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Thinking of giving a break from MtG Arena starting this weekend. Deciding what should I do instead with this new (tiiiiiiny) free time. Play PS2/PC games? Learn how to compose music? Give up and play more Arena sealed/drafts while I still have gems?


My MtG Spelltable 2.0 setup is finally done! The final result is a lot better than I expected, can't wait to play some sealed and Commander with it


Pre released kit properly cracked! Got two Pathway lands (one foil), a foil Tibalt's Trickery, the cat chariot and a few commons/uncommons for my commander deck :)


Hey, look what the mailman brought me today! I hope there is something sweet inside!


Hey folks, quick question: any tips for easy to control, toddler friendly games on Steam or EGS? Got a PayPal voucher that expires today and wanted to grab something fun for the little guy.[edit: got Donut Count! Thanks for all the suggestions :) ]


Question for fellow PS dtoiders: if I buy an used PS4 from a friend with a massive PS+ library and he leaves the account there, then I creature a personal account and subscribe for PS+ myself, will I be able to access his PS+ games?


I was talking about my friends about backlogs, and I really miss finishing games. Seriously considering taking a time off from Arena after I enjoy the 2 weeks of Kaldheim sealed. I also foung out these, I miss writing this kind of stuff!


Btw, this morning I finally turned made myself a "phone stand" using a cardboard box so I can play EDH over Spelltable! But I probably won't be able to play with anyone here from the americas due to timezone + only able to play at weekend mornings


REJECT MODERNITY, EMBRACE TRADITION (friend of a friend wanted to get rid of a PS2, so I ended up scoring a free console!)


Got my first new year resolution done! Finished building my first paper Commander deck ever! It is Polukranos Unchained: counters, self mill and a bunch of budget jank. Now I just need to make a support to use my phone as a webcam for Spelltable


Hey, happy new year! Hope the next one is a lot better than the dumpster fire of a year that we just had. I know I haven't been active here in a while, but I Just wanted to say hi


I'm on holiday until the 4th! Time to download this once again and finally learn how to drift inside tunnels


The final cards have arrived! My Commander deck is almost ready! Now I just have to cut around 50~60 cards and its done


Yesterday we had a solar eclipse here in the soth hemisphere and of course where I live it was raining heavily when the eclipse happened aaaaaaaah


Hey, I got mail today! I wonder what this could be...


I've bought over 60 cards I needed to finish building my Commander deck. Pro: it will be full of budget goodness like our good boy pictured below. Con: the store is from another state and I have to wait for it to be delivered and aaaaaaaah


I just found out that there is a child friendly GTA V mod and I think I'll finally download the game because of it haha


Gonna take 10 days off from work on the holidays and I have no Idea about how is the optimal way to enjoy my mornings. Drafting on Arena? Udemy gamedev courses? Pico-8? NMS? Monster Hunter? Or just playing a bunch of short games instead? Aaaaaaaaah!?!??!


I think my 2021's pet project will be to try to restore my old busted Sega Mega Drive to a playable state. Will probably do it incrementally so it doesn't sting in my pocket haha


Had to go downtown to do a test thingy with my therapist, afterwards went to my local game store and grabbed 6 more cards for my ultra budget Polukranos Unchained EDH deck! Now I just need to order a bunch of cheap counters/mill cards on the internet!


Happy birthday Chris! This is my son's favorite birthday song, so I'm sending that to you haha :p


Last week we acquired a clay water filter, and now our home is 300% more Brazilian than it was before


My right earbud just died and now I can't listen to music at work


Should I grab a freshly released Udemy Unity course so I don't miss a discount, even if I already bought other 3 that I barely touched? Heck yeah, of course I will hahaha :(


Even Pokémon Go decided to give me a bday gift today! It's shiny version looks really nice


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Hello! My name is André and I live in Brazil. Currently I'm a System Analisis and Development student and I'm a hobbyist game dev (current status: life block).

My love of games comes from when my parents gave me a Sega Mega Drive when I was 4 (i think). My mom still regrets this decision to this day.

Love all consoles equally, but my current game devices are a trusty 3DS and my ok-ish laptop (at least it was a neat machine back in 2014).

Dango made me a list with my very favorite games ever (thanks a lot dude!):

Also here are some other games that I really love, like, really much, in no specific order:

- Pokémon Y
- Pokémon Blue
- Pokémon Platinum
- Sonic 2
- Sonic Colors
- Sonic Generations
- Phantasy Star 4
- Phantasy Star Online 2
- Need for Speed Underground
- Shadow of the Colossus
- Soul Calibur 2
- Final Fantasy Explorers
- Torchlight 2
- Thunderforce 3
- Thunderforce 5
- Fire Shark
- The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
- The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
- The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX
- The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap
- Elemental Gimmick Gear
- Cannon Spike
- Fantasy Life
- GTA: San Andreas
- Etrian Odyssey 4
- Outlive
- Deadly Premonitions
- Ikaruga
- We <3 Katamari
- Ace Combat 5
- Ace Combat 0: The Belkan War
- Shining Force 2
- I'm probably forgetting stuff and will add more latter