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That Harry Potter leak looks dope, but I don't want to get my hopes up about Harry Potter. What is Rocksteady working on?


The evil robot greedlord Strauss Zelnick would be reason enough not to glance at Red Dead 2.




The Bomberman 64 camera is a real pain in the ass!


I am having a hard time reconciling things I want, why I want them, money, and filling space with more stuff I don't really need.


They say you should find new games to play, but that doesn't really happen when you don't have the hardware and never even found the motivation to finish the last new games you bought.


A loss of gaming seems like a loss of identity. Couple that with a loss of the other arbitrary distractions, and everything else seems like even more of an arbitrary and unfulfilling endurance test with no good ending.


Playing Ocarina Of Time on the N64... maybe I should be sad that no game will ever recapture the feeling this game gave me.


I keep checking and you're still dead, celebrity.


Assassin's Creed is like the old boxer who gets pounded in the ring but won't quit.


Summoning bae Lyn on the first day was enough to sell me on Fire Emblem Heroes for a while.


Fuck Konami? Why not Fuck Nintendo?


Buying Nintendo figures at a closing Kmart because I'm a huge nerd.


Gaming is like people, only leads to disappointment until you come to hate it.


Conan plays a Nintendo game, but it's a game that existed at the start of a dead console. Good timing, very apropos.


Nothing like beating up on your new amiibo to make yourself feel not so crap at a game you haven't played since character DLC came out. EdgyFrieza will be the child who comes back to beat his father someday.


I bought two amiibos and I already feel like I'm ready for rehab.


Looking spiffy mang.


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