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Using my gf power as a project manager, I've come to the conclusion that for my needs the best combo will be keeping my Ps4 and getting a Series S+gamepass for Christmas. She gifting me the console had absolutely no influence on the outcome! It's science!


Late to the party but I’ve just started Death Stranding and..it’s incredibly fascinating. Heard some people compare it to a big budget Hollywood movie but it looks more like a top quality Netflix series to me. Awesome guests and production values!


Sometimes it’s the little things that hit me the hardest. Like, does Captain Commando owe his name to the fact that he’s actually going full commando all the time? And if so, is it safe for baby commando to stick with him? Food for thought.


After SOR4, which 90s series would you have revived in the same style? Ben Fiquet at Lizardcube already has my answer.


2nd trailer for Bloodstained: COTM2 and we got couch coop, returning characters on top of the new ones, and combo abilities!! Oh and the release date is July 10, so soon!!


Semi-relevant vanity moment: ten years ago I was in a writing club and wrote a short story about the Mayan prophecy. I don’t know if it’s worth sharing because it’s in a language most of you don’t talk (Italian) but I’m quite proud of it!


You know what I would really like to see in the next generation? A fucking standard for HDR settings in games. I feel it’s all over the place as it is. What’s your experience?


As it seems, the ps5 event has been officially rescheduled for Thursday June 11. Interestingly, the “pre-taped program will be broadcast at 1080p and 30 frames per second“. BUMP: apparently 4k trailers will be uploaded after the show.


Ok, today I have something a bit different for you. Bonus points if you get the artist right without reading elsewhere. Anyway, enjoy! Edit: link in comment. I’m dumb with YouTube links


Sometimes I’m reminded of how much cooler the Psp was compared to the Ps Vita. Compact, sleek and with a distinct design not diluted in some generic android phone slab. Scooping the second hand market atm just to scratch that Tactics ogre itch..


So I finally got to play Streets of Rage 4 and I’m full of conflicting feelings. More in comments.


#unpopularopiniontoid Mother 3 better stay in japan forever so we don’t have an official Nintendo translation that overwrites the superb fan one.


Just listened to the whole SOR4 soundtrack. It’s like Yuzo Koshiro secretly became Perturbator while aging. It’s AWESOME!


I was timidly trying to start FFXII on PS4 from scratch but was thinking to drop it knowing that I couldn’t reset jobs..then totally out of the blue the new patch with job resetting drops. Now I’ve played five hours straight and I’m not looking back


So apparently some mockup of the new Ps5 are appearing online.. casting aside the laughable Xbox series X reskin, I think it would be fucking rad!


Am I the only one that thinks that the ps5 controller is really cool? Looks like a gadget straight from start trek or something..without looking too much uncomfortable!


Kotaku belongs to the qposts now


So I wake up and find we’re all in downvote hell now. With the latest Disqus “adjustments” I can’t say I’m really surprised, but it’s still a shitty practice. Let it be on us now to break the system and show‘em who’s boss here, guys!


“I have good news, and I have bad news”.


A game about guessing game quotes, uh? I’m interested in this.


As for Resetera, based Iranian developer of Children of Morta is apparently summoned to the court over the complaint that the game does not comply with Islamic rules (link in comment)


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