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I've picked up an NES & 2600... now I just need a proper SNES & I'm about where I want to be. Kinda running out of space. Bottom two shelves have backs so cable management is a bit messy lol. Now to stop buying crap & catch up on playing games!


Got the 2600 set up!! And all the games work after cleaning. That controller is so awful, though. Definitely more fun if you use a Sega Genesis control pad instead (they're compatible). Next up will be an NES, then a real SNES to replace the SupaBoy.


Here's me playing with my girlfriend's kittie Lumen while she was studying #kittentoid


No update on the Cryamore Kickstarter page for over a year :( You know, I don't mind the game being delayed or them having issues. I just wish they'd freaking *communicate* with us. Show some sign of life so we aren't forced to assume the worst.


Getting a new 2600 today so I'm cleaning all my cartridges :) Gotta find room for it on the retro gaming entertainment center later.


I've had a hard time getting into new games lately but somehow DQ Builders 2 got me. The huge demo sold me. It's a bit simple but it feels constantly rewarding & seeing a place grow is satisfying. Hope it continues to be good. I needed a chill game.


I need this as a poster...


I am so burnt out on games right now & nothing is appealing to me :( The last game that really got me was Subnautica Below Zero but that's still in EA. I want to find something to lose myself in so badly but everything bores me and feels like work.


It's interesting looking back through my old EGM's because I come across stuff that never came to fruition. Most consider the Dreamcast the first online console, but apparently Sega was thinking about online as far back as the Genesis (never released)


It's a cliche that every NPC in an RPG has some dumb fetch quest for you to do, and The Outer Worlds sure as hell is adhering to tradition. "HI I KNOW WE JUST MET BUT WOULD YOU PLEASE DO THIS DEEPLY PERSONAL AND DANGEROUS FAVOR FOR ME?!"


Morning, nerds! Gonna finish Castlevania IV and play some more of The Outer Worlds today. What are you quarantine geek plans for the day?


What the actual fuck? This Facebook post was on the 2nd so I don't think it's an April Fools joke. There's an entire website. What a disgrace to the name Atari.


What "retail" therapy have you guys fallen into during the shutdown? I'm trying real hard not to buy a black "Vader" 2600 like I had as a kid. Got a bunch of free games at Half-Price Books so I'm set there for a bit lol. But that PC/retro backlog... :/


I was today years old the first time I quit a game because the music was so bad I couldn't take it. Seriously my ears are still bleeding. Nice port otherwise but just yikes


Everyone is talking up the Series X & PS5's fast SSDs as virtual memory. While useful, my concern is that it sort of points to Sony/MS feeling the systems' 16GB of DDR6 won't be adequate (hence the virtual memory to compensate). Guess we'll see.


Played through both today! Reminded me why initial reviews of the SNES were kinda mediocre - its slow CPU choked on games like this, the slowdown in G3 is ridiculous. Overall TF3 is the superior game, silky smooth plus one of the best OSTs on the Genesis.


Just before the PS4/One released I bought a GTX 760 with the goal of at least matching the consoles. I have a 1070 now but... I'm considering checking the 760 on modern games. Does it still perform at console levels? Would this be in interesting blog?


Just before Ohio shut down yesterday my parents brought me a bunch of home cooked food... & all my old game consoles & CRT TV <3


I was bored so I memed.


Can someone recommend a good website for tracking your game collection? I'm mostly on PC but it would be nice to have somewhere to keep track of my retro stuff as well. I remember there being some good site like this a while back but I can't remember it.


This industry is the worst.


Kinda depressed but at least I can play Slay the Spire in bed to distract me :/


We need to make "straight edge" gaming a thing - playing with nothing but default skins & never buying microtransactions or lootboxes. In a weird way the strongest personal statement you can make with that stuff is to reject it. Be cool, pick default.


So in that other pic Mimi & I were making a flyer for our club night on the 30th here in Cleveland. She doesn't game much so I haven't been gaming much either lately. But I'm hoping to sneak in some Ion Fury or Blaster Master tonight!


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