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Can someone recommend a good website for tracking your game collection? I'm mostly on PC but it would be nice to have somewhere to keep track of my retro stuff as well. I remember there being some good site like this a while back but I can't remember it.


This industry is the worst.


Kinda depressed but at least I can play Slay the Spire in bed to distract me :/


We need to make "straight edge" gaming a thing - playing with nothing but default skins & never buying microtransactions or lootboxes. In a weird way the strongest personal statement you can make with that stuff is to reject it. Be cool, pick default.


So in that other pic Mimi & I were making a flyer for our club night on the 30th here in Cleveland. She doesn't game much so I haven't been gaming much either lately. But I'm hoping to sneak in some Ion Fury or Blaster Master tonight!


Sorry I haven't been around much lately guys, been a little tied up <3


Tried the Xbox app for PC beta. It's a separate Steam-like client you can use instead of the Windows Store. Very basic so far but it's easier than navigating Windows Store. Bigger pics and info in comments.


Picked up Steamworld Quest and 5 hours in I'm just not feeling it. It's just a little too simplistic. How do you guys feel? I loved the other Steamworld games but this just feels undercooked.


I'm curious if tariffs might affect next-gen consoles. If components are more expensive, rather than raise prices or take a loss Sony/MS might scale down the hardware to keep it cheaper. Though it's hard to say given how far in development the PS5 is.


Just wanted to drop in and STRONGLY recommend Hades. If you're into rogues like Isaac or Dead Cells or Slay the Spire it has a similar addictive quality. And it's gorgeous. Really interesting storytelling, too, where each run you learn a bit more.


Holy crap, I'd never tried to really browse Epic Game Store until this sale. There's like... no way to browse it except to just scroll down. That's it. What a joke. You can't even sort out the sale games from the non-sale games.


When I'm playing games to forget my problems but it's not working


Good neeeeewwwwwwsssss everyone! The confired Steamworld Quest is coming to other plaformers for sures. Now I feel extra extra stupid for being salty about it only being on Switch yesterday...


Was going to pick up Wolfenstein II for $20 then I saw Forager just came out on Steam for the same price. I feel like I'm letting my 1070 down or something lol


I just don't know about Overwatch any more. They've done nothing but phone it in for the last year event-wise & this archives event is also lame. It's hard to get excited about the game when Blizzard cares more about esports than the rest of us players.


Valve is taking action to limit review bombing. It's official: Valve curates game reviews more than they curate actual games.


The new Trine is back to 2D! I'm so hyped!


Fae Tactics by Endless Fluff Games (Valdis Story devs) appeared on Steam as coming soon. If you like srpgs definitely give it a look. Valdis story was fantastic so I have high hopes for this. https://store.steampowered.com/app/995980/


Uuhhhhhhhhhh llama tits?


I've been meaning to make a blog on playing games letterboxed to 21:9 for a while. Finally did it for Apex Legends, but the guide will work for quite a few games if you're interested. I'm playing Mad Max ultrawide right now and it's fantastic.


I think he meant to say "Plot"


They just released some new Streets of Rage 4 screenshots on Facebook & IGN, & I caught this in the comments. Thought I'd share since I know some people wanted more characters. Personally, all *I* need is Blaze <3 <3 <3


Looks like Soma is free on GOG.com today if you don't have it yet. And I think Super Meatboy will be free on Epic Game Store later today.


Going home for Christmas for a few days...


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