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Will someone spookify my dumb face? I can't find the pic of the most recent time I dressed up for Halloween (three years ago lol). I feel left out. And sad.


My good friend Celica Crazed has crowned me as #TopHef now that the man himself has moved on. Thanks for all the love, gang. And thanks even more for the deposit into the spank bank. Et tu, dephoenix?


Never forget who you are, or where you came from.


If you have a pet, turn your computer/phone off and give that animal the biggest hug you've ever given anything. I love you, Emma. I'll miss you.


When Wes Met Absolutfreak: An Erotic Choose-Your-Own Adventure Book.


Ok welp I've never been a huge Sanic fan (played every game up through SA, but never really loved them) but Forces looks really dumb in the good way. I can create my own OC AND dress it up like a monkey? I'm a bit hype. Am I crazy?


So is listing the SNES pre-order at 1 am while 30-year-olds with day jobs craving the chance to experience a system they didn't have growing up sort of the final "fuck you" on the fiasco that has been the NES/SNES Classic saga? Let me know your thoughts.


I just farted so hard that I had to go to the bathroom and wipe.


Had sushi with friends the other night. This is a real car that we parked behind. Life finds a way.


[WE ARE DONE!!! THANK YOU ALL, EXTENDED THANKS IN COMMENTS!]Our boy Dere has been through a lot the past year. Let's give him a hand. I'm starting a fund to finally get that punny boy a PS4 so he can sing and dance with us online.


Play God in Cat Sorter VR

Cats are my life, now. I can't escape them. At this point, why would I even want to? They're cute and cuddly, and are now allegedly in desperate need of help. For you see, not all cats were created equal. Hell, not are cats were created as ...


Heat up your winter with Purrfect Date, a cat dating sim

All the way back in January of 2016, we reported on a cat dating sim seeking approval on Steam Greenlight. Today, ladies and gentlemen, I am thrilled to report that Purrfect Date will be available this winter on Steam and iOS.


WNBA stars to appear in NBA Live 18

Lace up your high tops, kids, because this fall NBA Live 18 will be the first licensed basketball game to feature WNBA stars and teams. In a move reminiscent of FIFA 16's inclusion of twelve women's national teams, EA Sports will ...


The Adaptation: Teach My Katamari

The title of this blog isn't a cute statement or witty saying - it's a command. A mandate, really. I demand it because now, some thirteen (!!!) years after the North American release of Katamari Damacy, the franchise has only really ex...


Good job on the blogs lately, gang. Good stuff. Also, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOUR BLOGGERS WANTED BLOGS?! Let's get on it. Four days left.


Guys, yesterday I realized how white I am. Details in comments.


Let's talk about games baby. Let's talk about U and Wii. Let's talk about all the good worlds and the bad guys of KH3. LET'S TALK ABOOOUUUTTT GAMES.


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I have my own soundtrack now!!!


Thanks to my main man Alphadeus for writing me a beautiful tune!


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