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It’s the year 2021 and you can still buy Dreamcast VMUs complete in box. How many of these did they make?


First game beat in 2021: Super Mario Odyssey


#Dreamcastcember Quake III Arena This game was clearly not designed with a Dreamcast controller in mind. I have no desire to get the keyboard and mouse.


#Dreamcastcember Ecco The Dolphin : Defender of the Future. It controls surprisingly well. Also, the graphics look amazing for a game released in 2000.


#Dreamcastcember MDK 2 It’s not as good as the first and the controls are ass on DC. Probably plays better on PS2 or PC or even Wii.


Forgot I ordered Memory of Heroez. Well, it came in the mail today.


Finally my new system came in the mail. Check it out in the comments


The beginning of Robocop 3 always bothered me. What was he hoping to accomplish by driving off the parking lot and shooting the roof of the police car. He should of just drove up normally and used the car door.


I personally wasn’t in that big of a rush to get a PS5 anyway.


I’m the very casual Assassin’s Creed player. As in, I’ve only played 2 out of the 275 games. So this should be interesting. Also, playing PS4 version because I’m waiting till next year to get a brand new next gen “burst into flames” console.


So, I don’t know what the story is in the US but in Canada I haven’t been able to find the White Fudge Covered Oreos for years. Last time I remember seeing them in the wild was when it was a cross promotion with The Jim Carrey Grinch movie. That was 2


Playing Worms Rumble Beta on PS4. It’s really good. It’s also a little glitchy.


Apparently you’ll be able to play through the career mode with each individual character on Nov. 6. You know, that thing you were able to do with every TH game since the original. Why wasn’t this option in there in the first place? Better late than ne


Celebrities should not run for president.


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