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The milk maid didn't do acid because she was a basic bitch. #Puntoid


Introducing the site's new mascot, Mr. Depressedtoid!


Ya boy Tacos with Singapore Sling to the left, and CelicaCrazed to the right. Why are Canadian boys so handsome and strong? EGLX was fun, and made even better by these dudes.


MMA card game Uncaged: World Fighters makes debut at EGLX

I'm not popular enough to have any actual friends to play board or card games, which is why something like EGLX is a great opportunity to expand one's horizons and try things they might otherwise miss out on. Uncaged: World Fighters is an e...


Contest: Win a copy of Immortal Redneck!

[Two days left, friends! Get your entries in by Tuesday!] I'm trapped in an otherworldly, eternal realm. In this realm, I am unable to think. Breathe. Eat. Sleep. There is only one thing here: Giving away games to Dtoiders! Today we've got ...


Contest: Win a copy of sci-fi mystery game, The Station

[I decided to extend the contest one extra day, because I'm the master of my own destiny! Get your entries in now - contest now ends tomorrow!] We've got things to give out, damn it, and nothing is going to stop us from doing so! Unless, of...


TFW you got enough time to TP the seat, but not enough to un-TP the seat.


Heel-turn: Drake's Final Deception

We're five [and a half] games deep into the Uncharted series. We've followed Nathan Drake from his humble beginnings as a punkass treasure hunter looking to find long-lost treasure, to him for some reason fighting yetis, to doing whate...


I'm stressed and feel like I'm slowly dying. But not in the good way. Every now and again, though, you just have to take a step back and try to find something good in the world that makes you smile. This is mine right now. I hope you all find yours.


You finally got your wish, Dtoid. Are you happy now?


Review: Playbudz Grip Extenders

Official controllers come in one shape, and one size. Most of us either aren't bothered by the fact, or have learned to work around it over the years. Being in the former camp, I've never really considered the need to help extend the grip o...


I asked Alphadeus to make a theme song to my sitcom. Here it is, The Wes Tacos Show Theme! What would my sitcom be about, and who would be in it?


#ShoutouToid to saxman234. I know he's called saxman, but he actually owns an accordion! He's nice to people and brings a lot to conversations and I think we should all get a beer with him sometime.


You may not like it, but this is what 100 faps looks like. Nothin' personnel, kid.


D-Volt? More like D-Dolt lol Don't forget to Fap and hit the Follow button, and be sure to follow me on Twitter @weslikestacos for more sick burns.


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I have my own soundtrack now!!!


Thanks to my main man Alphadeus for writing me a beautiful tune!


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