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I just took a big ol nasty taco shit and just realized that I have no toilet paper... sitting here contemplating my next move... SEND HELP!!! 💩


Starting to think that the recent resurgence in Nazi related news are a smart marketing ploy for Wolfenstein 2 and Call of Duty WW2 (complete with Nazi zombies) where you can unleash your social rage and disgust by KILLING ALL THE NAZIS!😃


After neglecting Nintendo since the SNES days I finally gave in and got a Switch and I must say this thing is freaking AWESOME! Feel free to add me @ Friend Code: SW-2426-9618-3205


About THE INFAMOUS JCITYone of us since 8:37 PM on 01.26.2012

Braided up, tatted up, just don't give a fuck... I love all types of women even if my wife disapproves of it, I love playing video games even though I should just grow up (NEVER) and I love watching wrestling even though I know it's faker than silicon tits on a coked out pornstar. I am who I am and I make no apologizes for it. You can love me or hate me IDGAF.

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