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Here’s some games I bought today. I’ve played this version of Spy Hunter before but on the PS Vita. I’m hoping this G.I. Joe game is better than the recent one that came out. The only Xena game I was familiar with was the N64 one.


First look at James Gunn’s Suicide Squad


Tom Holland as Nathan Drake in upcoming Uncharted Movie


She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid.


Thrustmaster came today! Now to see if there’s an improvement when controlling with this thing or If I continue to play like shit.


I played the new G.I. Joe game and it’s incredibly irritating. Controls are ass, reload system is awful, and groups of enemies that attack you with no way to avoid it (that I know of). I’ll give it another chance tomorrow. Playing Switch version.


When can we expect the Star Wars Squadron Review?


Friday can’t come soon enough. Sucks that all the Thrustmaster joysticks are sold out everywhere.


Nier: Replicant looks good. Gonna be weird not playing as Papa Nier.


I drove for the first time in 5 months since I got 2 herniated discs in my neck. Feeling pretty good. Now I need to lay down.


I know this isn’t anything new but it sucks that next gen games are going to be $10 more. After taxes a brand new AAA game in Canada will be over $100!


FINALLY! I’m going to do a kick flip!


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