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Been feeling pretty down lately, and even more now that I'm at São Paulo without my girl and my baby boy. But hey, going to the best ramen restaurant in the city sure helped me to cheer up a little bit :)


Hey, O think I've probably found a Dtoider while playing ace combat. It has to be one of you people.


My AC7 Ace euro run is going pretty well so far, but now that I've got the Typhoon the euro aircraft tree is absorbed by the F-35. Also, Pipeline Destruction is officially the best mission for explosive screenshots, and Gryppen+Cruise missiles is a beast


Not exactly feeling allright. Was planning on visiting the city tomorrow (national holyday), but I'm ired and feel like crap and ended up playing AC7 instead of getting some propper sleep. At least I got some good screencaps and had fun


Arrived earlier today in São Paulo for a work trip. This is a picture I took this morning, were I could appreciate the classic experience of São Paulo's fucked up traffic. It was just like the legends have foretold.


Yesterday I was asked if I could travel to São Paulo for work, and I had to answer it under 24h hours. So guess I'll be away from home on the next 2 weeks. I guess I'll have more time for games but probably miss my little guy really hard


Just finished the main campaign of Seventh Combat of the Aces. It was pretty great all around! Now I'm trying to decide between doing it all again on Ace difficulty or if I should do an Ace Combat marathon instead


I've missed #selfietoid yesterday, but I still wanna share the new haircut I got last weekend :p


Fuck yeah, it is Berkut time!


Friendship ended with A-10, now Su-34 is my best friend


While I'm mentally exhausted and in a bad mind space and my gamedev halted to a stop this week, at least I've been playing a bit of Ace Combat 7. It is awesome! A-10 is the only non-russian plane I'll allow myself to use. It lacks a photo mode though :l


It feels super weird to be excited about getting a cheap ass VR android headset in 2019 when nobody gives a damn to it, haha. But I'm really feeling like making the most barf inducing experiences ever, because that's the kind of stuff I wanna play on VR


Weekend update: guess who bought the cheapest VR headset for mobile that money can buy? And holy shit, it is pretty allright for how cheap it was. Time to start making some bad Unity prototypes!


Ok, I'm waiting to watch the Rise of the Tomb Raider Skywalker after work with my fiancee, but I don't know if I'll make it. Also looks like I'll have to avoid Twitter for the rest of the day


Tried to play 15 more minutes of Ace Combat 7 at my lunch break and I just found out that I unlearned how to play Ace Combat. What happened? I was pretty allright at it! Controls feel stiffer/heavier than I remember, but it probably is just me being bad.


Now that it is on sale I finally caved in and got myself Ace Combat 7! Ok, now let's just download it, 35GB can't be that bad right? Oh. Oh no. Well, I guess I should talk to my mother in law about changing our internet provider.


In less than 2 hours I'll go to a job interview tomorrow switch from software developer to help desk support analyst, aaah! Wish me luck [Edit: welp, it was rescheduled for tomorrow. Btw it is a different job position at the same company I'm working at]


By now I should have 3 gamedev cblogs written yet I'm procrastinating on it. I could probably merge the February and March blogs. Just wish I felt like writing whenEver I actually have free time :l


Exactly 6 years and 1 day ago I published my very first game on Kongregate. Since then I've spend more time NOT making games than making them. Planning on changing that starting this year!


Super serious announcement that totally isn't an April Fool's joke: the next game I'll be working on this month will be FLOBA. It stands for FLappy mOBA. It probably is vastly superior to that flying game I'll never finish, anyway.


Even if I'm not in a good financial situation right now, I think I'll make a big sacrifice this month for a game that seems to be pretty good. I will spend the hefty amount of R$10.00 to get Bayonetta [Edit: WOAH, thanks Dangus Taargus for the gift! ]


Our current president wants to celebrate the anniversary of the 1964 military coup that ended our democracy for over 20 years. Our minister of foreign affairs recently said on an interview that both fascism and nazism were left wing movements


I'm at work, sitting in front of the PC for over an hour, waiting for Windows 10 to update. I could be at home playing videogames. (Edit: hey, it wasn't that bad, it only took 1 hour and 52 minutes Hahahaha AAAAAAAAAAAH)


And started playing Slime Rancher. The art is so sweet it hurts, and I got to play as a cute girl. Enjoying some far, even if I'm a bit anxious about playing it wrong and messing stuff up


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Hello! My name is André and I live in Brazil. Currently I'm a System Analisis and Development student and I'm a hobbyist game dev (current status: life block).

My love of games comes from when my parents gave me a Sega Mega Drive when I was 4 (i think). My mom still regrets this decision to this day.

Love all consoles equally, but my current game devices are a trusty 3DS and my ok-ish laptop (at least it was a neat machine back in 2014).

Dango made me a list with my very favorite games ever (thanks a lot dude!):

Also here are some other games that I really love, like, really much, in no specific order:

- Pokémon Y
- Pokémon Blue
- Pokémon Platinum
- Sonic 2
- Sonic Colors
- Sonic Generations
- Phantasy Star 4
- Phantasy Star Online 2
- Need for Speed Underground
- Shadow of the Colossus
- Soul Calibur 2
- Final Fantasy Explorers
- Torchlight 2
- Thunderforce 3
- Thunderforce 5
- Fire Shark
- The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
- The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
- The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX
- The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap
- Elemental Gimmick Gear
- Cannon Spike
- Fantasy Life
- GTA: San Andreas
- Etrian Odyssey 4
- Outlive
- Deadly Premonitions
- Ikaruga
- We <3 Katamari
- Ace Combat 5
- Ace Combat 0: The Belkan War
- Shining Force 2
- I'm probably forgetting stuff and will add more latter