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Now it makes sense


Just got a new mouse. Swift Point Z (also known as the Jeff Bakalar mouse to Giant Bomb readers) It's amazing. And amazingly complicated.


So Christmas has long-since overtaken November and has seeped into October, breaking past the Black Friday barrier. However, now Halloween is taking over September and... well, that's just fine by me.


{Wordtoid} The term Classical has the meaning "of highest quality" purely through connotation, there's nothing in the word history that denotes quality of any level. It stems from a ProtoIndoEuropean root that means Shout or Call.


{Wordtoid} Fate comes from Latin and Greek, meaning literally "spoken", a declaration, a prediction and is related to the Greek-originating word Phone.


So earlier I posted a video of the Castlevania 3 NES and Famicom soundtracks layered on top of each other. I did the prelude track and it came out pretty neat. So I did the rest of the OST lol


Had Castlevania III music in my head lately, and decided to play around with the NES and Famicom versions. Famicom has a much richer soundtrack, but the NES has its own charm. So I overlaid them and staggered the audio a bit, and I like what came out.


{Wordtoid} There's a character in DQXI that speaks in a Scottish accent and throws around two interesting terms. Bairn and Auld. Bairn is an Scottish term for Child, related to the word Bear (not the animal, the verb). Auld just means old.


Been sayin it for years.


{Wordtoid} A golf course is often refered to as Links, but this has no connection to the usual noun Link, but is its own word taken from Scottish through German and refers to the typography of original golf courses.


{Wordtoid} Aesthetic is properly pronounced "esthetic", ignoring the A. The word originally meant any percieved senses, not just artistic sense or taste. This explains the antonym Anesthetic, meaning without senses.


{wordtoid}The name Bran in Game of Thrones is taken from the welsh word for Raven. Viewers of the show likely understand the importance of this.


Wordtoid coming later today, we apologize for the delay.


Pictured: A man very excited about his boner. Good for you, buddy, I'd be thrilled, too.


{Wordtoid}Saga comes form Old Norse meaning literally Saying. The sense is of an oral tradition or tale, many of which at the time were quite long and complex which inform the modern sense to mean "a very complex story."


Did... Did Nintendo just pitch their cloud saves as a protection racket? "Hey, uh, it'd be a real shame if maybe a thwomp or sumthin', I dunno, took a tumble onto your Switch is all I'm sayin'. If I was yous, I'd wanna back up my saves, you know?"


{Wordtoid} Fantasy comes to us from Greek, which means the F was originally a PH. It's related to modern words like Photo, Photon and other words to do with light because a fantasy is a vision, a light seen by the mind.


{Wordtoid} Troll has two distinct meanings that inform our current usage. The first comes from French and German, and means to Stroll about or Trawl about as one does with fishing bait. The second is Scandinavian and refers to the myth creature.


I'm at the point where if one of my comments DOESN'T get an upvote from Homeoftheblues, I really gotta re-evaluate my actions.


{Wordtoid} In keeping with yesterday's entry, Dungeon, Dragon comes from Latin and then Greek Drakon from which we also get Drake. Not originally descriptive of a serpent-like monster, but referring to its vision a rough translation being "Seer".


{Wordtoid} The word Dungeon comes from French Donjon by way of Latin, meaning Dominant. Originally the central tower of a castle, not an underground prison or labyrinth. The tower was often the most secure area, making it ideal for keeping prisoners.


O︄o︄a︄︄u︄h D︄ude︄s!


I'm thinking of starting up a daily Wordtoid in the mornings. I know folks like them and I think the only way I'll do them is to get into a rhythm with it. It'll be right before I head off to work, mornings EST. Like a Word of the Day kinda thing.


Captured something very special in the replay mode in PUBG. It's glitching in all the right ways, baby.


Sizzling hot take on DQ11 in the comments.


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