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*finishes browsing qtoid on pc*....* picks up phone and checks qtoid*


I got my first dose of my government mind serum. I'm feeling extra compliant today!


It ain't metal, but it is close.


I'm rewatching Boardwalk Empire, and I still like it. But really you could sum up this show as "Watch Steve Buscemi be very important and continue to get interrupted all the time." It's like the driving action of every scene he's in.


This random FF8 NPC makes a compelling point.


Do you know anyone who excessively speaks for you or inserts you into examples as a way of trying to convince you of an argument or claim that they're making. "Ok, say you own a store, right? How do you want to run your store??" Stahp!


Qtoid used to feel like Twitter But If It Didn't Add Points To Your Suicide Meter, and that was great. Now it feels more to me like a text thread with a weird extended family.


I wonder how long before it being impossible to buy a goddamn gpu or a game console is going to fuck over like... the whole industry. Gotta be getting close, cause so far no one's making THAT much noise about it.


When I die, I will become a ghost that just moans the word "~~FEWERRRRrrrrr~~" when people use the word "Less" incorrectly.




For #LadyTimes I'm gonna pick Donna Burke. She's done some of the best vocal pieces in a whole bunch of games.


I can't listen to Jump Up Superstar without getting misty. The lyrics are such a direct call to Nintendo's and videgames' role in kids lives as a safe escape. And after how maligned they've been, it's just a really touching affirmation.


I own 1 physical switch game *shrug*. I used to very focused on my collection but only the stuff I owned, so not like a "full" set. It was "my" set. Ordered by the date I purchased them.


Alright, time for some good NES music. This one's from Vice Project Doom.


Alright, indietoid. Here's one I never see anyone talk about. The Final Station. Great 2D sidescrolling narrative game with light action and survival mechanics. And it features a train, and trains are neat.


Pro Valheim tip: If you turn off the music and just let the game idle at the title screen, you get a really great natural soundscape to have on while doing other things.


Rewatched Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy for I guess the 4th time? I never occurred to me how much I like this movie, it's such a fun clockwork of events and understated disaster. It's almost a noir film.


I turn around for one minute and every subscription service I have is nothing but true crime docu-series, holy shit.


Valheim update 2: Got a few friends onboard and we started a new world. It's quite a blast getting everything organized. I was a little worried they'd find it too slow, but they're jumping into it pretty well. Still not very far into the progression.


Valheim update, it's still very good. I'm a big fan of these kinds of crafting survival games, but many of them aren't good. This one is. 140k people on Steam, so it seems to be catching on.


Go ooonnnn...


Jumped onto Valheim (coffee stain is on a roll lately for publishing), and this game's art style I cannot overstate how much I like it. Artful low-poly design is so good.


If you don't see me again it'll be because I am buried under an unconscionable amount of snow.


Been trying to play Xenogears, emulation didn't work on ePSXe, so I thought "guess PSN has it for sale"? It does, and I bought it already apparently, but it's only on PS3... So I set up my dinosaur PS3 Fat and re-downloaded it. Sadly, ZERO analog support.


This was taken in about 2007, but still one of the best dog pics I have.


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