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Metal Gear Survive"A tale of two games"


Fullmetal Alchemist (2017)"Fullmetal Avengers: Age of Alchemy"


Annihilation"Natalie Portman with a machine-gun... on shrooms!"


Review in Progress: Orwell: Ignorance is Strength"You'll never find us, but victim or perpertrator, if your number's up, we'll find you"


Early Access My Time at Portia"A lovely post-apocalyptic vacation spot "


The Fall Part 2: Unbound"A severe case of identity crisis"


Retro-Bit NES Power Stick"Multiple ways to play"


Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition"Take this Bro'd trip on a road trip"


Kingdom Come: Deliverance"Another cult classic in the making"


Pinstripe"Fight off your demons"


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Mike Martin

*cracks knuckles* Time to shitpost Once again, I fucking love you Thanks for dragging me out my Thank you for


Was thinking of changing my avatar to coincide with posting my first ever cblog (and series) this But honestly I cant find one that I think suits me better right


Reason number 837 why this timeline sucks: In spite of its excellent quality, Nayuta no Kiseki was never I sure hope XSEED will rectify this I blame the mobile And the

Czar Kazem

Vets recommending we get this beast from 20 pounds down to This is gonna be an #PetToid #FATToid

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Today is my younger sisters She would have been 23 this Every year on her Birthday we go visit her grave to clean it up and pay our Im not too bothered until I actually get there, so Im fine for

Inquisitive Ravenclaw

Theres also a much-happier anniversary going on On this very day 1 year ago, a wonderful group of people got together and gifted me a Playstation 4! I use it to this very day, and have had many wonderful adventures with Heres to another year!


Has anyone here watched that movie Mute yet? Just wondering what people here thought about I was looking forward to it a fair bit, but then I saw the reviews oh :(


On my way to get my first platinum trophy with Horizon Zero Dawn, just need to play the last couple What a damn fun experience this game has Easily one of the best game What are some of your favorite open world worlds?


So if people join your hunt in monster hunter, but then leave, does it scale it back down to solo? I fought Legiana twice where this happened and both times felt frustrating and using all 50 minutes just to cap


Hard to believe that I managed to concoct this comely Im especially proud of the little touches such as the water stroking her right hand and the blood stains on her flower hair What do you think?



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