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Just posted my first Cblog Recap! I think I did pretty ok, I guess. Go check it out!


Something I dig is diving into a movie/game knowing the least possible about it. Long time ago I got Alan Wake on Steam because it was super cheap and heard it was great. Started playing last week, cluelesly. At chapter 4 atm, feeling pleasantly surprised


AAAAH! HECK YEAH! This looks awesome and I need it now.


Curent Status: it took me over 60 hours to realize you can speed up the battles in DQ8. It not cures completely the boredom I'm feeling from the pacing, but it is making the experience definitely more enjoyable/endurable


Today I went to the theater to watch that clown movie everyone is talking about. It was this one, right? No? Oh, ok. At least this one was pretty awesome (and he is making the classic brazillian gesture to "go fuck yourself in the butthole")


So tonight my body feels great, but my mind feels like shit. I feel like a boneless sack of meat with no drive at all. Gotta play some Sonic Mania before going to bad to see if it makes me feel a bit better


Also, I'm really really close to finishing DQ8 (currently at Machu Picchu), but Monster Hunter Stories has been robbing all my focus on the 3DS. Dammit!


Hiveswap review: It was pretty alright. Tone felt like Homestuck, gameplay felt like oldschool point and click minus frustration, Joey Claire is the best grill and Xerneas is the best (and so far the only) horned boy. Now gimme act 2 already dammit!


Current status: still alive. Spent most of the day watching Netflix, playing MH Stories and playing with my cat. Also we saw a burrowing owl and it was reaaaally close to us! I suspect it maybe was interested in having my cat for dinner.


Dammit, looks like my mystery disease is back again, after being mostly absent last week. Feeling like shit, may end up not posting my first recap today :(


Hey nerds, I heard a very beautiful and talented person will be reccaping today's cblogs. If I were you, I would write a beautiful, gorgeos blog and post it ASAP


Holy crap, Monster Hunter Stories is so much fun! At the second area now, can't wait to see which monsters I'll get from these new eggs.


I forgot to share this incredibly educative video with you guys. The more videos I watch from this channel the more I like it.


Ok, I just unlocked this sexy piece of meat as a playable character. I've used him for 30 minutes but he already is my very favorite playable character. I'm probably leaving him as the party leader for the rest of the game.


I think I may be developing a love-hate relationship with JRPGs. I quite enjoy the genre as far as I played, but usually the pacing sucks. And after Chrono Trigger I became spoiled and want every single RPG had the same pacing (and short lenght) CT had.


2T1L [ANSWER: #2]: I met my gf because she was casually going out with a friend (he doesnt talk to me anymore), I liked Poké Moon a lot more than Y, once I was involved in a car chase when I just started driving because I cut off someone else by accident


Ok, finally got Red to join my party on DQ VIII. The question is: should I trade Angelo for her? I think he is an asshat, but at the same time he is the healer and his MP stealing skill makes him so much useful.


*gets back to DQ8* hey the pacing is a lot better than I remember *plays MH Stories demo* oh no DQ8 feels slow as heck again noooooooooooooooo


Finished playing Monster Hunter Stories demo. Very, very fun game but a bit too easy. Or maybe It was me that accidentally overleved my whole party by doing all the subquests?


Went to the Matsuri today. I had some ramen and also a melon flavored snow cone thingie. They tasted pretty great!


Ok, Monster Hunter Stories is lots of fun so far! It may not have my main weapons (IG and Bowgun), but combat feels very dynamic. And it is kind of funny to kill a Kutku with an Aptonoth. I named my Aptonoth buddy Picanha (sirloin cap).


Blue Spheres done! Now I just need to finish Knuckles' last level and then do the solo Sonic and solo Tails 7 emerald runs, then I guess I (maybe) will be done with this game for now.


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Hello! My name is André and I live in Brazil. Currently I'm a System Analisis and Development student and I'm a hobbyist game dev (current status: life block).

My love of games comes from when my parents gave me a Sega Mega Drive when I was 4 (i think). My mom still regrets this decision to this day.

Love all consoles equally, but my current game devices are a trusty 3DS and my ok-ish laptop (at least it was a neat machine back in 2014).

Also here are some other games that I really love, like, really much, in no specific order:

- Sonic & Knuckles
- The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
- The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth
- Undertale
- Pokémon SoulSilver
- Pokémon Y
- Pokémon Blue
- Pokémon Platinum
- Sonic 2
- Sonic Colors
- Sonic Generations
- Phantasy Star 4
- Phantasy Star Online 2
- Tony Hawk's Underground
- Need for Speed Underground
- Shadow of the Colossus
- Soul Calibur 2
- Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time
- Final Fantasy Explorers
- Torchlight 2
- Thunderforce 3
- Thunderforce 5
- Fire Shark
- The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
- The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
- The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX
- The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap
- Elemental Gimmick Gear
- Cannon Spike
- Fantasy Life
- GTA: San Andreas
- Etrian Odyssey 4
- Little Big Adventure 2: Twinsen's Odyssey
- Outlive
- Deadly Premonitions
- Ikaruga
- We <3 Katamari
- Ace Combat 5
- Ace Combat 0: The Belkan War
- Shining Force 2
- Steamworld Heist
- I'm probably forgetting stuff and will add more latter