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After a 12 GB update I can now play as Robocop in MK 11


Robocop comes to Mortal Kombat 11 today


Its a little janky but Man Eater has been a lot of fun so far.


In my crusade of getting games people no longer care about any more I got this gem.


You know what? I’ve been enjoying Anthem. I understand it’s a game that people enjoy to shit on but it’s really not that bad.


Look what I got in the mail today. Now to play the game that (according to the back of the box) is a winner of 90+ game awards including Best Action Game.


Finally Beat Final Fantasy VII Remake! That’s it! Done! now what?


Did anyone else know about this feature in SNK GALS’ FIGHTERS?


Streets of Rage 4 soundtrack available now on Spotify


So what’s going on with Trails of Mana? No one is playing/talking about it. I’m still on the fence about getting it or not


Seems like a good time to be a Sega fan


Only at chapter 3 of FFVII and probably won’t get to play it anymore till tomorrow. Gotta say though, for someone who didn’t play the original and not a fan of traditional RPGs, FFVII has been great!


So how many of you ARE NOT planning on getting Final Fantasy VII Remake?


Would of preferred a “version up” of Ugly Dad Nier but I’m curious about Pretty Boy Nier.


Panzer Dragoon Remake is not that bad. I honestly prefer the Saturn version over this but this version is still good.


After much consideration, I decided to get DOOME. I think I’ll finish Doom 64 first.


Doom 64 on Switch is awesome. Being able to play in handheld mode has been great!


Playing Doom 64 on the Switch. It’s great! It looks and plays so much better than it does on the N64. Nightdive Studios does great work with N64 ports.


Can preorder physical copies of Streets of Rage 4 from limited run games starting March 20th


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