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I only wear boots. Have since college with rare exception. Even after I stopped primarily manual labor and became an office man, boots all day.


Anybody watch this back in the day? It was one of the first big Let's Plays, before that was even a term people used. And it was also THE first Minecraft series. This series is why I go into PC gaming and ultimately how I got my current job! 10 years!


Oh, ok, you Brits want a good laugh? Find an American friend, show them a picture of Europe with the British Isles removed and ask them to place where they think it goes in relation to the continent of Europe. Because I'm am HILARIOUSLY wrong every time.


Another great review from Matt. He touches on a very important element of player role in games: the actor. Not a participant of the events, not an observer of the story, but an agent of the plot. Game studies are going to be amazing some day...


Is it an US east coast thing to call your boss "boss"? When I got this job a couple years back, I noticed a lot of people do it at this office and it feels like a regional thing. Like "ok, boss, have a nice day".


I had heard about it for ages, but I just watched My Neighbor Totoro for the first time. No, YOU'RE crying!


That moment when you realize before leaving earth that you have no idea what you're doing.


Hoo boy, this news gives me the excuse to post this great track


Thanks, lady!


What a great tip!


Hardspace Shipbreaker is a fine game. It's a good way to spend some free time on a week off, that's for dang sure.


Guys, we gotta cancel the sequel...


Promotion Get! Therefore, to quote Osc: Drunk. Is bueno.


I had sort of fallen off the Sterling train a while back, but lately his output has been very interesting to me. For my part, I'd say there is no criticism without argumentation. This isn't purely the realm of unassailable opinions -- critique is debate.


Bought Code Vein on sale. While the character creator is indeed one to judge all others by, the game is just Jank Souls. There's a lot of cool accessibility addons in this game that make it much easier than a standard Soulslike, but the combat is ju-ank.


I don't generally start political convos here, so I'm sorry if that's annoying to anyone (you'll get over it), but this episode of Citations Needed is incredibly on-point about the false equivalence between left and right wing extremism. (Link inside)


I feel like the last two or three years, the Steam Summer Sale was met with resounding Meh. This year, no one can stop slinging yogurt about it, what happened? Are the sales that much better?


I've created a thread about discussing The Last of Us 2 for those of us who have FINISHED the game. Please come and discuss, if you wish. https://forums.destructoid.com/threads/so-youve-finished-the-last-of-us-2-and-now-you-want-to-talk-about-it.187/


I am about 2 hours into Last of Us 2 (setting out to find some people) and I already got some big thoughts.


Was thinking about how I often don't finish games or move on to new games seemingly too quickly and how that feels different. Then I remembered rental stores and how I was basically always doing this, I never finished games. I constantly played new ones.


Every time.


Youtube just referred me to this video, it's a total conversion (ROM hack) of Ocarina of Time and it looks very impressive. The video contains info about the mod if you're curious. I'll be looking into getting this working maybe this weekend.


Just learned about HBO Max, which I have for already having HBO. It has The Misadventures of Flapjack on it. This has been a wonderful gift.


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