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Well, some site I go to has a security issue because I stepped away from my PC and came back to a bogus red "security alert" page that crashed my browser. I checked my history and I had been redirected to their site several dozen times.


Been replaying Grandia 3, and it was on my Meh List for so long, but something about this playthrough. This game is like... secretly amazing.


Stay moyse out there, everyone.


If you're looking for a spooky movie today, I would recommend "Enemy". Best watched with as little foreknowledge as possible.


In these spooky times, let me repost a mashup I did a while back of the Castlevania 3 NES and Famicom soundtrack that actually came out pretty well. Enjoy. Again.


CAN CONFIRM, Enter the Gungeon works amazingly well on Steam remote play multiplayer. Zero lag, at least in my connection with my friend.


{Wordtoid} Sometimes when I mention a word that's changed over time, I'll hear "oh, so when I say [blank] I'm REALLY saying [blank]," as if an older meaning is more correct. Incorrect. Words are renewed agreements of meaning every time they're used.


We've already replaced twitter with Dtoid, let's also replace Google. The next thing you want to google, just ask the Quick Posts instead: Meatloaf recipe. #googletoid


Man, we just got a button for this now? Whew, it was looking a lot like I had to be an adult there for a second...


Anyone else see the first episode of Watchmen? I'll keep watching it but so far nothing to write home about.


Having finished Borderlands 3, I have to say this game is fantastic. If you thought the story was Duke Nukem Forever, I have to strongly disagree and even suggest that you take a much closer second look.


Star Citizen looks like the answer to the question "what if we actually had a generational leap and didn't just get slightly prettier PS3 games this generation?"


If I could stop time I swear to baby christ that I'd only use it to keep from being interrupted while eating lunch. That's all I need.


Saw Bone Tomahawk last night. Good film. Not a movie to eat dinner to... it has maybe one of the most disturbing scenes of violence I've ever seen.


The Big House 9 Melee tournament was insane. The tourney scene for this game refuses to stay the same, 14 years later.


{Wordtoid} Cubicle is not related in any way to the word Cube. It comes from Latin just means an apportioned space, and originally referred to bedrooms, specifically. Cube comes from Greek and refers to six-sided dice.


The humor is Borderlands 3 is fine. I don't get all the backlash, it feels pretty misplaced.


They really de-Ellen Paged Ellie in the next Last of Us game lol


If I'm a gramar-bastard about anything, it's the use of "less" and "fewer". Less is for things of proportion, fewer is for discrete numbers. In other words, if you can separate and count the thing, use fewer. Less water, fewer cups.


You know what's really satisfying. Take a game you know super well, go to youtube and search its name with "longplay", then set the speed to 2x. Something about that is just so satisfying to me.


I'm afraid it's going to get extremely lost in the mix, but Blasphemous is so dang good. The world building it does is clearly done with more effort that most games bother to do, and I will always appreciate that.


What's the opposite of H?


I had a dream where I woke up from a short coma and Jim from the Office was president. And he was selling a brand of cigarettes (?) called Tower cigarettes, and on the box was a quote "suffocated by the abyss". #Darksiders2 ...?


Banjo Kazooie from early tests is quite a solid character, and for a change it seems like one I'll actually want to play. I dunno if I got lucky downloading it early because servers are in maintenance mode now, but so far I'm liking what I got


Oh, hello log-in page. See you next Tuesday!


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