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Going to watch a friend on Twitch feels like going to see a friend at work who is a stripper.


Why am I loathe to buy anything on the Microsoft Store in Windows 10? Because in a few years all my games might disappear when MS loses interest and shuts it down like GFWL Marketplace. Just spent an hour & a half with MS tech support & no help.


I only posted this on Facebook before, but maybe you guys will appreciate what I found in my cup last week.


I decided that I wasn't going to buy any more AAA games with gambling in them, period. Then I realized I haven't bought a single new AAA release all year anyway. I think maybe I'm just burnt on those formulas. Meanwhile, I have 60 hours in Dead Cells...


I don't really like most geek collectables (Pop Vinyls etc) but I had to have this little Mario. I have a lot more space now and I'm not sure how to decorate. I want... geeky but sophisticated.


Anyone played Super Lucky's Tale yet? Almost forgot about it because it's only on Windows Store. I enjoyed the crap out of A Hat In Time, how does it compare to that, Yooka, and Mario Odyssey?


My copy of SNES Doom is missing :( It's ruining my day because I was gonna show up all you people on Switch who think you're so hot with portable Rip and Tear.


Just started Elite: Dangerous. I can already start to see why Joel likes it. I'm just doing tutorials so far, but even just landing a ship feels... satisfying? Tried letterboxing down to ultrawide and I think this is how I'm going to play.


Nothing like getting gaming stuff for Xmas. Star Voyager, Atari Racing Pack w/ Indy 500 & racing controllers, & Air/Sea Battle! 1983, 8 year old Jinx.


My estimate of the Xbox One X as "RX 480 w/ slow CPU" is looking right. A GTX 970 stomps it in Gears4 performance mode, I think the CPU is the bottleneck there. The console is built for 4K/30, not 1080/60, so don't expect that option in everything.


Played a little Mario Odyssey at Target. So great. Would it kill them to use some anti-aliasing, though? The game looks kinda... ragged? Coming from playing A Hat In Time on PC it was a bit jarring. Probably looks fantastic on the mobile screen, though.


Just finished A Hat In Time! I'm terrible about actually finishing games & not only did I finish it, I took time to get 40/40 hourglasses. That's quite an endorsement lol. Hope it gets console ports so more people can enjoy it.


I'm making a Patreon for my Steam grid images & one reward is a zip of all my grid images. That's about 3GB at this point. Not sure how to distribute that, though. Any good/reliable places? I'm assuming my own webhost wouldn't be happy about that...?


I haven't tried Discovery because it's behind a paywall, but I'm enjoying the crap out of The Orville. It's dorky but behind the humor it's basically just Star Trek. And I really miss 80s/90s Trek.


Is there a point where a company has to let you out of a contract due to their inability to provide you reliable service? Because Time Warner / Spectrum has been nothing but fail after fail. 600ms Overwatch ping, can't even stream 480p video righ. Ugh.


Gotta say, A Hat In Time has the most gorgeous depth-of-field effects I've ever seen. And they work properly to improve gameplay in that they keep your eyes focused on the relevant foreground stuff. Good game so far, so much charm. Though it's no Mario 64


Breaking out some old 360 controllers (hoping to have a split-screen party). This green Power-A one has some issues. The left stick is sticky, wants to go left & doesn't center immediately. Any ideas on fixing it? atm just trying to break it back in.


Now all I need is friends!


So does anyone here own an Xbox One? I feel like all I see are PS4, Nintendo, & PC players around here sometimes. While I know those are bigger platforms atm, it's not like there aren't a ton of Xbox One's out there as well. And is anyone getting an X?


Visiting family so I brought my PC to hook to their TV. Got to play "let's try to make everyone motion sick" with Forza Horizon 3's Hot Wheels expansion. In first-person mode it's like being on a roller coaster. This would not be a good VR game lol


Sad that "Gambling" is now a user tag in Steam. It's more honest than most reviewers have been about this crap.


The attitude of developers who put loot boxes in their games.


Sampled the Battlefront II beta. It just... bored me. The combat is shallow and everything feels sluggish. The space combat felt like a sloppy, dumbed down Rogue Squadron. Not sure I even want the single player at this point. Bleh.


A Hat in Time is pretty good so far :)


Hooked my PC to my tv for some controller-centric gaming. Lots of Forza Horizon 3 over the weekend and now I'm bingeing on Dead Cells. If you love Rogue Legacy or Castlevania you need that game. What have you guys been playing this week?


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