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What I thinking about games: Labor unions/loot box legality/trade shows changing/PC publisher platform fragmentation/idie revenue splits. What my friends ask me about games: YO DOES SKYRIM HAVE MULTIPLAYER??


Stop saying Roguelite. It means nothing, it always requires clarification.


There's apparently a way to bypass the RE2 Remake demo time limit on PC... lol


Daughters of Chaos update with some spoilery boss encounters mentioned in the comments.


Been playing Daughters of Chaos DS mod. Bub, if you thought Blighttown was mean before? Yikes.


BWV 923/951 is really a treat to listen to. It makes a harpsichord sound like a pipe organ later in the piece. I love listening to it, but the person who uploaded this video zoomed so far in on Bach's face I feel like I'm in smooching distance...


There's Toon Link and Young Link. I propose we change the remaining Link's name in Smash to Old Normal Link.


I got very little sleep, had only a light lunch, I hungry-bought a pizza on the way home and ate more of it than my tiny body usually has. And now, you could tell me the house was on fire and I'd only say "hang on a minute".


RE2 remake is just a few weeks away... More than RE7, this looks like a real mainstream return to Survival Horror, although I cannot be so sure. It seems that way.


To my family at this site: Happy New Year. I wish you all the luck I can, and I thank you for everything.


{Wordtoid} Apology comes from Greek, meaning originally a defense and not an expression of regret. It came to mean an ask for forgiveness and an expression of regret by its later use primarily to outline personal fault as the "defense" for wrongdoing.


Spent a few very frustrating hours in Smash Ultimate getting 76 kills in All-Star Smash, only to realize it's infinite... it never tells you this... You get nothing for killing the whole roster. Nothing.


Also, check out a replay of me finding one of my new Smash mains. This guy is pure fun to play.


So, when attempting to access my Switch's 64GB SD card on my PC, it kept saying the drive name was invalid. So I tried another, tiny 8GB SD card and it worked. The Switch had no issues reading either card, but my PC only reads the 8GB one.


I need help picking one of two games from my Steam Wishlist: Either Moonlighter or Timespinner. Any suggestions?


So every month I have to go through new release listings for a site I freelance for, and going through the PC releases is always a slog to sift through. Hmm, What do you mean you don't want coverage on "DEEP SPACE WAIFU"?? (caps not for emphasis)


I have yet to be dumped into a free for all in Smash Ultimate in Quick Play. So I guess the update did improve things.


My early take on the mechanics changes in Smash Ultimate. They raised the skill floor more than they raised the skill ceiling, in a sort of uncharacteristically cruel move against low skill players. For straight casual play, this won't be noticed.


I both like and dislike the new Smash online functions. While you now have the opportunity to play on exactly the format you want (no Omega stages only anymore), you now stand a good chance of playing in formats you NEVER want, like 4 player free for alls


So, for those of us who'll be playing VS mode first, which of the original characters are you picking first? I'll probably use DK as my very first selection.


Anyone here manage to keep themselves from knowing the full Smash roster? And where is the rock you live under?


I hopped on earlier today to check if people still play Uncharted 2's multiplayer. They sure do. Got a match instantly, it's the best balanced version of all the Uncharted multiplayers. But be warned, the only folks left playing it are fucking savage...


With Smash Ultimate coming out so soon, I have officially retired myself from Smash 4 online. I took screenshots of the online records page, while the online is still active, and posted them in the comments. Over 800 hours, almost 24,000 battles.


"Rather than being inventors and titans of industry, today's economic leaders are simply the world's most efficacious pests."


{Wordtoid} Truth and Tree are both related words, both having to do with a certain immovable quality, a firmness or certainty. It's these kinds of literal and physical, natural connections that indicate the things people used to associate concepts with.


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