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Review: Grab the Bottle

For the most part I pick games that are either striking in some way or another or just flat-out goofy looking when I decide to write about them. For reviews, I get to be even more picky as the "good" games are gobbled up by tenured staff, l...


Contest: Win a Steam key for PC Building Simulator

Yo, I heard you like giveaways for wacky simulation games so I put another giveaway for a wacky simulation game up the day after another giveaway for a wacky simulation game. Today's offering should provide the meta-commentary on PC gaming ...


@The Actual Charlton Heston I want to slip around on your dick like I stepped on a banana peel.


When administering loud sex in a Whole Foods bathroom actually makes it cleaner. #MyBattlefield


When it's Sunday and you're sassy.


When you finally meet your son and you know it's meant to be.


El Guapo is sexy and delicious. Also, I'm drinking this beer.


Yesterday as I was leaving, the lobby of my work building was playing a Muzak version of "Father Figure." In other news, I've now had an erection lasting about 17 hours.


Fifteen minutes into my workday and I'm already over it. Regale me with some of your recent gaming conquests, Dtoid.


What did each conference tell you or reinforce what you already thought about each brand? I'll kick it off in the comments.


$15 for entry and $3 for each taco? Look, obviously I'm a fan of tacos. But not like this. Not like this.


[Bump] With Sony still with a huge lead this gen but Nintendo really going strong with Switch, this year's E3 should be a doozy. With that in mind, what do you want to see from Sony this year at E3? Best comments will be featured on the Front Page!


Review: Die for Valhalla!

I really miss the 16- and 32-bit eras of gaming. Game mechanics were simple, as were the plots. The beat-'em-up genre was alive and strong, and a bored kid like me could spend hours walking from left to right hitting two buttons to wail on ...


Guys I'm bored and unmotivated. Please inspire me with a memorable story about playing video games. It can be anything. I'll put one in the comments.


I just tried to type "opened" on my phone. It autocorrected to "giantess." I, uh, think I have a problem...


Review: Milanoir

In the mid-1960s, the rise of western films produced and directed by Italian auteurs gave birth to a new subgenre of film, the Spaghetti Western. Notable for overdramatizing conflicts, unique audio and visual editing, and eschewing or outri...


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I have my own soundtrack now!!!

Thanks to my main man Alphadeus for writing me a beautiful tune!


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