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I drove for the first time in 5 months since I got 2 herniated discs in my neck. Feeling pretty good. Now I need to lay down.


I know this isn’t anything new but it sucks that next gen games are going to be $10 more. After taxes a brand new AAA game in Canada will be over $100!


FINALLY! I’m going to do a kick flip!


I don’t understand. What would make them collectors edition if the game itself isn’t included. You’re buying a digital copy with a bunch of useless shit then.


Me and my wife having a nice evening together.


Just got it today! Now to figure out what’s going on. I can’t read Japanese.


So did anyone bother to preorder the Avengers game to play the Beta today and if so, how is it?


For anyone interested, there’s a sale on Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid on Switch right now. The game, season 1 DLC and season 2 DLC is on sale. Season 3 DLC is not included.


Cancel your PS5 and Series X preorders guys! The true console of next-gen gaming is coming! Dreamcast 2!


Dreamcast 2?!? What is this about? Is it fake?


The Pokken Game Trial is available in North America as well. Sure, I’ll give it a try. You can download the trial now but play it on July 29th.


1st Deadly Premonition 2 Patch Released Today!


Finished Deadly Premonition 2! I enjoyed it but was a little disappointed with how some sections were designed just for padding. I liked the story, characters and music. Could do without the backtracking, fetch quests and having to follow that dog.


DP2 Fun Fact: The colour of York’s skateboard corresponds to what colour Joy-Con your using. Specially, the left one. If you use a Pro controller it’s black.


I feel like at this point you’ve already made your decision as to whether you’re getting this game now, later or never but here’s a heads up anyway.


Special Message from director of Deadly Premonition 2 I feel like if can’t make it through this whole video than you’re probably not going to like the game


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