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Happy birthday, Panda!!


I bought that Ukraine bundle thing and won't redeem most of what was included. If you'd like a key for one of the games/anything else, just email me (not gonna check comments here, too busy!) at tacos@destructoid.com, and if it's free, it's yours!


Today is my actual brother in law's, The Actual Charlton Heston, actual birthday, and he can't actually stop me from telling you all to wish him a happy actual birthday.


This movie looks like farts and I can't wait for it.


Paging Soulblow: I don't usually wear hats but I had this one made. Figure it out, bud.


Contest: Win ABZU on Switch from Super Rare Games

In today's contest you can win a physical Switch copy of ABZU from Super Rare Games! Hey gang, remember me? I'm the guy who used to give stuff away like every single day. Then life happened and well it's been a few weeks. Allow myself to re...


It's days like today that make me miss cumwizard2k14.


Occams literally has one of my teeth. That's not a joke, he has the root of a tooth I had pulled. A real human tooth. Happy birthday! You're next, dm.


Contest: Win Cartel Tycoon, new to Steam Early Access

In today's contest you can win a Steam Early Access copy of Cartel Tycoon! Management sims stress me out. My day job is essentially a management sim -- I sure as hell don't want to continue to manage things in my free time, as well! Drugs a...


Contest: Win Taxi Chaos for Switch, PS4, or Xbox One

In today's contest you can win Taxi Chaos for Switch, PS4, or Xbox One! Do you want a free game? The answer, of course, is, "Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!" In today's joint we're giving away an...um...homage to the classic Sega cabbie game in T...


Contest: Win this Evil Genius 2 limited edition statue

In today's contest you can win this limited Maximilian statue from Evil Genius 2! Man, we're really killing it this week with physical prizes! Artbooks, consoles, phones -- what could we do next? How's about this limited Max statue from Evi...


Contest: Win Creaks on Switch, courtesy of Super Rare Games

In today's contest you can win a physical Switch copy of Creaks, brand new from Super Rare Games! If you're a fan of titles such as Machinarium and Samorost, you're in luck! Super Rare Games just partnered with developer Amanita Design to r...


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