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PS5 controllers, like the games, will cost 70 bucks

As recently as right before lunch, we were having a dread-filled conversation about how much PS5 controllers would cost. Thankfully, our fears – our worst-case scenarios – didn't pan out to be true. Sony confirmed the pricing as...


Sony's PlayStation 5 launch games are as much as $70 a pop

Sony's showcase for the PlayStation 5 this afternoon ended up being "the big one." At long last, we have launch details. We now know which games will be available from day one on November 12. Here's the lineup from SIE Worldwide Studios: A...


Arkane's Deathloop has eight wacky targets to bring down

Deathloop looks like a playful, energetic, verging-on-out-of-control stealth-action game from the makers of Dishonored, and if you're in the mood for a colorful world of assassins, you'll dig its vibe. During Sony's PS5 Showcase event, Ark...


It's time! Come watch the PS5 showcase event with us

It's time to learn how much the two PS5 models are going to cost, when they're releasing, and what the wider "here's why you gotta upgrade" game lineup looks like this holiday season and beyond. Today's live-streamed PlayStation 5 Showcase...


Review: The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon

The Outer Worlds is a kooky sci-fi world I want to explore more of, and while I think (and hope) an eventual sequel could be a home-run, for now, Obsidian Entertainment is expanding Halcyon with DLC. The first of the two story expansions is...


After all these years, The Unfinished Swan is on PC and iOS

Before the inventive family drama What Remains of Edith Finch, there was The Unfinished Swan – another exploration-driven first-person adventure game from Giant Sparrow. If you never played it and you've become a fan of the studio in ...


Hope everyone on the West Coast is safe and has a plan. The fires keep inching closer here in Oregon. I've never even *thought* about wildfires as a tangible threat before where I live - I was always expecting the big earthquake instead.


Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake is out in January

It's nice to have an honest-to-goodness Prince of Persia adventure again, even if it is a retread. After a couple of leaks, Ubisoft formally announced Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake for PC, PS4, and Xbox One during today's Ubis...


This PlayStation VR sale has some essential games

My PlayStation VR library has slowly but surely filled up thanks to PlayStation Store sales, and while I'm anxious to hear the particulars of Sony's PS4-to-PS5 transition for virtual reality, I can't resist jumping on good deals when they p...


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