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Anyone ever buy used games from Walmart or Gamefly? I was checking out some of those deals posted earlier and realized I've never purchased from them for anything and wonder how the quality is?


I've been playing Resident Evil 7 for the past few days and damn, this is the most proper RE game in a long time. I love it so much. It's making me feel so many of the same things the first game made me feel over 21 (!) years ago. Damn fine job.


I hope you guys can't smell this fart from where you are.


Been a long time since I've had a solid day to relax & not work/stress the fuck out about life. Today is such a day. Join with me today in the holy practice of doing absolutely nothing. Here's a feel good song. Has a good Double Dragon-ish riff in it.


Niero. Gimme one of them jobs. I renamed Days Gone to Biker Stu & the Scary Fellows. I'm kinda drunk right now and I love pretty much everyone here except for Ron Workman, and I think that's a pretty good resume. Thank you. Good night and good luck.


I'm watching some videos of talks with Phil Spencer and I'm confused as to why people think the PS4 Pro is going to be holding back the Xbox One X, and not the regular Xbox One holding the XB1X back due to parity issues. People are weird.


Oh shit... Ni No Kuni 2 is coming in November this year. I thought I was safe to catch up on stuff... Gah!


I really thought that maybe this was an SNL skit... but this commercial is real. Watch it couple of times... really let it sink in.


Welp... a little late to the party, and not really a selfie, but this is a photo my wife took of me one day when we first moved out to Germany a few months back. I don't have any selfies on my phone and I kinda hate taking them... so yeah... #selfietoid


Not-Quite-As-Open World Experiences

With everyone debating open world game mechanics lately and comparing this open world game to that one, it's caused me to start thinking about some things I had put on the back-burner of my mind for a little while. When I think about m...


It's disappointing that ME: Andromeda looks almost exactly like DA: Inquisition. DA was a great game and all, but I was hoping they'd progress a bit more and try harder. It looks like they literally used the same movement animations for your character.


We're sharing dogs? Woo! Here's my dog Pete. He was actually the dog they modeled the dog in TWD Season 2 after. They decided to change his coloring in the end, but he had to stand there as the character artists studied him. He was a TTG office dog :)


My Thoughts on Jim Sterling's BotW Review

Maybe I'm a little late to the party here and/or nobody wants to talk about it anymore, but I thought I'd share my thoughts on his review of the game and basically touch on the mindset I believe is behind it. Also it's super fucki...


You guys heard about this new game that just came out? It's super fucking good.


Been testing PS4 Pro boost mode today. So far there's been a range from no difference, to some pretty nice boosts. AC Unity has definitely benefitted the most from it so far. About to check out EDF 4.1 and Shleepin' Dags. Kinda fun messing around with it!


Just tested out that No Man's Sky PS4 Pro patch. The game looks fantastic, but the performance is terrible. If you're going to put out PS4 Pro patches, give the motherfuckin' option for better-performing 1080p for the love of god. PS4 sounded like a jet.


I mean... I know there were some good holiday sales on PSN the past few weeks, but really Sony? This is the sale we get this week? Come on, buddy. You can do better than that. At least the free games are good this month!


Finished up FFXV. In the last days of the year, it's clear that FFXV is my 2016 GOTY. What a damn treat and just a beautiful experience. I was expecting to be disappointed after everyone bitching about it, but I absolutely loved it. Congrats Square Enix.


Just a heads up that there's a very awesome free Indivisible theme for the PS4 on PSN today. The best music for any theme yet and some great art.


Just a heads up to anyone that likes free PS4 themes... Japanese PSN has a free Rez theme and it's one of the best themes I've ever seen.


Just got The Ezio Collection on PS4 for $45 today. I figure that's a fair price since I haven't played any of the DLC, Brotherhood, or Revelations. So far, it has been a really damn good trip down memory lane with AC2. A great example of how less is more.


Playing the FFXV Judgment Disc demo and I have to say... the extra time they've put into this game really shows and any fears I had about the game running smoothly have been assuaged. It actually made me consider not getting a PS Pro for now as well.


Peanut M&Ms are one of the finest candies on Earth.


I've been playing Ratchet & Clank on the PS4 while I wait for the NX reveal. What a damn good game. It's just such a pleasant experience and made so well. It really makes me miss the super-polished PS2 era platformer games. I hope we see a resurgence.


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