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Sometimes you just have to order a pizza, turn on Twitch on your PS4, turn on something to play on the PC, and use your laptop to post about it on Destructoid. It helps me forget that I have to be up at 5:30am tomorrow. It already hurts.


Why is the second half of Ys VIII so absurd and convoluted? The story has really gone off the rails on a crazy train. I want to see it through to the end, but I also just want to go play Ni No Kuni 2 now.


Damn. Going back to MGS 3 and realizing the controls are so damn archaic. I loved the game in its day, but I don't see myself ever going back and playing it with this control scheme. The mechanics of the series just got so good with 4 and 5.


Haha wow... I think this clip may have just sold me on Far Cry 5. https://clips.twitch.tv/GorgeousCleanTildeDatBoi


Remember online passes? I was looking back at my PS3 library and saw some and remember thinking back then how shitty I thought they were. Boy... if only online passes were the issue these days. They're pretty shitty, yeah, but man... how far we've come.


You guys think Darksiders Warm-ass-turd on PS4 is worth $3.99? Anyone love this series and if so, why? I haven't checked them out at all. I know it's kind of silly to ask if $4 is worth it, but I kinda have OCD about how I spend money, so yeah...


I'm trying REALLY hard to like FFXII HD, but I just can't. The combat is just as bad as I remember it being when it first came out and I just can't get used to it. The game just basically plays itself with Gambits and there is no joy in the combat.


Where are all the PS2 games on PS4? The last thing released was Jak 3 in November. Where is my Maximo 1&2? Why is this the way life is?


Amazon is where I go for my reviews now. The girl was delicious.


Song of the Deep is absolutely worth $3.74. It's the same price on PSN and Steam right now. Very cool stuff.


If you've been waiting for a patch, it looks like the frame rate issues for Dynasty Warriors 9 have been addressed for PS4 owners. I'm not sure how significant of an improvement it is, but I'm glad they did something at least. It's fun, but yea, chuggy


This is reassuring. It's a shame it shipped in such a crappy state, but at least they're working on it. http://gearnuke.com/koei-tecmo-working-frame-rate-issues-dynasty-warriors-9-ps4/


Welp. Hope there's a patch for Dynasty Warriors 9 coming in the near future. It's pretty ridiculous that the game doesn't run at 60fps at 1080p. They even stated it would have a 60fps mode. Bummer. It seems like it'll be fun, but come on man! >:(


I want to share this gif of a man being shot. I was watching a video on my PS4 the other day of my gameplay from the Ghost Recon Wildlands beta and had me a good laugh when I saw it.


Damn. Ys VIII on PS4 is so good. Glad I took a chance on it. I've been wanting a fun JRPG for a while and didn't take the plunge with Persona 5 yet. I'm not sure the high school setting resonates with me, but man, Ys VIII was just what the doctor ordered.


Is anyone else excited about Dynasty Warriors 9? It's looking real damn good and will be here on the 13th!


This is fun to think about, even though its from 4Chan and yeah... but hey, weirder things have happened.


Hmm... should I get Persona 5 on PSN for $29.99 and use the 10% code they're giving everyone? $27 is so very tempting for this game. It looks fantastic.


Um... Metal Gear Survive is actually super fun. I didn't expect it to be this entertaining, but these guys did a good job! Playing with 3 strangers hasn't been this fun since that one time I got in that weird van as a kid!


In case anyone was wondering, the PS4 version of Jak and Daxter is superior to the PS3 remaster. Some games just shouldn't be messed with and hold up much better with just a simple up-res. Didn't realize how sloppy the remaster was until this PS4 version.


Will we ever get a new Virtua Fighter game? Maybe just a remaster of 5 Showdown? Something? Please tell me.


Just found this on accident browsing around Gamestop's website at work... I'm wondering why this isn't being talked about more? Did I miss an official announcement for this??


If anyone plays Tekken 7 here, I'd like to get a Tekken 7 PS4 community together. Just doesn't seem to be enough people online when I try to play matches and it ends up being a long wait to get a fight. Lemme know! Mishima Toidbatsu is waiting for you.


Got my PSN account hacked and someone bought $50 worth of The Divsion's in game currency with my PayPal. Surprisingly it seems like Sony has stepped up their customer service a lot and it got handled in like less than 10 mins. Still can't believe it!


Damn. I've been putting off playing DMC 4 Special Edition for a while and I just started playing Lady's story. Why she doesn't have her own game by now is beyond me. I think she's probably my favorite to play as so far. It's too good blowing shit away.


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