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Got the “new” Zelda game despite not actually liking it back when it first came out. Also, got the preorder bonus even though I didn’t preorder. They had some left over.


I’m sure the “new” Switch will sell just fine.


When I get a PS5. This will be the first game I play on it.


I have never heard of BTS until today when I got my kids McDonald’s. My kids have since explained them to me. The BTS Meal? What?!?


How do you tell what gender an ant is? Put it in water. If it sinks, it's a girl ant, if it floats it's buoyant.


Wow! I’m so powerfully shit at R Type Final 2. Can’t get past level 3 on Kid Mode.


Still haven’t bought Super Mario 3D All Stars. I live life on the edge


#Womantoid Toby Masuyo from Baraduke. Fun Fact: She married and later divorced Taizo Hori (The main character from Dig Dug) of which they have 3 children together, one of them being Mr. Driller.


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