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Best comment on the new Sombra skin lmao


I look employable, right?


I am loving that the icon Twitch uses for Dungeons & Dragons is the cover of the classic "red box" Basic Set from 1983. My parents got it for me when I was a little kid. Still my favorite version of D&D!


Job interview tomorrow after being out of work for a few years. Hoo-boy... :/


Sorry I was super bitchy to some people earlier. I'm having an atrocious day and I didn't realize how much it had messed with my mood. I'm so sorry guys :(


If you have Amazon Prime, they just put up April's free Twitch Prime games. Get win.


So I'm in love with my ex again more than ever & I don't know how to ask her back out again. We're still best friends & we talk almost every day, video chat, say "I love you" etc. but we aren't actually dating. FML how did this stupid situation happen?!


I'm not sure what makes me feel older - that I have to explain to people what Dragon's Lair is, that I have to explain to people what a laserdisc game is, or that I just checked and it's from 1983.


This looks ummm... interesting. Email from Denpasoft, publishers of Nekopara (no idea how they got my email I swear). Came yesterday so probably not April fools?


If I was Valve, today is the day I would officially announce Half-Life 3.


Forget 3DS & Switch, guys, I found the hot new handheld everyone's talking about - YANX! And it's only $20! lmao


So a miracle happened and I noticed a cool looking game on Steam that I wasn't specifically looking for. Never even heard of this game but it looks pretty badass. Has it even gotten any coverage here?


Is #screenshottoid a thing? I took this with Forza Horizon 3's photo mode. I was really happy with it, but then I realized that the lasers aren't being reflected and now I can't unsee it and it's driving me nuts lol


One of the free Twitch Prime games next month is Steamworld Dig 2. GET WIN.


It's like you can just smell the cynical desperation.


Was installing my Twitch games & thought I'd remind people it's a thing. If you have Amazon Prime you can link it to Twitch & get free stuff. Not a bad get since I was considering buying Shadow Tactics & SUPERHOT already.


For anyone who is playing Ni No Kuni II on PC, I put together a set of custom images in Photoshop to use in your Steam library (for grid view & big picture mode). Link in comments. Or just use this one lol


Stumbled across a SNES classic the same day my copy of the Prey artbook showed up. Good loot!


Getting a major hankering to replay some STALKER, maybe modded this time. What older games do you replay a lot? For me it's Stalker, Mario 64, Mario World, Yoshi's Island, and Zelda 1. One-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-others lol. Want Switch for SMO...


I just played a bit of Sea of Thieves. It's... okay. The water is neat I guess?. Everything just seems so simplistic and empty, though. Can see it being fun for a weekend with friends but there's no staying power or depth here that I can see.


No power since Thursday afternoon. Losing my mind without my pc and with limited data. Send help x%20


Just in case you still had any respect for mobile gaming left.


Now someone make a Battle Royale game based on Sabagebu! Survival Game Club lol


Decided to give Subnautica a shot & it's great! Was expecting a survival/building sandbox, but there is more of a story & purpose so what you are doing feels like it matters. Definitely recommend it, & don't be afraid to check a guide online sometimes!


The Iconoclasts OST got posted on YouTube. I recommend Moonlight, the Agent Black fight. I think she's my favorite character, I felt so bad for her. That game had way more feels than I'd expected, & my rating of it keeps rising as I reflect more on it...



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