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700AD Old English hot take: Hwæt! We Gardena in geardagum, þeodcyninga, þrym gefrunon,hu ða æþelingas ellen fremedon. Oft Scyld Scefing sceaþena þreatum, monegum mægþum, meodosetla ofteah, egsode eorlas.


I've taken to verbally threatening my dogs by saying "hey, if you don't stop barking I'm gonna kiss you on the nose." And then I do, and it usually works.


Celebrating a friend's birthday who I've known for over 22 years in nyc. Little drunk.


I only use patterns and minimal designs as a computer wallpaper, but for a long while I did use this photo I took in Venice many years ago.


So how long is that octopath demo? I won't be able to give it a try until later, just curious.


Well, mom's in the hospital. It's a planned surgery but the recovery is pretty rough. I've been on the receiving end of rough surgical recoveries many times, and it's not any easier on this side.


Oh! Fishy, fishy, fishy fish.


Camembert on a pringle? Yeah, that works.


20 hours later and my notifications finally quiet down lol


I'll just give you one very cool truth about me: I'm in possession of not one but TWO four-leaf clovers, one of which I found myself while casually looking for one.


Fortune cookies have long since ceased telling fortunes. They're advice cookies now, for some reason. I wanna know if I'll be rich and content tomorrow! Not that politeness is the first step toward resolution, fuck that!


I legit thought that was Jonathan Holmes for a second. The angle and the crease in the paper make it work.


Oh, is Temptee cream cheese a NY and NJ thing? That shit is good.


I eat muesli because I no longer remember what childhood feels like.


A lot of Mario + Rabbids talk has inspired me to give XCOM: Enemy Within another go. I started it years ago and I guess I wasn't in the mood. Man, that game is great.


I keep hearing people make this mistake, moreso now than before for some reason: The company was Square, not Squaresoft. It's an easy mistake since Squaresoft showed up on splash screens, but it was never the name of the company.


Replacing an old person's Life Alert necklace with a clicker that makes fart noises. #Darksiders2


I was playing FF12 remaster and got up to the Great Crystal. Navigating through that to find Ultima without a map is absolutely brain bending.


So I think I might be too deaf to play Battlegrounds solo. Hearing where shots come from or hearing foosteps is key to survival, and being deaf in one ear makes doing those things almost impossible. This is the first game where this has been a problem.


Fight night. Outdoor projector and plenty-o-beers. Sorry, it's sideways. Not sure how to fix that.


MOAR MONITORS. Just picked up the one on the left. A 1440p asus, ips panel. It's very neat.


I got a good laugh out of the thought that Grandia is one letter away from "Grandpa" and then at the sentence "they really gotta reboot Grandpa".


Ok, got a problem with the new above-comments ads. Whenever one of the video ads rolls a new clip, it scrolls my browser up to it and locks it there while it buffers for a few seconds. Site is pretty unusable in that condition.


Fine. I'll just hit ctrl and scrollwheel up.


Appropriate for today


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