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"We about to taste this meat" is a real sentence I heard a co worker just say.


So you want to know how SNES Mode 7 graphics work? ...Are you sure? (this is an amazing video, btw)


{Wordtoid} As my phone has recently informed me, LOL is actually short for LOLLAPALOOZA, it's a Greek word that would often get shouted when during funny moments in outdoor plays or if an actor flubbed a line.


I bet you didn't know that Piranha Plant has feet.


Kinda just realized that wacko additions like Piranha Plant are the kinds of things that used to delay Smash, like when Brawl was hit with 2 or 3 heart breaking delays and missed Christmas. See? The digital future isn't ALL nightmares :)


Every time you wish for Waluigi, Sakurai turns another of the DLC characters into a Piranha Plant echo fighter.


Also, I can speak feely about that dumb leak. Banjo-goddamn-Kazooie was never going to happen. People. Use your *thinking* brains! Shadow the Hedgehog was lame, but at least in the realm of possibility.


So, they increased the amount of hoppers for online modes but they also potentially merged all of them which is a bit of a bummer. More options, but less reliability to get those options. I don't think it'll be a big deal, but I do worry a little.


Daredevil season 3 thought in the comments.


{Wordtoid} English used to have a lot of its own more Germanic terms for things that have since gotten replaced by Latin, Greek or French alternatives. One such spooky (and cool) word is Lichburg today replaced by the Latin/French word Cemetery.


In honor of Spooksmas, I'm reposting this fun mashup I made a little while back of the NES and Famicom Castlevania soundtracks overlaid on top of each other.


Been playing some Valkyria Chronicles 4. Then all of a sudden, I found it! Anyone else know what this is?


Never forget this day.


Man, they just got a button for that now, huh? I mean, it IS 2018...


I guess hundreds of thousands of people who spend thousands of hours playing and very closely examining Smash know less about it than some folks who occasionally think about the game every 5 years when a new one comes out.


Now it makes sense


Just got a new mouse. Swift Point Z (also known as the Jeff Bakalar mouse to Giant Bomb readers) It's amazing. And amazingly complicated.


So Christmas has long-since overtaken November and has seeped into October, breaking past the Black Friday barrier. However, now Halloween is taking over September and... well, that's just fine by me.


{Wordtoid} The term Classical has the meaning "of highest quality" purely through connotation, there's nothing in the word history that denotes quality of any level. It stems from a ProtoIndoEuropean root that means Shout or Call.


{Wordtoid} Fate comes from Latin and Greek, meaning literally "spoken", a declaration, a prediction and is related to the Greek-originating word Phone.


So earlier I posted a video of the Castlevania 3 NES and Famicom soundtracks layered on top of each other. I did the prelude track and it came out pretty neat. So I did the rest of the OST lol


Had Castlevania III music in my head lately, and decided to play around with the NES and Famicom versions. Famicom has a much richer soundtrack, but the NES has its own charm. So I overlaid them and staggered the audio a bit, and I like what came out.


{Wordtoid} There's a character in DQXI that speaks in a Scottish accent and throws around two interesting terms. Bairn and Auld. Bairn is an Scottish term for Child, related to the word Bear (not the animal, the verb). Auld just means old.


Been sayin it for years.


{Wordtoid} A golf course is often refered to as Links, but this has no connection to the usual noun Link, but is its own word taken from Scottish through German and refers to the typography of original golf courses.


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