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Mice on Venus is the game that most impressed me graphically out of the games in the Rezzed Zone. You play as (from what I remember) a private-eye who is gathering information... (more in comments)(22/30)


Another game being voted upon in the group of student efforts was Kitchen Imps. A couch co-op food fight game where you take control of an imp on a kitchen unit... (More in comments)(21/30)


Back to the Rezzed Zone impressions I had waaaay back in Septemeber at EGX in Birmingham. (Number 20/30) The next couple of titles are both retro-inspired platformers, under the names of Kid Tripp and Miles & Kilo. (More in comments)


Holofist sounds dirty, but it's actually a game where your protagonist uses a group of creatures like Pokemon, and allocates cards to help those creatures during battle. The game... (More in comments)(19/30)


I like the idea of games that make an effort to be an emergency services simulation, and Flashing Lights had me happy for a while. The game world is a bit empty/flat-looking, some of the positions your personnel have to be... (more in comments) (18/30)


Rezzed Zone impressions of Eastward; a pretty adventure game, controlling a couple of mis-matched characters. Got used to the mechanics, which involved not only scraping with enemies, but using both characters' skills... (more in comments)(17/30)


My Rezzed Zone impressions at EGX continue with Eagle Island. Your player character has an owl with which he can attack on your behalf or act as a temporary platform... (16/30)


Also being voted upon was Dr. Dad's Home for Disposable Clones by Deep Fried Games. In VR, you have to use your grappling lasers to attach to the environment and manipulate it to progress... (15/30)


Another of those student games being voted for was Dodgebrawl. It was a decent, fast madcap game with ragdoll physics. I felt it needed something more to it but this was early days. (14/30)


Curve Digital managed to make me purchase Bomber Crew when I played it early in 2018. I checked their booth to play a title called Carried Away, which has now been renamed When Ski Lifts Go Wrong. It's a mix of a puzzle game with... (13/30)


Valthirian Arc has already been tested by Flegma, who found the game disappointing. From what little time I spent with the game... (12/30)


Wavey the Rocket (in the Rezzed Zone at EGX) was a supreme test. You had to guide a rocket through a level of obstacles. You do this by altering the wave's length and frequency that Wavey has to travel on. With mouse or keyboard controls...(11/30)


Gah, my anxiety keeps coming back each time I try to play games. I'm going to have to start doing some more exercise like I used to if I ever want to keep this bad feeling I keep getting at bay. :/


Another game I encountered by students looking for votes was Clockwork Rogues by Nebula Games. It was a twin-stick shooter that could be played alone or in co-op. You play as... (10/30, see in comments)


I also got a little hands on with Sunless Skies. Had help from a guy looking after the game, explaining what I needed to do with my space-borne steam-train, trying to work out how to sort various jobs, commuters and deliveries... (9/30, more in comments)


RIDE 3 is a motorcycle game. I like motorcycle games, and I tested a retro bike on the notorious Macau course (the one where Sophia Flörsch had a nasty accidnet in an F3 car). More in comments.


Right, back to the games I tried in the Rezzed Zone at EGX (7/30). I tried that PC Building Simulator. As someone who wants to obtain a proper gaming PC one day, I found it important and incredibly informative. Story mode gives a handy idea of what...


My EGX Rezzed Zone impressions from September (6/30) continue with Override: Mech City Brawl. I agree with Kevin on this, it didn't seem to engage as well as Gang Beasts.


I received some ominous news from a kickstarter I funded that was responsible for the Visual Compendium series of videogame artbooks. The warehouse they Sega Master System editions were being stored in had a fire. Fortunately, the books are insured...


I've completed Cave Story + on Steam yesterday. I really liked how the game played, the short and snappy story too. It's just a shame that I can't finish/access the challenges properly because of bugs that allow the game to crash. Oh well.


Happy Birthday Larx and Panda. Hope you enjoyed your special days. :)


Another game that was being voted for was How To Kill Monsters...and I was much more engaged with this. You control a giant robot tasked to kill a monster/dragon of some sort. I quickly got used to the controls, utilised the weapons... (5/30)


There were also some short games by several different universities being voted for to get a funding boost. Of all of them, Doggo (by Wiptail Games) was the one that got to me emotionally. You are asked to control a dog after it gets dumped... (4/30)


Beyond Blue was a calming dip in the sea. Only able to spend a couple of minutes with it, but this is one I want in the future. (3/30)


First game of the Rezzed Zone I'm covering, 999. No, not Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. I mean a game made by one guy that's a bit like a puzzle platformer...and so, so hard. In fact, when on display at EGX in September... (2/30)


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