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Kotaku belongs to the qposts now


So I wake up and find we’re all in downvote hell now. With the latest Disqus “adjustments” I can’t say I’m really surprised, but it’s still a shitty practice. Let it be on us now to break the system and show‘em who’s boss here, guys!


“I have good news, and I have bad news”.


A game about guessing game quotes, uh? I’m interested in this.


As for Resetera, based Iranian developer of Children of Morta is apparently summoned to the court over the complaint that the game does not comply with Islamic rules (link in comment)


How could I mess it so much? Happy new year everybody and happy belated birthday Soul!!!


Just in time to wish happy birthday to one of my closest friend here that I always neglect to call on the fucking phone! I swear this gonna be the right year. Happy birthday RiffRaff, have a Totoro cake!


I want to thank you guys for all the good advices, in the end I found a great discount deal at GameStop for a limited PS4 slim spider man edition that I paid the grand total of € 200. Gorgeous little thing! Can’t wait to have it in the mail :)


Ok guys, give me your honest advice: I’m ps4less atm and I want to get one second hand just to play a few games (mostly AAA). I can get a Slim for like 100 bucks, or a Pro for minimum 250. I also have a 4K tv. Do you think the pro is worth the extra cas


Sooo..no one has had their hands on a switch lite here yet? I’m curious to hear some impressions.


In case you really want to feel the burn (this time with the right picture)


For people who owns a Switch: do you still play with your 3DS? If so, why? Do you play it more or less than the Switch?


Ok, I too wanna play this game: The President has been kidnapped by Bloodstained, are you a bad enough dude to rescue the President? #bloodstainedspoilers


Also, for #VGTwinsies I want Jettermars with a mustache to make his best impression of Mike Haggar


So Persona 5 S is Persona 5 Scramble and it’s actually a Switch (and Ps4) game. And it’s a.. Dynasty Warrior-esque game. I can’t seriously be more pissed off.



So today we’re (probably) finally discovering what P5S is! I fear that if it’s a Switch version we’ll have to pour one for the late Shadowskill111.


Late to the party but wishing it hard-y! Happy birthday Occams!


So I finally caved in with Furi on Switch, seeing that it was on sale. Just started it and beaten the first boss but, someway, it didn’t click with me. I very much like the aesthetics and the music but I don’t know if I’ll commit. Opinions?


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