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There's a lot of Metal Gear Survive footage going around lately. And it basically looks like a more highly produced version of Let It Die -- a game made to get in-app purchases working on every aspect. Wonderful...


A new wordplay episode is in the can. Just need to put the finishing touches on it... um, by that I mean record it. Ok, so it's not in the can. It's in the can... do. It can do. Please be excite.


Continuing to play through Vagrant Story, and I feel like I need a dang text book to learn what I'm supposed to do. I kinda just want to wing it, but I'm terrified my weapons are all gonna be crap later on.


I love when Dtoid bumps old articles and I find a comment of mine in there. It's always very dissonant and funny.


I've posted pics of my desk before, but never the whole thing. I love having tons of desk space. I usually need it! Also, there's a fourth monitor off


So I got the urge to give Vagrant Story another try. Couldn't get the PS1 emulator to work because it's a pile of nonsense, so I resorted to using my PSN copy on my PS3. Despite the lack of anti-aliasing (wobbly textures) it looks amazing.


I just remembered an essay-writing trick that probably doesn't work anymore (maybe it does!) where you'd increase the font size of the periods by half a point. You'd actually gain a LOT of page length from that. Which is why page requirements are dumb!


{Wordtoid} Temple, tempest, temper, and temperature all share the same root and are variations on the notion "a stretch" or "to stretch".


{Wordtoid} A "second" is so-called because it is the second division of the hour. Its original name, translated from Latin, is "secondary minute". The "primary minute" is what we now simply call the "minute".


Now that you can watch match replays in PUBG, it's painfully clear how bad the hacking problem is. And it's all thanks to re-salable real-money blind boxes!


So, about that Christmas ale I posted about earlier. It came in handy for getting me drunk enough to withstand an ice cold shower in winter because our hot water heater broke on Christmas Eve. Fuck anyone who says this is good for you. It sucked.


Christmas ale.... @_@


{Wordtoid} Word Play, Episode 2 has arrived. This time with less sleepy commentary! There's also a C-Blog companion piece that goes over the words in the video, in case you just feel like reading!


{Wortoid} Word Play, Episode 2: Written Edition

Hey there! In my previous Wordtoid Quick Post comments section I mentioned writing up a written companion piece for my next episode of the newly launched Word Play YouTube series. This will be a summation of what I talked about in the ...


Let's turn it around, what's your favorite gift that you're GIVING this Christmas.


{Wordtoid} Video Edition?? If any of you have enjoyed my wordtoid posts, I've made a let's play version of it I call a Word Play, where I play a game and explain relevant word histories. I humbly submit my first episode featuring Resident Evil 2. Enjoy!


It has recently come to my attention that there's a very opinionated rift between dudes who use their underwear fly while peeing and those who don't. Discuss.


{Wordtoid} Game-Related Edition: Digital replication is called "emulation", but the right word for analog hardware replication is "simulation". To emulate is to copy the image (display) of something. To simulate is to copy physical mechanics.


Got back into BotW, then went to work and legit was thinking "Man, I want to play some more right now." My error didn't dawn on me for like 10 minutes.


I see people mentioning what games won and I had to remind myself this is ostensibly an awards show, not a trailer event.


As a member of the PC Master Race, you'd think I'd have gotten around to PS2 emulation by now, but nope. Just jumped on that and, boy? Dragon Quest VIII is still fine, I don't mind telling you. That voice acting! That music! My old college study music.


Shulking corn: "I'm really peeling it!"


I'm playing through the original Dragon Warrior/Quest. It's a simple fun game. Decided to peek at a walkthrough on old GFAQS and Colin Moriarty has the top rated guide. It's extremely over-written but well-researched... sounds about right.


This bugs the crap out of me. They're going to use the informal "donut" spelling alongside the FAKE archaic "shoppe" spelling. It's dumb AND it clashes.


Happy Thanksgiv--ohhh shit, Tiny Metal has gone very very wrooooong. *reads more* oh... oh, wowie.


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