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New Primal Rage game has been released quietly in certain arcades across North America under the title Zuul Duel.


New episode of Wha Happun? talks about the horrible mistake that is Anthem


I recently bought these games over the weekend. Mistakes were made.


Game is pretty awesome. If I do say so myself.


Get ready for that Titanfall game that doesn’t have Titans in it. Tomorrow.


Amazing Story Recap of Ace Combat 7 (SPOILERS!)


What Atlus USA Facebook page is posting (It has since been removed with an apology)


Got to play Anthem for a bit. It seems ok. I don’t think it’s for me though.


played the RE2 demo and it’s really good. My only complaint is the controls feel stiff. I know it’s a Horror game but I thought VII was more smooth.


A nice Super Best Friend Plays Tribute


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