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Psh, cats. Caturday. HAPPY DOGGOWEEN


Twenty Big Dog Run


Don't look away. I get it, I really do, I'm normally the first person to tune out current events, but this isn't a "news alert", this is historic. This isn't politics, either.


With the house AND senate, once again, at the beginning of the elected term, if they don't step on the goddamned gas and do some work, I swear to fucking christ... put that entire side of the aisle on ignore mode.


Youtube, I'm just gonna say this one time. I do not give one sideways fuck about people being caught for fake speedruns. I guess these videos are suddenly very popular, but please unclog my recco's of this drama BS. thanksthanksthanks


All together now: am drunk, is bueno.


Merry Christmas, folks. Even if you're having a boring adult christmas, enjoy yourself a little today.


I have to wonder to what degree CDPR being a relatively minor player in the AAA space played a role in their game getting pulled. If this were Activision and Sony told Kotick "we're pulling you're game" he'd be like "no you're not."


I guess everyone's looking for non-crunch studios to support. Coffee Stain Studio is one of them. Satisfactory is a great game, too, if you like productivity games similar to Factorio.


Dr. Mel's soundtrack of the year, for several years running is Creepy Castle! It's that good folks, and damn-near no one knows about it!


Extra super early Sephiroth move analysis in the comments. I know we'll get the real info soon enough, but it's always fun to predict! (Screenshots included!)


Indirectly describe 2020 in the comments:


{Wordtoid} Maybe not news to big Star Wars fans, but clever etymology is used in Darth Vader's name. The other Sith lord's names are easy. Plagueis - Plague. Sidious - Insidious. Vader - Invade, but Latin vadere means "to walk".


When Mike Martin posts a Cursedmass it's like everyone else is telling dirty jokes in a bar, thinking they're edgy, then in the corner of the room you just heard a chair rub against the floor boards as everyone falls silent.


Elite Dangerous was free on Epic and after over an hour of wrestling with the controller bindings I was done. The game either needs a keyboard/mouse (which I don't like for space combat games) or a full on flight stick. Nah.


Looks like someone opened that mystery door in Demon's Souls. Go look it up for yourself, if you're curious.


It's been pretty much 1,460 days and I'm happy to report, we did indeed do this.


....can we go home now?


I swear it was 1am already today, hmm


Yeah, ok I'll rewatch True Detective S1 for the third time. It's probably the only show I've rewatched this many times, all the way through.


Got some time in (and mostly against) Minecraft('s) Steven in Smash, and as usual he's not as busted as the trailer makes him seem. The guy can barely move and a lot of his actions leave him open for days.


Been playing Outward, it's a budget title for sure, and it's very focused on preparation and survival and that going somewhere is itself a challenge. It doesn't land completely flat, the combat is just all janked to hell but it does work.


Enjoy columpus day weekend!


you ever accidentally listen to music during a stressful time and then it's forever associated with that moment or period of your life? It's a great way to ruin good music...


I'd like the otherwise very good youtube videos I watch to all stop thinking adding lightning-fast text on screen you can "just pause and read if you want" to stop thinking that's a good idea. No one actually wants to do this. Finish editing your shit.


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