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Describe your favorite game without naming the genre or the title.


QUESTION: Before you could just look up anything online, did you ever beat a game just to relisten to the credits theme? Which game? For me, I did this for Mario World and Mario Kart 64.


This is a great take on the whole Battlefront II crap. It really is kinda baffling.


It's a law: the lower a person's computer specs are, the higher the odds they're running some resouce hogging bullshit antivirus nonsense.


DAFOE,.... goes. :C


Once I hit the New Donky City, I went a little wild with the photo mode. Here's a few examples.


I've already made my best Odyssey pic.


Here's an understated bit of polish in Mario Odyssey: When the camera is on Mario's left or right side, Mario will always raise the arm not facing the camera when he jumps. Just like he does in the original 2D games.


All you need to know about Mario Odyssey:


The system [was] down.


According to Mushroom Historia: Mario Odyssey takes place right before Mario goes to bed and dreams up Mario 2.


Just a reminder that last year's most overlooked game soundtrack was from Creepy Castle. Most of the OST isn't on Youtube, but here's a good example. I ended up buying it for the flac versions. It's very good.


I can't BELIEVE the makers of PUBG didn't include a split-screen local multiplayer. I mean, come on!


When looking for the original soundtrack to Spelunker, this was on the first results page. This HAS to be #darksiders2


Due to sudden and unforseen medical events, I got a week off of work. Granted, it began with me in a LOT of pain, but now I'm just enjoying myself since I'm not supposed to strain or lift anything. Playing a lot of XCOM 2, as a result.


{Wordtoid}To treat something with "kid gloves" is to treat something delicately and has nothing to do with children, but the soft skin of a young goat or "kid". "Kid" became ubiquitous slang for "child" so words like "kidnap" have nothing to do with goats


{Wordtoid} An old and chilling term for a psychiatrist is "alienist" on the notion that they work with people whose minds have become alien to them.


FUCK, Ralphie May died....


I'm happy to declare that STRAFE has gone from a waste of time and money to merely a waste of money. There's fun to be had in it now, but it's still very minimal (and imbalanced as fuck).


{Wordtoid} "Tolerance" has retained much of its original meaning over the years. The root of the word is Greek and has several other applications that filter back down into English. The most interesting of which is "Atlas".


Dog Bottom!


So I just read the plots of all three Mother games. And I kinda already knew what was up with them. But man oh man. That's some brutal stuff in there.


Wes licks tacos.


Pooch snoot


700AD Old English hot take: Hwæt! We Gardena in geardagum, þeodcyninga, þrym gefrunon,hu ða æþelingas ellen fremedon. Oft Scyld Scefing sceaþena þreatum, monegum mægþum, meodosetla ofteah, egsode eorlas.


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