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Every Nintendo fan's floor right this second.


For a system people have been calling "dead" for years the Vita sure has a lot of games coming out for it. It predated and outlived the Wii U's entire lifespan. At this rate it will only die because Sony eventually quits making them.


I haven't blogged in ages, so I decided to put together my "Most Anticipated Indie Games of 2018" list. Hope some people like it. Can't believe we get Iconoclasts next week!!! https://www.destructoid.com/--483131.phtml#post


Jinx's Most Anticipated Indie Games of 2018!

Sometimes I do a list of my "most anticipated" games of the year. This time as I put the list together I realized that 90% of it was indie stuff. So I figured… let's just go with that theme! I'm sure there are some great games I...


Wish I'd tried Prey sooner. Amazing game. I'd passed because I didn't like the monster design. But you have to experience them in-game & *hear* them as the sound design is part of why they're so freaky. Gameplay/story up there w/ Deus Ex/H-L/Bioshock imo


New advert for Rainway, that game streaming app. If they can get it on Switch it would be fantastic.


I've had these weird erratic sensitivity issues since I got my new mouse. Couldn't figure it out, then I realized - it's reading my mousepad's worn spot differently, so as I move across the pad it tracks at different speeds. I am a dumb.


Look like indie platformers/shmup hybrid A.N.N.E. is probably launching in 2018. Going to be an insane year for indie platformers, that's for sure, starting with Iconoclasts in a few weeks.


Decided to try Shadow of Mordor. Quit a couple minutes into the intro. I just couldn't do it. I'm so sick of badly shaven white dudes whose family or girlfriend get killed in the first 5 minutes of a game. It's such a lazy, cliche game story trope.


I'm way down in Athens at my parents, but the weather is saying F this spot in particular & dumping 16"+ of snow on my house in Cleveland. Guess I'll stay here & spend 2 days playing Hollow Knight till it passes because what a mess to drive 4 hours to lol


Can we all just take a minute to appreciate holiday Rotty? <3


Decided to try PUBG. It's okay. Feels like DayZ when I played the mod years ago. I don't enjoy the combat or low health, if someone sees you first you probably have no chance to fight back. If you do play on PC, though, go ultrawide. Look at that wide FOV


Working on my geeky computer corner in the living room. Finally starting to feel cozy!


Heh heh heh heh


Holy crap, I knew the game was beautiful but I wasn't expecting all the cool cut scene animation. This just topped my 2018 Most Anticipated list.


Where did this Ylands game come from? Never heard of it then suddenly it's #1 on Steam. Did I just miss the coverage? It's a good looking building/survival game. But how did anyone even know it existed?! http://store.steampowered.com/app/298610/Ylands/


Been getting into Overwatch Deathmatch a little. Obviously it's unbalanced as hell, but it's good practice. Problem is, it's a 5-6 player sized map with 8 people on it. A little too messy imo. Anyway, I think a 1:1 K:D ratio with Mercy is pretty good :)


My new rule: only buy a game if I plan to IMMEDIATELY start playing it. Because it will only get cheaper in the next sale. Need to play Divinity OS 2 & Hollow Knight, though. All these games & I leave the GOTY contenders unplayed in my library. I R DUMB.


Picked up Titanfall 2 just to try since it was only $10 on Origin. Now I can't stop playing it. They really blew it releasing that half-assed first game, the bad impression definitely killed my interest in 2. Also, I am sold on ultrawide, 4K is passé.


Going to watch a friend on Twitch feels like going to see a friend at work who is a stripper.


Why am I loathe to buy anything on the Microsoft Store in Windows 10? Because in a few years all my games might disappear when MS loses interest and shuts it down like GFWL Marketplace. Just spent an hour & a half with MS tech support & no help.


I only posted this on Facebook before, but maybe you guys will appreciate what I found in my cup last week.


I decided that I wasn't going to buy any more AAA games with gambling in them, period. Then I realized I haven't bought a single new AAA release all year anyway. I think maybe I'm just burnt on those formulas. Meanwhile, I have 60 hours in Dead Cells...


I don't really like most geek collectables (Pop Vinyls etc) but I had to have this little Mario. I have a lot more space now and I'm not sure how to decorate. I want... geeky but sophisticated.


Anyone played Super Lucky's Tale yet? Almost forgot about it because it's only on Windows Store. I enjoyed the crap out of A Hat In Time, how does it compare to that, Yooka, and Mario Odyssey?


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