here might like them. Let me know what you want and I'll drop ya the code! List in comments...


If only Cyberpunk 2077 had gone with this marketing campaign:


Yeesh. AC Valhalla is one of the best looking games I've ever played. It's stuff like this that makes not getting a PS5 a little easier. My PC is still squeezing by at 1080/60fps at High to Ultra settings for this game. A PS5 still would be nice though!


Wow. Had it in my cart at Walmart and this literally happened in 30 seconds. What a dumpster fire of a launch.


eBay can eat shit for allowing scalpers to sell next gen consoles for ridiculous prices. I just want to buy a new fucking PS5, man. I hope these idiots get stuck sitting on consoles they stocked up on. Just wish people could control themselves for once.


I'm a little late to the party, but I genuinely hope Bluepoint's next game is an Ape Escape remake with fancy new Dualsense mechanics.


I'm realizing that I only really own a PS3 for the digital PS1 and PS2 games... and SoulCalibur II HD.


Does the audio in Super Mario 64 in 3D All Stars sound off? Like it's all a just slightly slower and everything is like just the tiniest hair lower in key? Or am I going crazy? Watching gameplay videos of it and it just seems off...


Honestly the only way Sony could've done better is if they had a new Onimusha game using the RE Engine/Dawn of Dreams remake with the RE Engine. I'm happy they did a great job, but still gonna wait on a PS5. Definitely preordering a DualSense tomorrow


I'm concerned with the compact designs of the new Xbox consoles. NVMe SSDs get reallllllly hot if they're not properly ventilated. The Series S literally looks like a GPU with vent on top of it. Small form factor isn't always a good thing... be cautious.


I couldn't resist treating myself to Ghost of Tsushima. I'm very glad I did. Woo mama. Definitely gonna burn some hours in photo mode...


Just found a random code for a PS4 bundle of Grim Fandango Remastered, The Bard's Tale, and InnerSpace. Posting code in the comments. Let everyone know if you grabbed it. Thanks!


People going around saying Fallout 76 is fun must have started some kinda game curse. Got Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate on PC and it's now one of my favorite games. It's so damn fun and runs super well and looks great unlike the PS4 version. Very fun!


Been playing Agents of Mayhem on PC lately and man... this is a criminally underrated game. Just the right kind of mindless and fun I needed right now.


Steam's Spring Cleaning Event feels like a personal attack.


So I've been playing DMCV tonight and it looks amazing and plays great, but man... it's super boring? The environments are boring and the characters are boring aside from Dante... it's just not adding up for me. I'll finish but DMC 1 is still best to me.


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