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This video is worth a watch if you, like me, didn't grasp a hell of a lot of what Sleepy Cerny was going on about during the PS5 hardware deep dive yesterday. They break it down and actually make it sound exciting like yesterday should've been.


4 word Trials of Mana PS4 demo review: Low Budget Dragon Quest


And just like that, in one fell swoop, I couldn't give less of a shit about next generation all around. I hope people start showing some games I care about or something, because this will be the first generation I don't get a console on day one.


Nioh 2 has such fun character customization. This game is probably in my top 5 PS4 games. Made it in at the very end! Koei Tecmo can still do something right at least.


PSA: Feral form is best yokai form. This game is so so so good.


The time has never been more right for Sony Santa Monica to make a new Twisted Metal game with a huge Battle Royale mode. I mean... it's literally what Twisted Metal is. That's one BR game I'd be pretty into if it was done right.


Late to the party but I might as well throw my weird "celebrity ladies I find attractive" collage into the mix! If you know them all, you are a man of fine taste and culture.


Damn. Granblue versus has $54 of DLC on day one. That’s a really quick way to get me to wait a couple of years to buy your game.


I feel sorry for any FFVII fan who doesn't find the FFVII Remake to be fucking amazing. It has gotten me beyond hyped for this game. The combat is crazy fun and the characters turned out to be super entertaining and have surprisingly great voices/banter.


If you could only choose one between western developed games and Japanese developed games for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?


While browsing the Big in Japan PSN sale, I realized that the majority of the games have demos. I'm just now realizing that Japanese developers almost always have demos for their games and I think that's pretty fucking great. Every game should have a demo


If any of you like Dragon Quest at all, I highly recommend watching Dragon Quest Your Story on Netflix. Just watched it with my son, and man... it was waaaaaaaaay better than I was expecting. Watch it with your kids, watch it alone, just watch it!


After never fully playing it myself back in the day and only watching my brother play it randomly out of context... I've started playing Shenmue and it has hooked me like no other game has in a while. It's a weird/good one and I can't stop playing it.


I started thinking about the new triggers on the PS5 controller and how that kind of thing would work in something like Death Stranding, and I suddenly got very excited for next generation.


After watching hours of Jedi Fallen Order while working, it's really nailed home the point that western developers just can't make a frame-perfect action game like Dark Souls or Nioh. Feels like there's just too much inherent jank in western action games.


Man, I really like it when my PC games work and playing on a G-Sync monitor is awesome, but it sure is a fucking hassle a lot of the time to get things to run correctly. I feel like I spend more time fucking with settings than playing. Consoles are easy.


Man, I picked up Doom 2016 after waiting so long and hearing about how amazing it is. I'm bummed because I'm not feelin' it at all. It just doesn't feel like Doom to me. The melee for health mechanic is really not for me, and feels too forced. Bummer :(


What if Bluepoint Games was remaking the original Silent Hilll... I'm playing some Silent Hill 2 right now and thought of all those bullet points and it kinda makes sense if you think about it. Probably not what they're doing but it checks all the boxes.


Just got the Humble Bundle for this month and I'm never going to play Call of Duty WWII if anyone wants the Steam key for it. Lemme know in the comments and I'll send it over to ya.


Just wanted to tell you that after playing a few hours of Urban Reign, it's now one of my top 10 favorite PS2 games. It has the most incredible combat system I've seen in a beat 'em up and could be its own fighting game. I wish Namco would remaster it.


Streaming some launch PS2 From Software action with Eternal Ring tonight if you wanna come tell me how to do things better and watch me die more than I do in Souls games. Finally got a damn camera set up! https://www.twitch.tv/steel%20


After getting a BC 60gb fat PS3 and playing tons of PS2 games, it has killed my desire to play modern games at the moment. New games sure do look nice now, but man are they getting so boring. Too much playing it safe and money-grubbing these days. Bummer.


If you're a weird graphics nerd like me, you might enjoy this video. I'm resisting the urge to find an old CRT monitor now. Super interesting stuff though!


Hey ya'll, I'm gonna be a bit of a whore and ask for some follows on Twitch. I'd really appreciate it if you can stop by and make just one simple click for me! You don't even have to watch me, but it would be super helpful to get me up to 50 followers! :)


I've been browsing a lot of old used games online for the past few days and I'm just wondering... what the fuck are people doing with the instruction manuals for these games? So many of them are missing manuals... I just don't understand.


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