DeS: New features announced for FIFA 19
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Oh dang, though. Bill Gates couldn't even get his own name without a bunch of junk numbers on his own email service. Rough.


{Wordtoid} It's back, but with a very simple entry: Hesitation. This word has never changed meanings, either figurative or literal, and has no roots beyond Latin nor any cognates. The end!


The dev of Everspace apparently spent 10,000 Euros for a streamer to promote the game who was a "fucking moron" according to the dev. I probably did a better job when I posted a video for 0 dollars. lol


That Andre the Giant documentary legit fucked me up. That era of wrestling is childhood and dreams and I owe it a lot.


Did we science too much??


So, maybe this is old news by now, but if you listen to the lyrics of this song, it's about Nintendo's role in escapism. It's like the toys at the end of Labyrinth saying "But, should you need us..." It's actually really touching, in that light.


Someone ask me why, in a professional office setting, I decided stanky ONION bagles was a good breakfast choice.




Freelancing *HUH!*, what is it good for? Ab-so-lute-ly... fifteen hundred dollars in back taxes, apparently.


American football but on a giant hard court and using a basket ball.


April, you're fired.


I got paranoid they'd shutdown the Smash 4 servers, so I took screenshots of my online records (some of which are only accessible while online for some reason). Apparently I've played nearly 21,000 matches and over 750 hours... Of just 1v1 mode...


All I typed was "So I" and then autocorrect decided to go in a very weird direction.


I posted this image in the main article comments section, but I made this quickly pointing out who all the silhouetted figures are in the teaser, to the best of my ability.


I hope my office closes or opens late tomorrow. I'm going to be spending a ton of time digging myself out tomorrow moring. It's STILL coming down hard in north Jersey.


So, I've been light on my old Wortoid posts, and my video series has taken a slight break due to my new job change. I just need to map out when I can carve out time for extracurriculars like those again since all of my free time has moved around.


New job update: I work with nice people, the hours are good, and the work is interesting. I was good at my old job and didn't actually hate it, but it was a deadend of monotony.


New job starts tomorrow. One that has *gasp!* weekends and holidays! This is coming after several years of working nights, so a 9 - 5 schedule is also a big plus.


FF12 mods on PC are already making some quality progress...


Ok, fine. My turn. I never learned to ride a bike, James Gandolfini attended my grandmother's wake, I knew what I wanted to do for a living by the age of 11.


The guys who make my coffee at Dunkin Donuts always know when I'm thinking of buying a donut. Sometimes they just ring up the coffee, but sometimes they go "...and what else?" They're basically FORCING me to buy a donut at that point! I can't lie to them!


So, upon closer inspection, it appears this dog in FF12 attacks by hurling its butt into your face.


FF12 on PC is *double chef's kiss*


A lighter and faster remodel of the Switch will likely happen at some point. A Lite Switch, if you will.


And now that Monster Hunter has landed on the big stage finally, here comes everyone's realization that you're not fighting monsters, these are just natural mostly non-aggressive wildlife.


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