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I finally figured out how to enjoy FFXII's combat. I read somewhere to think of it like Dragon Age Origins's combat and it blew my mind. I loved DA Origins and the combat worked really well. FFXII's combat is pretty much that mixed with classic FF combat.


Trying to go back and get through Horizon Zero Dawn and the combat is just bad. Everything else is pretty alright in this game but when it comes to having to fight the human enemies and act quick, it just falls apart and feels so damn clunky.


I think Bill Hader would have been a much better Freddie Mercury. Rami Malek looked like a Muppet rendition of Freddie. I have made you an artist's rendition of the Bill Hader Freddie. Discuss.


After playing a few hours of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, I can safely say this is the best game in the series to me. Not quite as much blatant murder as RotTR and the story is tighter, as well as the gameplay and tomb puzzles. Feels like less busywork too.


Was browsing PSN today and found out that the first season of the Devil May Cry anime is free in the video section. Must be to celebrate the launch of DMC5 or something. Either way, free is a good price for a full season of a show.


Man... when did the Nier OST come to FFXV? I just fired it up to check it out on my new 4K HDR TV and there it is in the music player. Such a damn good soundtrack! Edit: It's only two songs, but they did happen to add a lot of other Square Enix music.


I totally forgot this Granblue Fantasy game was in the works. I hope it gets a US release. This looks like the perfect action JRPG to me. It's also super rad that Nobuo Uematsu did the music for it. Just got excited all over again haha.


I was just thinking... what if Bluepoint's tech is used for backwards compatibility for PS1/PS2/PS3 games on the next gen PlayStation? This video is super interesting and kind of seems like it would be very possible. I can't wait to see next gen unfold!


Lemme tell ya... Dirt 4 was a great $12 spent on PSN. I'm definitely enjoying the arcade feel over the simulation handling of Dirt Rally. I just wanna have fun and rip ass down a dirt road, I don't want to be angry every time I hit the gas too hard.


I should be sleeping but I am farding instead.


I should be sleeping but I am farding instead.


Okay so apparently PS Now allows you to download PS4 games to your PS4 to play them. I don't know when this happened, but I'd rather pay for this than Netflix & Hulu. I can actually see this working super well in the future for the big 3. Streaming sucks.


PSA: if you're at all interested in the upcoming Assassin's Creed 3 remaster, you can pick it up in AC Odyssey's season pass on sale for $26 right now on PSN. If you already have AC Odyssey and you're interested in the AC3 remaster it's a pretty good deal


It feels good giving Capcom money for Onimusha. This game is a damn classic even with the (really good) new soundtrack. Definitely bringing back some PS2 warm and fuzzies.


I have some more free PC games to give away if anyone wants them. I have Batman Arkham Origins, Rime, Hotline Miami 2, and Burly Men at Sea. Lemme know whatcha want in the comments - first come first serve.


I've got some more free PC games up for grabs. Crazy Taxi, OlliOlli2, and the OG Streets of Rage. Lemme know what you want if ya want one! (First come first serve)


Okay last bump of free PC games for you slackers that didn't post a gif and just want to copy+paste for free games. Codes for Steam redemption are listed in comments. Please say which one you've claimed if you grab one. Thanks!


So Erik in Dragon Quest XI is Christopher Walken? What a wacky voice they gave him.


Hunted: The Demon's Forge is $1.74 on the Humble Bundle shop. I recommend checking it out at this price. It's an overlooked little gem that's actually pretty damn fun. If you like any of inXile's stuff or third person action, you can't really go wrong.


I was going through some old games today and realized I have two copies of Tenchu Wrath of Heaven for PS2. What do you do with extra copies of games? Will the PS5 play PS2 games? Should I even keep my PS2 games? There's too much to think about here.


Every time I remember Rocksteady is making a new game, I think about the possibility of them making a TMNT game and I feel many good things.


I think I must just really love JRPGs or something because Star Ocean 5 is actually pretty fun. I have to agree with the 6 ol' Carter gave it. It has some weird charm to it despite being a fairly standard-ass JRPG & the voice acting is surprisingly decent


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