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Warframe has gripped be in it's icey grasp...


Reading through defunct scientific theories. Highly entertaining. One of them is a theory that vision is thing emitted from your eyes, and not the result of light entering your eyes.


After... not a small amount of work I got 3DS emulation and a softmod for cart dumping to work. And it works really well. Highly reco'd.


The great 2019 Qtoid Crisis. Wiki page WIP


Professional Nightmare: crud in corner of mouth.


That moment when you need to go to bed. And you couldn't find anything on youtube to keep you up. So your brain makes you open another youtube tab. "Maybe there's something on THIS youtube!" Fucking idiot head organ...


I feel like I fundamentally don't get the Tales of combat system. Something about it feels all the way bad to me. People love it, so I'm sure it's just up to taste. Not my taste, though.


If you go to the header in the Disqus comment section and click the word Destructoid on the top left, then click Top Commenters in the slideout... man. Some names in there I haven't seen in years...


Replaying Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn. I forgot how mean this game is. It's a damn bully. And it's a Wii game! Land of the braindead easy Nintendo games!


Through many trials and travails, I have gotten the Metroid Prime Trilogy to work quite well with a keyboard and mouse setup (using a legally dumped iso file). If anyone wants to know how to do it, let me know.


I am in the process of dumping my entire Wii and GC library. Previously I had only done one or two games. Lord knows I can't rely on my consoles staying alive. As I do this, my Wii is sounding pretty loud from just sitting in a drawer.


This is a very good break down of what Melee out of Evo means, the likely reasons and so forth. The bottom line is, it was putting up the numbers and other games weren't. The deciding factor is no one is paying for Melee to be at Evo.


Uh, maybe I should call out sick tomorrow or something...


If a replacement for Melee came along, people would have moved on like they do with other fighting games. The reason so many people stuck with it isn't because they're just weirdos. Nothing else does what that game does at high level play. No game.


Guys did anyone else watch the last episode of True Detective season 3? I got sum thots...


{Wordtoid} The 's as a sign of the possessive is in fact a contraction of something. "es". This was an old possessive suffix often (but not always) used in English, and like many -e[] endings the e was dropped in speech and then in writing.


Also, I bet you're going to see some interesting interviews from Reggie now that he's not going to be busy. Don't expect anything revealing, but something fun probably on like a podcast or two.


We could all use this cozy blanket in these trying times.


What's all this "See more replies" garbo in Disqus? Garbo!


I still like PUBG a lot, but Apex is much more playable for me. PUBG relies so much on sound queues, which is very rewarding and skill-based, but as someone with one working ear, that's a problem! Apex gives screen markers when you get hit, PUBG doesn't.


Oh. Ok, well I like a good hearty soup. But only so long as I have a room to myself and like a roll of paper towels because I am an adult who is still figuring out how mouths work, apparently.


{Wordtoid} Doom originally only meant an impartial judgement, not destruction or ruin. But Judgement Day (doomsday) is generally a scary thing, and so the negative connotation was born. We see old sense in the related word Deem, meaning "to determine".


[UPDATE: It's posted] If anyone here is interested in trying for the sub 2-hour hardcore speedrun in RE2. These are very short notes that will walk you through the route I took, easily read at a glance between pausing the game.


RE2 Hardcore S+ Route Notes

Good morning to you all. What follows is maybe not the typical thing to go into the C-Blogs, it's more of a guide. All the same, I figured some folks here would get some use out of a very shortly worded routing guide to get them throug...


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