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It is Panda's birthday! She's my almost-twin, but she definitely got the looks. I mean, have you SEEN her eye?! Happy birthday, twinsie!


Waste not your adulation on me, but instead direct your efforts to the verbose and frankly more deserving Larx, who also celebrates his day of birth on this day of days. Happy birthday, Larx!


CONTEST: Win a Steam key for DUSK's Early Access period

[Update: Winners selected! I responded to the winners, so check your emails and get to DUSKin'!] Do you like '90s-inspired retro shooters? Of course you do. And if you don't, then this is your chance to fall in love. Our good friends at DUS...


New addition to the list of people definitely going to hell: People who get on the elevator before you and don't offer to press your button for you. People who stand in front of the buttons, push theirs, hover there, and don't offer are Hitler-tier.


When you just can't get enough of the PCKR.


2000 drunk thoughts: I love Sum41.


But that Friday Night Fights. What are y'all playing tonight?


Contest: Win a 3-day badge for PAX South!

[UPDATE: Show's over, folks! Winners have been selected, responded to in the comments below, and emailed with further info, so check your emails and get out there to PAX!] 'Twas the day after Christmas, and all through the South,Mr. Dtoid h...


Is it worth it? Let me work it. I'll put my thang down, flip it, and reverse it.


Who the FUCK sent me this?!


Contest: Win a Steam Key for Genetic Disaster

[Contest is over, folks! I replied to the winners below, so check your emails and get to playin' your new free game! Maybe y'all can party up and make new friends while you're at it? Thanks for reading Destructoid, everyone!] Looking for a ...


This one's for the fellas: If you washed your hands BEFORE going number one, wouldn't that eliminate the need to do so AFTER you go? Like, you go in there, manhandle your man-handle after touching everything, and give unnecessary germs to your junk.


I'm bored so post your favorite picture on your hard drive or phone in the comments. Here's my favorite one on my work hard drive!


Ok I just watched the JW Fallen Kingdom trailer, and UGH. Anyone care to talk about this with me?


I just voted in Celica's Community Awards, and you should, too! If you're having trouble getting it to load, I was able to access it by clicking on his profile, waiting the three minutes for that to load, then clicking on the blog from his profile feed.


Did what my fathers and fathers' fathers would have done and bought the three PS4 Wolfenstein games today. For $40. I will honor them by shooting Nazis. Fuck you, Nazis.


Target didn't have any copies at all of Axiom Verge, but I managed to find this, anyway!


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I have my own soundtrack now!!!


Thanks to my main man Alphadeus for writing me a beautiful tune!


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