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There’s already a Porn Parody of the Sonic Movie


Batman Forever The Arcade Game is so much better than the Genesis/Super Nintendo version


I want to play old CD Rom games using DOSBox but my laptop doesn’t have a CD disc drive. Could I get an external disc drive and use a physical DOS CD Rom game on it while using DOSBox and would it work? I’m aware you can just download the game files


Timebomb by WALK THE MOON sounds like Sign of the Times by Miami Horror


I completely lost my remote for my TV. I wouldn’t mind so much if the TV itself had the ability to get to the options menu but all it has is a power, volume and input button. Now I have to buy some 3rd party remote. I looked everywhere for it today. :(


My body is ready. Reggie will be at The Game Awards.


I didnt get Spotify till the end of 2016, so I don’t know how fair this is but I love me some Jade Bird


Back in October, I got Starlink for PS4 for $10. Played for an hour and then never again since. Now that I have a Switch, I got the Switch version for $20. Maybe I’ll play longer this time, now that I can play as Fox in an Arwing.


First performance announcement for The Game Awards.


I got a Switch 3 weeks ago and I’ve been debating whether or not to get Pokémon when it comes out. I feel like I’ll wait on that one for a bit and instead play a game that I’ve been wanting to play since it was first released many moons ago.


I’m not playing Death Stranding. I’m going to watch the movie instead


Microsoft files trademarks for Xbox 2 to Xbox 359


Finally got a Switch. Now to figure out what to play on it


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