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Uuhhhhhhhhhh llama tits?


I've been meaning to make a blog on playing games letterboxed to 21:9 for a while. Finally did it for Apex Legends, but the guide will work for quite a few games if you're interested. I'm playing Mad Max ultrawide right now and it's fantastic.


I think he meant to say "Plot"


They just released some new Streets of Rage 4 screenshots on Facebook & IGN, & I caught this in the comments. Thought I'd share since I know some people wanted more characters. Personally, all *I* need is Blaze <3 <3 <3


Looks like Soma is free on GOG.com today if you don't have it yet. And I think Super Meatboy will be free on Epic Game Store later today.


Going home for Christmas for a few days...


PSA! There is a special Twitch Prime (Amazon Prime) game pack from Devolver Digital right now that includes The Messenger, Swords of Ditto, Hotline Miami, & a few other games. Nice Xmas surprise. Links in comments.


PSA there is another little batch of games up for GOG Connect. If you own any of these on Steam you get a GOG DRM-free copy free. https://www.gog.com/connect


This talk about Steam/Epic has me wondering how much Nintendo takes from Switch devs. I just saw Battle Princess Madelyn is $25 on Switch - 25% more expensive. I assume the "Switch tax" we pay is also payed by devs to some degree...?


More Prey DLC announced... that I have 0 interest in. It's one of my favorite games & all I want is more story-driven single player content like the base game. Instead they're delivering all this unrelated garbage nobody asked for. See also: Doom's DLC.


Hey guys. I'm still alive. Just playing way too much Overwatch instead of anything else lately :/




Was thinking about wall sprays in games & I'm pretty sure they started with the original Half-Life in 1998. They were b&w bitmaps, though people found a way to use color. There were defaults but you could use custom images as well so lots of funny stuff.


Upgraded from 27" 1080p to 32" 1440p. Honestly not as much of an upgrade as I expected. Feels like it's diminishing returns after 1080p. It's a nice monitor, though, & with the nice stand & thin bezels it feels like I have more space on my desk not less.


Forza Horizon 4 is great, but the last time I had a game stroke my ego with constant praise this much was Nekopara. It gets kind of eye-rolly after a while.


More reasons to hate Windows Store - what kind of freaking store doesn't tell you the total (WITH tax) before you click buy? It didn't even show it AFTER, I had to go look up the confirmation email. Also, wtf is with paying tax on digital stuff?!?!


My PC was definitely due for a cleaning lol. Afterward I popped my old GTX 760 4GB in to see how it's held up. Still runs stuff like FH4 & Gears 4 & Arkham Knight better than the base One/PS4! (But only because it's the 4GB variant vs 2GB.)


PSA: The Forza Horizon 4 demo is out on PC & Xbox :D :D :D


PC Gamer said that the PAX demo of Streets of Rage 4 used SOR2's OST to fill in. Someone in the comments pointed out this post on Yuzo Koshiro's twitter. Maybe he's in negotiations to compose?


Just finished Steamworld Dig 2. 7/10. For some reason it had very few bosses. Ending is a little downer, but then you realize that this game leads into Steamworld Heist. Also, you actually find out who The Outsider from Heist is. Now gimme Heist 2!!


I hate how I get stuck on replaying the same games over & over. Overwatch is okay since it's my online fix, but I need to give Slay the Spire, Dead Cells, & The Long Dark a rest. Thinking Shadow Tactics or Stellaris, haven't done a strategy game in ages.


Death's Gambit is out tomorrow (PS4/PC). Hollow Knight & Dead Cells fans might want to give it a look. Hoping it doesn't get too overshadowed by Dead Cells. And I hope it's good! I've been waiting for years for this game!


Just realized that Death's Gambit is coming out in a couple days. It looks amazing, but releasing a week after Dead Cells is terrible timing. I hope it still gets the attention it (presumably) deserves :/


Every time I whip someone in the ass with Brigitte's flail this plays in my head and I cackle out loud.


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