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Holy hell... My mouth and intestines can handle the food equivalent of Xenomorph blood, but today I learned that my fingers are weak bitches. Remember to wear gloves when you're messing with habanero-level or hotter peppers, kids!


Kick? Ban? Whatever, holding my tongue was getting tiresome. Fun while it lasted.


Roses are red, Violets are blue. Your waifu is shit.


Huh, I think we broke LightningFarron19, you guys.


In other news, I'm an idiot and BBcode can choke on a phalanx of phalli or be swallowed by a vortex of vag.


All of these Waifu Wars... Y'all can keep those 2-D biddies, I'mma drown in a K-pop harem! [youtube]https://youtu.be/APafAyReBYI?list=PLLKEJLuAcUf2He02fBcZPK%20[/youtube]


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Super Mario Maker 2"I miss the stylus"


Stranger Things 3: The Game"It's weird that this hit the Switch before a Netflix app, right?"


Blazing Chrome"I ran to this Contra affair"


Dr. Mario World"Dr. Feelgood microtransactions"


Umihara Kawase Fresh!"Swingers club"


SolSeraph"Gods and monsters"


The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa"Me and my friends"


Sea of Solitude"Sunless Twee"


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Huh, Nintendo just announced a new Switch revision with almost double the battery I wonder if the Joy-cons are getting an update with that


Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts was a really enjoyable Banjo-Tooie was #heresytoid


Horus did nothing wrong #heresytoid


Dinos Doodles day 7: Heres a monster playing them there That is


I didnt really like any of the huge collectathon platformers on the Super Mario 64, DK64, liked Conker enough to beat it but I did so on the original Xbox #heresytoid

Riff Raff

Best headline ever of the day! Florida, you never disappoint!


What are some games that you felt got you through some hard times?Could be losing a job a break up feeling not good enough at your work or be any game doesnt need to be one about loads of


Heretic is It was fun for the most part, but it really is Doom with a medieval skin along with infuriating level Heck, the two addon episodes were even crueler than Thy Flesh Hope Hexen fares

Riff Raff

Happy Wednesday! Hope its purrfect! Whats your phones lock screen image?



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