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It was a pretty good Christmas for me, hope everyone had a merry lil Christmas too 🎅🏼




I just ate a Double Stack from Wendys and now I have to take a massive shit but this goddamn burger made my turd into a hard piece of solid steel and now im scared to poop cuz I dont want to split my ass open 🍔😦


Nintendo has finally figured out a way to add online voice chat on the Switch 😀


Hyrule Warriors Definite Edition on Nintendo Switch is going to be freaking amazing 🙄


Dark Souls Remastered on Nintendo Switch is finna be lit 🔥


Buttnaked rubbing oil on my dingdong 😀💦💦 Nah, but now that I have your attention, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 🍾🍾🍾🎉🎉 May y'all play on in 2018, players 🎮 Cheers 🍻


Finally getting to play Super Mario Odyssy and so far I'm loving when the frog stays licking my asshole 🎅


I think I might be the only person on here that doesn't give a crap about a Star Wars movie, past or present 👽


Never heard of the Fate anime series before but after playing through Fate/EXTELLA on Switch (I just wanted some hack n slash action on this glorious lil system and blindly brought it) I might look into it... The Altera ending almost made me cry yo lol


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